Mantra Law

The execrable location where Christianity brooded over its basilisk eggs should be razed to the ground and, being the depraved spot on earth, it should be the horror of all posterity.

Last page of Nietzsche’s The Antichrist

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  1. Although I disagree – I consider Saint Peter’s a Hellenistic Villa under the mere gloss of Christianity – I note that Robert Green Ingersoll, Emille Zola, and Voltaire agree with Nietzsche on this point.

    Even Joseph Wheless proclaims “Erascez l’infame.” “Erase ye this infamy.”

    • Maybe Nietzsche referred to Constantinople: as it was there, rather than Rome, that the main egg was brooded in the 4th century.

      • Wheless describes the fakery of Palestine in ‘forgery in Christianity.’ All the holy sites and all the relics from Jerusalem are fake, their ‘invention,’ – holy mother church nodding and winking to her adepts, and I am one – no later than that of “saint” Helena, whom Wheless describes as a depraved incestuous woman. We on this blog hold the “neo flavians ” to be cryptos. Make Israel Hellenistic again. Rename it “Palestine ” and rename Jerusalem ‘aolia capitolina.’

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