Julian, 66



At Turin, as I received city officials in the law court, a messenger arrived from Florentius, the praetorian prefect of Gaul. The prefect thought that the Caesar should know that some weeks ago Cologne had fallen to the Germans, and the Rhine was theirs. The military situation was, Florentius wrote with what almost seemed satisfaction, grave. The German King Chnodomar had sworn to drive every Roman from Gaul within the year. This was the bad news Constantius had not told me.

While the reception continued, Oribasius and I withdrew to the prefect’s office to study the report. For some inexplicable reason the only bust to adorn the room was that of the Emperor Vitellius, a fat porker who reigned several months in the year of Nero’s death. Why Vitellius? Was the official a descendant? Did he admire the fat neck, the huge jowls of the man who was known as the greatest glutton of his day? To such irrelevances does the mind tend to fly in moments of panic. And I was panicky.

“Constantius sent me here to die. That’s why I was given no army.”

“But surely he doesn’t want to lose Gaul.”

“What does he care for Gaul? As long as he can have his court, his eunuchs, his bishops, what more does he need?” This was not accurate; in his way, Constantius was a patriot. But in my bitterness there was no stopping me. I denounced Constantius recklessly and furiously. I committed treason with every breath. When I had finished, Oribasius said, “The Emperor must have a plan. It can’t be that simple. What are those instructions he gave you?”

I had forgotten all about the packet I had been given on the road to Turin. It was still in my wallet. Eagerly, I undid the fastenings. I read quickly, with growing astonishment. “Etiquette!” I shouted finally, throwing the document across the room. “How to receive an ambassador. How to give a dinner party. There are even recipes!” Oribasius burst out laughing, but I was too far gone to find any humour in the situation.

“We’ll escape!” I said at last.

“Escape?” Oribasius looked at me as if I had gone mad.

“Yes, escape.” Curious… I never thought I would be able to write any of this. “We can desert together, you and I. It will be easy. Nothing but a piece of cloth to throw away.” I tugged at the purple that I wore. “Then we let our beards grow, and back to Athens. Philosophy for me, medicine for you.”

“No.” He said it flatly.

“Why not? Constantius will be glad to see the end of me.”

“But he won’t know it’s the end of you. He’ll think you have gone to plot against him, raise an army, become usurper.”

“But he won’t find me.”

Oribasius laughed. “How can you hide in Athens? Even with a new beard and student’s clothes, you are the same Julian everyone met a few months ago with Prohaeresius.”

“Then it won’t be Athens. I’ll find a city where I’m not known. Antioch. I can hide in Antioch. I’ll study with Libanius.”

“And do you think Libanius could hold his tongue? His vanity would betray you in a day.”


I shall say here that I never found Oribasius particularly sympathetic. Apparently, he felt the same about me. He is of course very famous nowadays (if he is still alive); but medical friends tell me that his seventy-volume encyclopedia of medicine is nothing but a vast plagiarism from Galen. After Julian’s death, he was exiled and went to the court of Persia, where I am told he is worshipped by the Persians as a god; he must have enjoyed this, for he was always vain. Also avaricious: he once charged me five gold solidi for a single treatment for gout. I could not walk for a month after.

Julian Augustus

“Then I shall find a city where no one has ever seen me or heard of me.”

“Farthest Thule. Wherever you go, officials will know who you are.”

Complete disguise? A new name?”

“You forget the secret agents. Besides, how will you live?”

“I can teach, become a tutor…”

“A slave.”

“If necessary, why not? In a proper household, a slave can be happy. I could teach the young men. I would have time to write, to lecture…”

“From the purple to a slave?” He said it with slow cold wonder.

“What do you think I am now?” I exploded. I raged. I lamented. When I finally stopped for lack of breath, Oribasius said, “You will continue into Gaul, Caesar. You will put down the German tribes, or die in the attempt.”


“Then be a slave, Julian.” It was the first time he had called me by my name since I had been raised to Caesar. Then he left me alone in the office, where I sat like a fool, mouth aiar, the hog-like face of Vitellius peering at me from above the doorway… even after three centuries in stone, he looked hungry.

