How ‘Game of Thrones’ can be used

Further to Robert Hampton’s ‘Woke Christianity’ which reminded me of my ‘On empowering birds feeding on corpses’.

After Game of Thrones (GoT) betrayed the fans’ expectations with a girl killing the Night King, as we saw on this site the last Sundays, tonight we watched the great spectacle of an irrelevant war of the two bitches, where the pyromaniac Queen Daenerys burns the main city of Westeros after they had surrendered.

But if we keep in mind the message of the two articles linked above, after the absolute fiasco of these last episodes we still can use previous seasons of GoT to try to reach normies.

Remember the epigraphs of the second article linked above (‘Christian ethics was like a time bomb ticking away in Europe, a Trojan horse waiting for its season’ & ‘1945 was the year of the total inversion of Aryan values into Christian values’). Our historical season or climax of Christian values is similar to GoT’s ‘Sparrows’, the Faith Militant fanatics who believed in equality for all men (‘We’re all equal in the eyes of the Seven’, a rephrasing of the Christian ‘Every man is equal in God’s eyes’).

Also remember that George R.R. Martin obtained his inspiration from real events of Western history. In the Middle Ages, the Dulcinians were like the Sparrows. Inspired by Franciscan ideals, like today’s antifa they became thugs. As can be read in online encyclopaedias, the ideals of the Dulcinians were:

• The fall of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, and return of the Church to its original ideals of humility and poverty

• The fall of the feudal system

• The creation of a new egalitarian society based on mutual aid, holding property in common and respecting gender equality.

Fra Dolcino (1250-1307) viewed the history of mankind as four epochs:

• The period of the Old Testament

• The period of Jesus Christ and his Apostles characterised by chastity and poverty

• The period of Constantine and the imperial Popes characterised by the decline of the Church due to excessive wealth

• The period of the Apostolics led by Dolcino. Like the ‘Sparrows’ in GoT, this is a period characterised by poverty, chastity and the absence of government.

It is true that for George R.R. Martin war is bad, feudalism and slavery are bad, feminism is good and religion is nuts. But as I have argued, Martin himself subscribes the nutty religion of ‘neo-Franciscanism’, something that is reflected in GoT. In Martin’s novels, after a couple of centuries of disbanding the Faith Militant, the military arm of the Faith of the Seven is restored, this time led by the Sparrows. The physical appearance of the Sparrows resembles, in real history, the violent or Dulcinite faction of the Franciscans.

Curiously, among GoT fans the High Sparrow was one of the most hated witches of the entire show. Hence we can use this character in our discussions with normies when trying to convey that Christian ethics was like a ticking bomb waiting for its season, and that after WW2 this inversion of values was fulfilled.

Just as today’s Woke Christians see Jesus in immigrants, refugees, people of colour, and demeaned women—and therefore the noblest thing, the White Male, must be degraded in order to equalise him with the downtrodden—, in GoT the Sparrows attacked the noblest houses of Westeros: House Tyrell and then Cersei herself, who apparently died in tonight’s show as Queen Cersei (one of the bitches).

Since in real life the Untermenschen cannot be equalised by decree, the only way to equalise them before the White Male is simply by degrading his status throughout the West: precisely what is happening. Westerners ignore that, after seven hundred years, our secular governments are implementing the core of the ideals of Fra Dolcino.

The difference between GoT’s Sparrows and the attempt to deconstruct the White Male in our times is that normies abhor the Sparrows while they accept the degradation of the White Male throughout the West.

The Roman Catholic Church destroyed Fra Dolcino and the Dulcinians in the 14th century when the Church felt threatened by them, just as Queen Cersei destroyed the High Sparrow and his Sparrows in Season 6 of GoT. But in today’s West the ‘Sparrows’ hold power in each Western government, media outlet and university. The only way to destroy them is through a revaluation of all values that not even white nationalists are willing to endorse, let alone enact if they reached power.

It is incredible the level of subjugation of the contemporary White Male before the core of the Gospel message, especially among secular, agnostic and atheist whites.

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  1. If Aryans do go extinct it will have been proved that white males did not have the strength to revaluate all values/embrace Hitler but instead fell before the feet of the crucified rabbi and Christian morals. Thus even though the Ubermensch (Hitler), who emerged from the greatest Nordic nation (Germany), failed in his mission to save higher mankind from the Jews and Christianity, He will have acted as a necessary force of natural selection that indirectly caused Aryans to become extinct due to their unfitness for survival.

    The final victory will go to the children of the hexagram, the forces of darkness who have had their own Nazi Germany-esque racial state for 70 years now in the form of Israel and who are near the completion of their most cherished goal of white genocide. If it is certain they have achieved victory they will probably crown the Jewish Messiah in the Third Temple that they are preparing to build now on the site of Al-Aqsa mosque, and the goyim will watch in stupefaction as the Messianic Age begins, where every Jew will be a King and every gentile a slave as foreseen in the Book of Hate the Talmud.

