Girl power

The ending [Game of Thrones S8, E3] was just a ‘girl power’ scene. That’s the direction this show took for a couple of seasons already, and now we see it some more.

Of course, they won’t let Jon Snow kill the Night King. Toxic masculinity is evil. We need a woman to take out the Night King and show some girl power.

Fuck the story, fuck everything, we need girl power all over this shit. All rulers are women, or the smartest, wise and best fighters are women. And if you don’t like it, you are a racist sexist bigot.

a commenter of this YouTube audio.

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  1. I feel compelled to watch it now just to see how bad the Toxic Femininity is. I’ve never seen any of the series and I barely know anything about it besides it being a very Jewish thing similar like Lord of the rings, I take it. I’m horrible when it comes to watching movies. The increase of female superheroes especially with the likes of Jewess Gal Gadot’s influence is just cringing.

    • I added another post of GoT because, as we saw yesterday in the other thread, GoT’s Arya has huge fans even among WNsts who show their racist credentials on this site!

    • Lord of the Rings is also toxic? Is it not about some invasion and defending the homeland?

      • Who has said it’s ‘toxic’?

      • As far as I’m concerned LOTR, things like Harry Potter or any of these big series that everyone talks about has signature Jewish stamps all over them. It’s just that things like GoT and other ones these days are getting much more overt and pulling out all the stops, and Incorporating aggressive stance of Feminism, Female Superheroes and LGBTQXYZ themes.

  2. Had Germany won WW2, the creators of this show wouldn’t even exist. So why make it this complicated? Don’t empower the Jew, he is worthless. Fuck their shows. Why isn’t Hollywood bankrupt yet?

  3. Even a pre-nineteen-fourteen British imperialist J.R.R. Tolkien depicted a slip of a girl, Eowyn, slaying the head Nazgul. He was a devout Roman Catholic who had an unhappy marriage.

    • Tolkien writes with all the wishy-washy niceness of an upper class English twit that never had to fight for a meal.

      GOT has several redeeming features. One is that it is ruthless and brutal, like the real world.

      • Tolkien knew brutal; he fought in the Somme, 1916. He idolized his mother who had died at a young age. His piety is said to have been in honour of her memory. And he grew up without his father who had died earlier in South Africa. His mother depended on the kindness of English relatives which was rarely given.

      • The character of Eowyn lies still within the pagan notion of a Walkirie and she finally gets engaged not with the man she loved, but with a man nevertheless (which means submission to him and motherhood after marriage).

        None of this appears in GoT’s Arya: her archetype is pure Jewish subversion of Aryans in the most straightforward possible way.

        Even the actress who plays Arya acknowledges this, as can be seen in the short clip in the first comment of this thread.

      • Eowyn defied the will of her liege and father by going into battle disguised.

      • Even so: Can’t you see the difference between a kike screenplay and Tolkien’s Eowyn? She looks very feminine even in Jackson’s adaptation:

        But even that is fiction. This is what I wrote in the footnote of the article linked above:

        Compare [GoT] with Beowulf, a medieval epic poem and the most important piece of surviving literature in the Old English language. In the 2005 Icelandic film Beowulf & Grendel, Selma is abducted and tied around with a rope by the brute and handsome Beowulf, as used to happen in those times.

      • One wonders where the Jews got the figure of the warrior-woman as one cannot recall such in the Old Testament – no female counterpart to David. Could it have come from the Greeks (Athena, Medea, Amazons)?

      • I admit my view of Tolkien is based on the movies not the books, and the little i’ve read of Tolkien in WW1 is he entered the officer corps after waiting till his studies were finished, and after a few months at the front he got “lice fever” and scarpered off to spend time in garrison duties and hospital.

        At least in the film versions GOT is superior to LOTR, IMHO. LOTR is high-fantasy and is quite confusing as to what the “one-ring” actually represents, while GOT contains just as much “ancient-lore” but has a really brutal real-politik that LOTR lacks.

      • So you are unable to sense that LOTR was written by an Aryan and GoT by kikes (even without knowing the authors’ backgrounds, I could easily detect which was authored by white and which by jew)?

        And by the way, LOTR is for children at bedtime, GoT is for adults—different genre as to target audience.

      • Talking about the movie versions….

        I agree GOT is anti-white and often degenerate on purpose in its depiction of whites, while coloureds always get a sympathetic depiction.

        LOTR generally shows no anti-white bias and does show a beautiful “fellowship of the ring”, and the coloured-horde is a souless enemy to be destroyed.

        Yes I don’t think i’d let anyone under 12 watch GOT, while LOTR is fine :)

    • “Just send Arya to Kings Landing and she can one shot everyone from Cersei to the Mountain. Game over.”


  4. Who in his right mind would give a fuck about some kikeshow? Isn’t this the sort of activity CC is preoccupied with?

    Apparantly many posters here are actually familiar with this kike trash called ‘TV’ judging the number of responds and opinions. I mean, are you all actually still watching tv???

    I wouldn’t know how to comment about it since I have never seen it and haven’t the faintest clue about what it’s about. Nor will I ever.

    One might as well start an article about the Oscar nominations. Equally interesting.

    • As long as whites (even some WNsts on this very site) take this show seriously, someone must do the critique. Actually, it would be good if a priest of the 14 words specialized in showing the bad messages in every popular TV show.

      • TV, not only popular shows, = bad messages.

        But I suppose one has to be awaken first to cancel out one’s nr 1 kike brainpoison instrument.