I folded the letter into many squares, each smaller than the other. I thought hard. I prayed to Hermes. I went to the latticed windows and looked for the sun, my peculiar deity. I searched for a sign. At last it came. From the setting sun, light suddenly shone in my face. Yes, out of the west where Gaul was, Helios blazed darkgold in my eyes. I was to follow my god, and if death was what he required of me, then that would be my offering. If victory, then that would be our glory. Also, it was perfectly plain that I could not escape even if I wanted to. I had indeed been seized by purple death.

I returned to the citizens of Turin as though nothing had happened. As I received their homage, Oribasius looked at me questioningly. I winked. He was relieved.

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  1. Julian had a little tantrum, calmed down, assessed the situation, made a decision and acted upon it.
    Be a slave. Stay under the radar.
    But slowly take steps towards true freedom: autonomy. Self-reliance.

  2. Hitler’s Blitzkrieg & Self-portrait of A Fascist
    Rare re-uploads of these documentaries about and by Léon Degrelle. Instead on relying on them staying online, download and share.

    [broken link]

    • archive org/details/@hbbld

      Excuse me, there was a typo.

      • Your link redirects to Google.

  3. offtopic

    Joseph Walsh called Israel a “Nazi Germany-esque racial state”. Look at this:

    youtube com / watch?v=5PAjhoH0NWU

    What a joke! The Jew is too stupid to create something even for himself. That’s why the best thing he can do is to drag the rest of mankind to his level.

    Remember Goebbels’ words:

    “Humanity would sink into eternal darkness, it would fall into a dull and primitive state, were the Jews to win this war. They are the incarnation of that destructive force that in these terrible years has guided the enemy war leadership in a fight against all that we see as noble, beautiful, and worth keeping. For that reason alone the Jews hate us. They despise our culture and learning, which they perceive as towering over their nomadic worldview. They fear our economic and social standards, which leave no room for their parasitic drives. They are the enemy of our domestic order, which has excluded their anarchistic tendencies.”

    • Please don’t add bare links (and your above link redirects to Google by the way).

    • @SS Division Poltergeist While the Jews are not clever as creators they are clever and cunning as destroyers. Besides, if the Jews are stupid how clever can the Aryans be for allowing the Jews to lead them like a herd of cattle to kosher slaughter? It looks like Aryans always were the very goyim the Jews believe us to be. 2,000 years worshipping a Jew as God? This is the Master Race?

      Take Sweden for example. According to National Socialist racial theory Nordic Aryans are at the top of the hierarchy of races being the purest remnants of the Indo-European (or Indo-Germanic) race. Among Nordics the Swedish are the purest Aryans. Now what white nation has the reputation for being the ultimate cuckolds? Why the purest Aryans of all the Swedish. So the purest Aryans are the most subservient to the Jews. Second to the Swedish look at the English. Compared to the way England was 80 years ago just before the outbreak of WWII the once mighty British have fallen to tremendous depths. If this isn’t a temporary malaise and the Nordics don’t recover from their mental illness then in a very real sense Jews will have been proven superior to Nordic Aryans. Jews are only 0.5% of the world’s population. If a tiny minority like that can take the extremely capable white race, that only 80 years ago had dominion over 9/10th’s of the globe, and utterly destroy it as a race that doesn’t say very much about the white race does it?

      Jews may be stupid in a sense and lacking in certain areas but they have very useful virtues that we would do well to emulate (intense racial loyalty, eye for an eye morality, remembering their history, unforgiving, utterly ruthless behaviour toward goyim, faithful to reality by pursung real power i.e. money, media, politics). I view National Socialism as a form of Judaism for Germans or German Zionism in the sense of taking the best aspects of Judaism/Zionism and combining them with the best aspects of the Aryan race. NS Germany is the only time I know of that Aryans matched Jews in their ethnocentrism.

      Lastly unlike Aryans genocide of the Jews Jews are actually genociding the Aryan race. Germans are accused of genociding the Jews though they didn’t, likely because they were too kind. Jews however have no such scruples of conscience and have been slowly genociding Aryans for 80 years now. And if-perhaps I should say when-we are extinct they will celebrate their genocide with no pity or remorse whatsoever.