    • Israel is a clown state. Small, in a desert, with capitalism, whores and faggots. It’s so funny, their only healthy part of society (the Haredim) refuse to join the military! Because they will become degenerates! lmao It’s not bad in theory, but in practice it’s a Christian hellhole. Jews have been Christianized to the core.

      Compare it to the spirit of the DPR of Korea. With its forests and mountains. And where women wear bright-coloured dresses. And where there is no superstition, only science. And the hatred of Jerusalem.

      I suggest watching a marvelous documentary in flawless English under the name of “Respected Comrade Kim Jong Il is a Great Thinker and Theoretician”.

      P.S. A friendly reminder – Adof Hitler failed to support the side that was murdering Spanish Christians. Is he one of us? We are better… in our dreams.

    • Aryans went extinct in 1945!

      • By the way, I have looked up Otto Wagener’s Memoirs… and found nothing on the pirate libraries! Neither on libgen nor on b-ok! Really weird. They have everything in the world from the Laws of Manu to Richard Carrier, and yet not Otto Wagener.

        …Whereas when I search for it in Russian, it’s literally free to read online in the first two results. O populi, o mores! But I hate Russian.

      • And to my knowledge neither are Papa Hausser’s Wenn alle Brüder schweigen, Patrick Agte’s Wittmann and Peiper, Léon Degrelle’s Hitler Democrat, Hans Schmidt’s SS Panzergrenadier, Dönitz’s Memoirs and a few other books of worth.

        But Wagener’s Memoirs you can find on amazon for a few juden confetti.

      • A race which was easily subverted by the ideology of its enemy and surrendered its future and will to survive at the alter of a dead Jew cannot be called as an Aryan,its an inferior race which cannot find its identity in blood and sought salvation from the blood of its enemy.

        There are no aryans, whites are not aryans, they are Jews. Jews who cannot find their material and spiritual fulfillment.

      • yes, present day american whitie is jew, not aryan. (and what should one expect, seeing that american was founded by british elites. although settled evenutally by a mix of corrupted — jew & christian — germans.) the last serious attempt was the 800K member strong ww2-era America First Committee. killed by the all-powerful big medias, using their “anti-semite” verbal missiles.

        as the present iran crisis show, america remains true to its jew lineage — as does all the ww2 allies, britian, france and russia.

      • its not just americans, but almost entire western world, some handful of bloggers like you will not change the course of history.

        Western world is committed to preserving Jewish state and Jewish people. White man is a Jew.

        I am not sure why people here find it tough to accept this truth.

      • the first a foremost jew attribute is merchant/ trader. jews are drawn to money crops like flies to shit. corrupted others follow like lambs to the slaughter. why i like andrew nelson lytle. he champions the southern yeoman, the south hill country farmer who owned his own plot of land and tilled it for its life-giving sustenance. as opposed to the planters, the plantation owners, many absentee, who grew money crops, mostly cotton, and after the south’s civil war loss, moved north to follow the scent of money in the nation’s pursuit of industrialization. (was andrew lytle and idealist? you betcha.) applying the jew litmus test of merchant, follow-the-trail-of-money, to post civil war america: full-on jew and jew followers. as is most of the world.

        one of the few verses i like in the crap tome The Holy Bible is hebrews 11: 38, for its description of the anti-jew, “the world was not worthy of them. They wandered in deserts and mountains, living in caves and in holes in the ground.”

      • how does one survive in this struggle for existence outside of the easy path to becoming a jew merchant? much more flourish and thrive? ubermensch. only the aryan domain.

  2. Cesar, are you familiar with the book “Foundations of Christianity” by (((Karl Kautsky)))? If not, then it may interest you.

    • I’ve read a couple of reviews at Amazon Books. Why did it impress you?

  3. Have you watched any of the videos the channel called The Dragon Demands has put up? He explains quite nicely how Benioff is a schizo Jew. He literally came to the conclusion that Benioff only writes stories to put actors in a position where they can _emote with their faces_! And that’s the only thing he cares about – emoting.

    On the topic of propaganda, I suggest checking out the beautiful episode of Mürdoch Mürdoch – Skydaddies, Being and Time (saved from censorship on BitChute and CheekyVideos). There is a most touching scene where Mürdoch beats a priest for not forgiving him the sin of miscegenation!

    • After minute 1:20 of this video, the Youtubber you mention says that it isn’t legit to pass the microphone to anybody holding racist views. He’s a fucking normie.

      • The only non-normie in the world is you. I thought you were used to it. I’m so used to it, I don’t bad an eye at anti-racism. Or at Christian racists. I take them as a given.

