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Talking with Joseph Walsh in today’s episode of Black Wolf Radio, Chris White said after 4:26 that the Roman Catholic Church was the very last vestige of the Roman Empire. He even subscribes the doctrine of the priest who baptised me (*): that the present occupier of the Holy See is not a true pope.

I wonder if White has read the masthead of this site, because the historical fact is exactly the opposite: the Church murdered the Greco-Roman culture and destroyed ninety-nine percent of its literature in Latin (see also the quotations of Catherine Nixey’s book on this site).


(*) The photo of the priest that appears in this Wikipedia page, also reproduced above, was taken on 12 March 1966, during my First Communion. As I said, he was one of the founding fathers of ‘sedevacantism’, and put forward his ideas in The New Montinian Church (1971) and Sede Vacante (1973): books that I saw on the shelf of my father’s study in the 1970s. The very month I met White at London I also met the traditionalist community that Jez Turner used to visit, who praised Joaquín Sáenz (1899-1976) when I told them that he had been my family’s priest.

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  1. I didn’t know that you were a sede vacantist, Cesar!

    Yes, the Roman Catholic Church is the murderer of the Roman Empire.

    That said, it contains in its rites, languages, ceremonies, and morality a germ of its murder victim that I hope to activate.

    At Easter in the Exultet, they sing a hymn to father Lucifer, who was the prechristian Roman god of beauty. Lucifer was Prometheus, the bearer of knowledge and reason in defiance of the superstition of the Olympian gods.

    Admittedly a germ swimming in the poison of Pauline-ism. However, I think that it has the potential to be disinfected.

    • I was never a sedevacantist (nor my father, who distanced himself from Fr. Sáenz—cf. my 2nd autobiographical book).

  2. ah, the layered flowing robes, dress appropriate for the context: ecclesiastical costumes for ecclesiastical theater. hollywood italiano.

    • And by the way, ‘What they say in the forums of white nationalism is false: that the Pope has betrayed his principles. On the contrary: The dream of gathering again the ravens, magpies and birds feeding on corpses has been fulfilled’, as I said in an article linked in my other article today.

  3. If anyone wants Catherine Nixey’s book; it can found at this link.
    You’ll have to search for it.

  4. The catholic church has been waging war on the latin intelligentsia through priestly celibacy. I do think its possible for people to reproduce themselves through their words, to an extent, but you can’t have an entire social class celibate for a long period of time, you really do need them reproducing physically in addition to reproducing mentally through words. Word can encourage genetic expression though, so verbal information is similar to genetic information.

    But priestly celibacy is an attempted genocide. I don’t think it has succeeded though. The intelligentsia should be having a lot of physical babies, wives, etc. Catholicism is anti-latin culture.

    • Due to Catholic celibacy, the best Aryan sperm ended in the asses of cute teenage boys, instead of Aryan wombs. As a punishment for this transgression, the Jews raised their IQ to levels unthinkable in times of Greece and Rome. But the problem is that WNsts continue to believe that Xtianity has been a civilisational rock for white culture.

  5. Celibacy is the worst sexual perversion.

    • One of the very, very few Hollywood films I do recommend is Spotlight.

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