      Stupid? I wouldn’t underestimate them.

      • @Joseph Walsh

        >While the Jews are not clever as creators they are clever and cunning as destroyers.

        Is it their instinct or their calculation that makes them so dangerous?

        >Jews may be stupid in a sense and lacking in certain areas but they have very useful virtues that we would do well to emulate (intense racial loyalty, eye for an eye morality, remembering their history, unforgiving, utterly ruthless behaviour toward [their enemies], faithful to reality by pursuing real power i.e. money, media, politics).

        That you regard half of these virtues demonstrates your Jewishness (in the mental sense) sufficiently.

        I’m all for self-preservation, eye for an eye, and being ruthless towards enemies, but remembering history is why we never have an end of wars and conflicts, unforgiveness results in reparations and debt slavery (another reason why wars never really come to an end), and the pursuit of power and wealth as an end rather than as an expediency should be far divorced from a NS adherent’s mentality.

        Why do Jews want power and wealth? So they can be inactive and maintain their desired status quo.

        Why should Aryans want power? So they can make some real changes.

        >I view National Socialism as a form of Judaism for Germans or German Zionism in the sense of taking the best aspects of Judaism/Zionism and combining them with the best aspects of the Aryan race.

        NS wasn’t conceived as a counterpart of Judaism or as an one-sided German Zionism. It wasn’t at all about world expansion (Judaism) or cosmopolitan missionizing (Hitler had strong criticism for German Christian missionaries. Hitler apparently resented Goethe for desiring a German diaspora).

        Rather, NS was about securing a nation’s foundation. Hitler was wary of Slavic, Czech, Polish, French, etc. nationalism. When he warned that NS shouldn’t be an export article, it wasn’t just against democratic states, but he also had national states in mind.

        Although it’s true that some NS people justified their policies by referencing the Old Testament i.e. Streicher’s testimony of Ezra the lawgiver at Nuremberg, one must also take into account the fact that Streicher is said to have idealized the Jew.

        >NS Germany is the only time I know of that Aryans matched Jews in their ethnocentrism.

        NS had a predecessor in Sparta. In fact, Sparta was the only state in antiquity founded on racial consciousness. It was alluded to by Hitler in speeches, table talks, Zweites Buch, even his Platterhof talk, and Otto Wagener and Otto Strasser explicitly linked up his movement with it.
        Not even Rome received this distinction. The Romans may have acknowledged the differences between races (i.e. Julian the Apostate, Marcus Aurelius) and factored in hereditary, climate, education, upbringing, etc. but they did not have such a foundation in race. Liberalism is what led to their decline (starting with Nero), their blood contamination was merely the death blow.

      • *make some real lasting changes. In other words, Aryans are system builders. Hitler’s system wasn’t meant to be taken for granted, it was designed to be built upon. The presence of sects in NS indicates it’s falsification. One contemporary sect must supersede the others.

      • You are right, mostly.

        Yes, the Jews are the first “Nazis” and Moses their “Führer”. Have you read Marschalko’s ‘The World Conquerors’? Flawed work, but very good.

        It’s not really 2000 years since Aryans worship the Jew, 2000 year old is the seed that was planted. The Jew had patience, he took it step by step and he finally succeded – 1945. He had one goal (a stupid goal imo – of course!) and pursued it fanatically. The other races never thought in those terms. And that’s why they were fooled! The whites of today are not to be blamed now, for all they received in the past 74 years is an entirely jewish education. The human being is something to be programmed. Really, how can you see the children born today have a chance against that? They have none.

        Never said that Aryans are better. Aryans are/were stupid too. In the last many centuries only Hitler and some of his Germans mattered. I consider NS the greatest creation of white man ever. Everything that happens today to “nations” (they were more like populations, see USA) that were pushed into the war against Germany can only make me smile. I know you are English, but honestly that vassal nation has been at the helm of European decadence for centuries before Hitler. What it gets today it deserves and shows that Hitler was right after all.