        The thing worth to remember, however, is that Sansa was _not_ raped.

        Still, I recommend listening to The Dragon Demands. He’s bitterly vicious and resentfully hateful.

  4. Well Cesar it looks like your going to get your wish. Left unchanged. Trumps 25% trade tariff with China will undoubtedly have a profoundly negative effect on the American economy, very likely to the point of economic collapse. Already world markets are crashing form the news. But as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for because you may just get it.

  5. @Devan

    Most whites have their blood tainted by now to be called Aryans physically at least. And then even most Germans under Hitler were no Aryans, see how they embraced materialism after the war, a thing which disgusted ex-Waffen SS members to the core. Also, in ‘The Rising Tide of Color against White World Supremacy’, Stoddard makes it known that the majority of the Nordic populations of Europe have died out over the centuries (Germany itself being majority Alpine race with less than 10% of pure Nordic blood in the 1920s when in Tacitus’ day Germania was almost 100% Nordic) as they were always the toughest and bravest soldiers. I bet Germany would have won WW2 were those Tacitus day Germans! Retrospectively, it is a tragedy that Hitler came at such a late hour, he was needed much earlier!

    How less we can call the other whites Aryans it was seen during the war when even though exceptions existed, it was too little to count.

  6. Just watched the 5th episode. So here’s a quick recap:

    King’s Landing got Dresden’d.

    The Blonde Lannister Army got slaughtered by Tutsi cockroaches.

    The ball-headed Goblina, Arya Stark – or rather, Annya Frank – survives the Dragon Holocaust – and she looked, and saw a White Horse…

    The Hound jumped into the fire with Darth Brother.

    The King of the North – black-haired, black-eyed Jon Schnowmo did… nothing.

    George Martin’s alter-ego, Tyrion, wanted to save the thousands of “innocents” in that cesspool of a city. How Xtian of him.

    King’s Shitting, I mean Landing, is such a disgusting nest of Untermenschery. A million peasants living in squalor, dependant on commerce of huge food imports, providing prostitution, debauched entertainment, vice, religious brainwashing, degenerate art, and worst of all, miscigenation. A Mental-Illness Factory. All those blonde Lannisters that died defending this heap of shit seem like race traitors now, don’t they?

    King’s Landing is burning and I feel like fiddling the lyre.
    After all, Isn’t Westeros better off without it? Less imperialism, less urbanism. More autonomy, self-sufficiency. Less agriculture = less animal slavery. The balance of power will be redistributed; a fresh start of a new age.

    Overall, an excellent exterminationist episode. All Hail Queen Dragon Bitch!

    Now if only the Northmen killed all the mulatto spear-chuckers in the next episode, this series can die a happy death. But I’m not counting on it.

    • Here’s what I’m hoping to see in the final episode. It won’t happen, but it’d be fantastic if it did:

      -Its been established that the Children of the Forest used a dragon glass dagger to turn one of the First Men into the Night King, who in turn creates the White Walkers

      -Bran uses his knowledge of everything to find that dagger, which Jon Snow and Arya Stark quickly get ahold of

      -Jon Snow willingly gets stabbed with that dagger and becomes the new Night King, with blue eyes and everything. But, unlike the first Night King, he is in control of himself, and he doesn’t become pure evil. To stay true to the character of the Night King, Jon Snow isn’t able to talk, and he looks angry all the time.

      -He uses his powers as Night King to march into Kings Landing, whereupon Dany’s dragon is ineffective against him (Per Episode 3)

      -He raises a new Army of the Dead from the corpses that Dany just incinerated.

      -The Undead wipe out the Dothraki, the Unsullied, and Dany’s dragon. Liberals on Twitter lose their shit over the sight of a bunch of Muds being wiped out by White Walkers.

      -Jon Snow marches up to a terrified Dany and impales her.

      -Fully in control of the Undead, Jon Snow than marches up to Arya. She breaks down in tears as she knows what she must do

      -Jon Snow shows no emotion. He simply stands there with his army and waits for her to do it.

      -Arya stabs and kills Jon with the Valaryian Steel dagger, extinguishing the new Undead

      -With Kings Landing in ruins and everyone literally dead, Sansa Stark abolishes the Iron Throne and declares Northern Independence, with her sitting in Winterfell as Queen of the North. House Martell of Dorne rules what’s left of the South. Ser Bronn of the Blackwater gets Highgarden and establishes a new house. Sansa renews her marriage with Tyrion, securing Casterly Rock and House Lannister to the North.

      -Ser Davos Seaworth returns to his smuggling ways but also serves as an informant to the North, who he is now loyal to.

      -Arya either becomes High Justice of the Kingdom of the North, or she refuses to return to Winterfell and wanders the earth seeking more retribution against evil individuals.

      This would be a positive yet bittersweet ending.

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