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In order for white people to revolt as a race, they’d have to reject a century and a half of their own history. They’d have to abandon Christianity, and ruthlessly purge its cultural residue, since even atheists nowadays embrace its fantasy of a “brotherhood of man”.

People such as Lincoln, who is now a hero to most whites, would have to be seen as a villain. Likewise with MLK and FDR. They’d have to admit to themselves that they’ve been fools all along, and their ancestors crazy; that all the blood and sacrifice to stamp out white supremacy in the Civil War and in WWII was for nothing, or even less than nothing. The cognitive dissonance alone would probably kill them or drive them insane.

Frankly, I don’t see it happening.


  1. It has become evident to me that the white race committed suicide when it forced Hitler to kill himself.

    Past 74 years can only reinforce this assertion. I am absolutely sure there will be no white men on this planet by 2200. The world already lives like nothing of value has ever existed.

    The Jewish parasite will devour the Earth and then die.

    • Redirect this hatred to those WNsts stagnated at the middle of the psychological Rubicon.

      Troll ’em in the comments section of their sites and preach the gospel of the WDH.

      It’s because of whites’ axiological stagnation in Xtian ethics that they are becoming extinct.

  2. Søren Kierkegaard once wrote:

    “A fire broke out backstage in a theatre. The clown came out to warn the public; they thought it was a joke and applauded. He repeated it; the acclaim was even greater. I think that’s just how the world will come to an end: to general applause from wits who believe it’s a joke.”

    Who was the incendiary? The Jew! And who was the ‘clown’ who warned the other peoples? The Führer!

    Didn’t the white race applauded all over the world the destruction of the National Socialist German Volksgemeinschaft in 1945? Remember the ‘Times Square kiss’ photo? That fool celebrated the beginning of the end for his race with a kiss! (Yes, I know it was over Japan’s defeat but that doesn’t change anything)

    They all get what they deserve. Death through party-politics and population replacement. This white race has become a slave race of astronomical proportions. You said ‘Fritz’ and ‘Kraut’? Then let the Jew suck you dry.

    • When you truly swallow Red pill,you will realize the truth that white man is a Jew

      Only a fool will hope for revival

      • At this moment, all I can hope for is a new K-Pg extinction event…

  3. What we need is another black plague that we can spread amongst all the lovely people out there. Of course, we take the preventative cure first. Focus on getting rid of that 99% through either mass spraying them as they commute on the highways, or by introducing a DNA altering (the reproductive portion) extremely contagious virus through other means.

  4. morgan’s comment: so very, very, very true.

    allow me to look at the present struggle through andrew lytle’s southern agrarian lens: and the players are,
    – big goverment with its characteristic sociopath “leaders” ALWAYS catering to big money interests
    – big money, the cotton planters (the plantation owners)
    – the masses, the dumb sold-out slaves working for the planters (now the wage-slaves sold out to big industry corporations — slavery is alive and well and will ALWAYS be. the negroes don’t own “slavery.” the goddamn big money jew capitalisms do!!)
    – the yeomanry, owners of their own small farms, concentrating on food crops rather than money crops

    2 key paragraphs from The Southern Vision of Andrew Lytle by Mark Lucas: (read these slowly and disgest them well)
    “this class [yeomanry], the “plain folk” was the largest group of people in the antebellum south, comprising at least four million largely nonslaveholding whites who were not part of the plantation economy. neither rich nor destitute, these self-sufficient country people usually owned the land they tilled, concentrating on food crops rather than money crops. in myth they have come to be identified with those hookworm-ridden, malarial creatures called “poor white trash,” but part of Lytle’s purpose is to dispel the myth.

    the southern yeoman, lytle explains, “were going out to fight because they had heard the yankees were coming down to tromp their fields and tear up their barns.” the “freest people in the south,” they were marching out of the up country, off the borders of the plantations, and away from the newly settled states “to defend their particular way of life.” lytle asserts that in the view of yeomanry’s fiercely guarded independence and sheer numbers, jefferson davis’s single greatest mistake was “to rest the foudations fo the confederacy on cotton and not on the plain people.”

    some closing remarks,
    -who constructed the myth? the scopes monkey trial played well to the northern big media in the hands of h. l. mencken who hated southerns and did lots to invent and culture the “southern white trash” myth. as today’s media does to invent the “stupid old white men” myth, ironically those dumb white youth who marched in MLK’s protestations!!!
    -who does jefferson davis cater to? big money, the planation owners who produce the money crops, cotton mostly. just as today the big central [federal] g’ment caters to the fuking jew captialists. as does the jew handmaidens, big entertainment [hollywood & amazon] and big media.

  5. The Law of Nature is implacable: The strong survive, the weak is destroyed.
    That simple…

    • Is then the outcome of WW2 against natural law?

      • which pack animals attack other packs? (the humanoid appears to be a pack animal.)

  6. The fit survive; not the strongest. All Darwinism does is inculcate arrogance in people.

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