        To all of you who still allow the electric jew to fill up your brains with Bolshevik poison,


        What makes you still watch it? Are you afraid you might miss something??? Like perhaps faggots, niggers and jews parading their degenerate anti-Aryan bullshit around??

        Trust me, I haven’t watched TV for over a decade and I’m not missing anything.

        For those who persist in watching it still. You can all ‘go’ afaiac.

      • Yes: 99.9% of TV is pure poison, but if you don’t watch it once in a while you cannot write comments such as the one I just posted in today’s thread on Emperor Julian.

  5. BTW, if you want to spend some time watching anything, then watch this. You won’t find this on any TV channel.

    A traditional production, rare these days. And in China, of all places. Apparantly the Chinese apreciate Aryan art more than ‘Europeans’ do. Because this is impossible to find in Europe where (((they))) prefer to ‘experiment with’ (distort) real art.

    Cesar, apologies for the link.

    • I’ll never watch a Chinese production of Wagner!

      But my point is that the authors of MacDonald’s webzine are pretty knowledgeable of what is being written in the Jewish press.

      I never read it.

      I believe that we must debunk first what millions upon millions of degenerate whites love: pop TV shows, films, and degenerate music.

      One must start with the bad messages that reach the greatest quantity of whites, and that’s the so-called arts and entertainment industry.

    • The Chinese eat dogs. Fuck them.

      • Of course that is an excellent point. And totally appropriate as well. The performers and audience of this piece probably all enjoyed a fried dog before the opera.

        Cesar, naturally it is entirely up to you whatever you prefer to watch. Personally I’d rather spend 2,hours watching this production made by people who honour Aryan art than waste 2 seconds of my life on kiketrash like this so-called GoT. And forget about saving millions of worthless white trash from degenerate brainwash, because they love it. They have never even heard of Wagner, nor do they want to know about his work or the truth for that matter. I will not waste my time on them. They can ‘go’. And the sooner the better.

      • No Chinese performance can ever depict human Aryan beauty, a beauty that still can be seen, visually, in shows like GoT.

        It’s not a matter of ‘saving souls’ but of personal catharsis what moves me to write against the plot of GoT. In fact, I’ll be adding GoT entries the three remaining Sundays of this last season, starting tomorrow.

        P.S. Are you also saying that The Occidental Observer authors should never, ever read any article of the MSM, not even to debunk the content?

  6. You are right that a Chinese Wagner is ‘somewhat odd’ to look at. However, not nearly as ‘odd’ as any white ‘modern’ production of “Das Rheingold” looks like these days. Trust me, we can thank the Chinese for keeping Wagner in high esteem. Our own people couldn’t be bothered. Before I was’ linked’ to it while reading about Wagner’s piece I didn’t even know non-Europeans were performing this. I watched and was truly amazed, as it actually moved me. Alas, should you ever want to experience a traditional “Das Rheingold” then I’m afraid you haven’t got much choice but to watch Chisese artists perform it. Because a traditional production is nowhere to be found in all of Europe anymore.

    Should anyone read or watch Bolshevik nonsense to review it point by point in an analytical way? IMO, no. Because the so-called arguments Bolsheviks use are so incredibly imbecilic that anyone with half a brain will not buy them. Furthermore, I don’t seek acceptance from those who hate me.I hate them more. I have a Bolshevik niece that I couldn’t care less about. I haven’t seen her in years but if she is still a Bolshevik then I hope she gets killed, preferably by some nigger immigrant. That’ll teach her. That is my attitude. I don’t argue with the enemy.

    On a different note.
    You regurlaly mention the coming dollar crash. Well, the current global dollar based economic/political straightjacket will one day be shed off, no doubt about it. But not anytime soon, I’m afraid. I’ve read a lot from Chris Martenson and the like already 10, 11 years ago after the Lehman crash. Websites like his sprung up like mushrooms and I probably had 20 or 30 of the like in my favorites at the time. And what they all claim is true. That there is no sound economic policy and it can never last. Not exactly rocket science needed to figure that out, so I never paid a cent for information. And many thought that the Chinese, together with the Russians would soon cause the petrodollar’s demise since they were and still are buying gold in a frenzy and at least make an effort to do business without the using dollar. (This of course among many many other factors )

    But I know for sure the Chinese are not going to blow up the dollar anytime soon. It would not be in their interest. You see, as long as they can acquire real tangible assets with worthless paper ( of which they have vast, vast amounts ) they will make use of it. This way they can, for example, keep and even accumulate their precious metal holdings while the (((West))) is losing/selling theirs. They already own vast pieces of Apefrica for agriculture and essential industrial commodities, and shipping their armies there to protect it from wild niggers and Western rogue competitors. ( the only things we ship to Apefrica is doctors, medicines all modern comforts, all at the expense of Aryans, to improve niggers’ living conditions ) And the Chinese are one – perhaps THE one – of the main corks the petrodollar straightjacket is floating on. Currently they are doing everything right and we are doing everything wrong.

    • @Aryan son

      I despise the Jew-led degeneration China is sinking in (see the men behind their ‘cultural revolution’). I agree there is no good Wagner in Europe, but I don’t like the idea of a Chinese one.

      That said, if you want to see something of real value coming from that place, I’d recommend you King Hu’s ‘Dragon Inn’. A Gesamtkunstwerk in film-form if there ever was one.

      • Allright, I will look into it. Thanks.

      • Anyone can still purchase old audiovisual representations of Wagner in Bayreuth. Even in YouTube I recently watched a traditional representation of the first act of Lohengrin (with subtitles in Portuguese).

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