        Also, do not forget the fact that after the white race’s demise the Jew’s will soon follow. Some achievement, ain’t it?

        And no, I don’t buy Holocaust revisionism. It’s real, though the number may well be inflated to suit their megalomania. He said it first in a Reichstag speech, 30 January 1939:

        “Once again I will be a prophet: should the international Jewry of finance (Finanzjudentum) succeed, both within and beyond Europe, in plunging mankind into yet another world war, then the result will not be a Bolshevization of the earth and the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation (Vernichtung) of the Jewish race in Europe. Thus, the days of propagandist impotence of the non-Jewish peoples are over.

        Peoples desire not to perish on the battlefield just so that this rootless, internationalist race can profit financially from this war and thereby gratify its lust for vengeance derived from the Old Testament. The Jewish watchword “Proletarians of the world, unite!” will be conquered by a far more lofty realization, namely: “Creative men of all nations, recognize your common foe!””

        And he repeated this 7 or 8 times during the war. It’s also written in his Testament. It’s real, they’ve got their due.

        Hitler too underestimated the juden at a few times or maybe made some wrong calculations (trying peace at Dunkirk – see what the Jew did in Drseden!, the fact that URSS had far greater numbers and armament than he would have thought possible, the traitors in Wilhelmstrasse etc.). Can’t fault him for who I am? He’s still the greatest who ever lived.

        Yeah, the white race is rapidly going extinct. It’s not much worth anyway nowadays. There is no way you can reverse the process, just our fantasies on blogs like this one (a great one). Despite that, we young whites who are more or less awake must retain our vitalism and never lose our ideals even though that’s all they will ever be: ideals.

      • ‘That you regard half of these virtues demonstrates your Jewishness (in the mental sense) sufficiently.’ —Janus responding to Walsh

        This is a little unfair. Kevin MacDonald’s 2nd trilogy book says that NS was the mirror image of Judaism but from the Aryan POV (have you read it?).

        ‘see what the Jew did in Drseden!’ —SS Division Poltergeist

        What is this? Did Israel do it retroactively (as it was founded a couple of years later)? Were the bombers under direct Jewish command? Or is this still another example of monocausalism?

      • Were our revisionists to be more self-critical every once in a while, instead of seeing in others what they should have first seen in themselves, then the crisis I mentioned could be avoided.

        I say, throw history out the window. It’s completely unreliable (especially the history of religions). Just by realizing this fact (the unreliability of historical facts), one can work outside of it’s boundaries, depriving history of it’s cumbersome limitations and fully weaponizing it (brandishing a flexible/malleable flail against any kind of argument historians and revisionists will throw your way). That’s how to really master history.

      • >This is a little unfair. Kevin MacDonald’s 2nd trilogy book says that NS was the mirror image of Judaism but from the Aryan POV (have you read it?).

        Judaism is ultimately about world expansion. It does not owe it’s existence to any form (i.e. Talmudism, Christianity, Communism). It’s an all-pervasive phenomenon and a possibility for all races, the Jews are the only ones thus far who have fully tapped into it.

      • @SS Division Poltergeist I haven’t read The World Conquerors though of course I’ve heard of it over the years.

        Yes I know it’s not exactly 2000 years that Aryans have been worshipping a Jew as God, that was more a form of hyperbole, it would be more accurate to say there have been Christian Aryans for nearly 2000 years. I like the way you put it about the Jew having patience and finally succeeding in 1945. That is my understanding as well. There’s a quote of mine that Cesar used where I wrote that 1945 was the year of the complete transformation of Aryan morality into Christian morality. 1945 is really the crucial year.

        It’s true I live in England but I’m only a 1/4 English by blood the other 3/4 being Irish. My English grandmother was born in the East End of London in 1914. My other three grandparents moved to England from Ireland during the 1940’s. I agree with you that England is getting what it deserves. If you’ve ever read any of my comments on the British you will know I’m no fan of this nation. A mate of mine calls the British the ‘British Scum’ and me and other nationalists have discussed a scenario where the British are terror bombed by the Germans in retaliation for Hamburg and Dresden etc. Another nationalist I know said of the English/British “let ’em rot”. I even voted Labour two years ago in the hope they would flood the British Scum with more immigration cause I hate these fucking people. Then again at times I take pleasure in white genocide generally as I know the entire white race is getting what it deserves for its pathetic and timid behaviour.

