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“Pressed and addressed. The number of christian men and women who advanced science even when at odds with certain religious authority overwhelmingly makes the case that chirstianity itself is not at war with science.”

No, you didn’t address the point at all. I don’t even think you’ve understood it. What you need to do is show how belief in Jesus or the fables of Christianity led to the development of specific scientific theories. That would show how Christianity is tied to scientific advancement. But you’ve failed completely to do this. The fact that some scientists were nominal Christians doesn’t prove anything, except perhaps that they were hypocrites capable of ignoring the blatant contradiction between a scientific understanding of cause and effect and what is presented as fact in the Bible. But that Christians are capable of being hypocrites is a point already well understood by everyone.

You’re just arbitrarily giving credit to Christianity where none is due. By this logic you should likewise give credit to belief in Zeus or Aesop’s fables for classical civilization, or give credit to Buddhism for Chinese civilization. In reality, one thing has nothing to do with the other.

More consistent with the facts is what I said above in #403, that it was the innate genius of the white race that is responsible for science emerging when and where it did, despite Christianity’s best efforts to retard it. Besides, Christianity has spread to many corners of the world, and currently it’s growing most rapidly in Africa. If it truly were responsible for fostering a spirit of scientific inquiry, where are the negro Newtons? Nowhere. Negroes are still negroes with an average IQ of about 70, despite being sprinkled with holy water.

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  1. Christians say that JEW has created Nature with intelligence, and then bestowed humans with the ability to understand it. They consider it the reason we can understand Nature. I believe, this is bullshit – we understand Nature because we are born out of it. The same as our music shows the harmony of mathematics inherently present in the world.

    Christians say that seeking laws in Nature is inspired by Christianity. But that is bullshit – seeking and finding patterns is the basic facet of intelligence.

    Christians say that studying Nature is studying JEW. But that is bullshit – in their own fable, JEW has created Nature only to destroy it. Christians do not hide it – their “living JEW” is only “living” in that he gives imaginary, false, pseudo-“life” (after the real death) to his adherents. But in reality, life is given by parents. Remember, Christian mercy = spread of cripples. Christian life = real death. Living JEW = dying god.

    I do not believe that scientific thinking comes natural to humans – no, it is superstition that seems natural. But I am optimistic in that science-inspired ideology is the best instrument for the survival of our genes.

    Myths are indeed necessary. But sometimes, our super-animal intelligence makes myths out of fables born out of insanity – a virgin mother, a resurrected corpse. Such fables are dangerous – even if they had not come from the Jew directly, they would have been easily subverted (and Zalmoxis might have fallen prey to such subversion). They can indeed unite and strengthen people, but they are an unreliable instrument for surviving – Christianity did not immediately kill Whites, yet with the Industrial revolution, its poison became apparent. (Still, there were dysgenic effects such as priestly celibacy all throughout.)

    Science-inspired Darwinian ideology cannot be blinded in such ways. And it can make myths of its own – even if our survival chance is 1 in 10 million, doing what’s best is what it would require nevertheless, never defeatist, always striving.

  2. The advancement of science has been detrimental to Nature and Whites. We harvest and transform the biomass of the soil to produce surplus food to feed sub-humans. We extract rare metals to produce electronic equipment for entertainment purposes. We generate energy from million-years-old accumulated biomass, to power machines that enable us to live expending only one third (or less) of the calories we consume.

    Technology is a tool, what matters is what we use it for. Christians, with their mental virus, use it unwittingly to increase suffering for all living things. National Socialists of Hitler’s Germany would have used technology to foster and multiply a more intelligent race of humans, that would be more aware of the consequences of their actions.

  3. We must distinguish what is symbolic (allegories) from what is literal.

  4. Schopenhauer explains it very well…

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