        The Jews demise could well follow the demise of the White race but they will have fulfilled the purpose that IMO Nature created them for-to test the fitness of the White race-so their mission would be complete.

        I’m not 100% certain about the Holocaust, I would like it to be true but even if it was true it wouldn’t totally negate my point that Jews are more cunning in being able to genocide the planet’s leading race. That is no easy task while it is easier for the Germans to genocide the Jews of Central Europe as Jews are a weaker people physically than Aryans (but perhaps not mentally).

  4. >And no, I don’t buy Holocaust revisionism.

    The revisionists are making the same mistake as mainstream historians. They work from within the fragile boundaries of history (they might not revere money, but they certainly do treasure their history. Hitler warned against narrow specialist teachers in his table talks) and their facts are becoming absolutized and unquestionable. If they end up in power, the censorship will be similar to the present situation.

    The revisionists denounce the works of their enemies as “worthless” (Hitler warned against this attitude in Mein Kampf), even though all testimony has some merit – even Jewish testimony. They are not outright liars, no one would believe an absolute lie. Instead, they weave myths (exaggerated truths), hence why they come off as convincing.

    >It’s real, though the number may well be inflated to suit their megalomania.

    There were killings (Jewish partisans, communists, leadership), but I strongly doubt that it was systematically pursued and directed against all Jews.
    One must also factor in the reported reprisals from the emancipated non-Jewish masses, which of course frequently got out of control and get blamed on the German leadership. The Germans would have to be sacrificing the war effort to carry out a systematic killing. Jordan Peterson claimed that Hitler cared more about killing Jews than winning the war. What a ludicrous argument!

    No one makes aggressive war unless he expects to win. – Senator Robert A. Taft

    Again, will anyone think that victory in war is less desirable than defeat? Who is so stupid? – Julian

    If Rosenberg’s report of Hitler’s mentor Dietrich Eckart’s philosophy is reliable, then Eckart viewed their pure interest in worldly affairs as necessary for maintaining the world and the Jews who were the only ones to do this were indispensable.
    Hitler said similarly in his table talks, referring to Trotsky and Paul as seen from a providential sense.
    Otto Weininger (Jew) was the only Jew to be acknowledged by both Eckart and Hitler. That makes him fit for measuring the worth of a Jew’s contribution. Obviously he wasn’t the only decent Jew in existence, but he was the only one to be called “decent” by both Hitler and Eckart.

    Lately, I’ve seen revisionists and nationalists parading around Jews who seem to be fighting against their brethren (i.e. Atzmon, Menuhin, Ginsberg, Finkelstein, Mahler, Unz), but none of these fellas have factored in Hitler’s observations in the table talks; in those days, there were Jews who refrained from doing injury to the German national interest (which, of course, is not enough. Passiveness/neutrality is still siding with their brethren), but none of them fought against their brethren on the behalf of the German people! Few anti-Semites today bother distinguishing between the Jew’s emotional and rational motives.

    • Can we really know? With history, I feel that one has to look within for true answers (I don’t give a fuck about academic “primary sources” – what good are these if they are bought and paid for?)

      From Haj Amin al-Husseini’s Memoirs, published in 1999:

      “I used to hear coming from Himmler all the time [things] that showed the intensity of his hatred for the Jews. He accused them of being oppressors/wrongdoers while they claim to be oppressed/wronged. He would say that they lit the fires of wars, that they are egotists, and that sort of thing, showing the extent of harm that they had brought down on Germany in the previous war and that they were always igniting the fires of war and then using them for their material interests, without losing anything in them themselves. Therefore we have determined to give them a taste of the evil consequences of their actions in advance. We have so far exterminated about three million of them. (This talk with him was in the summer of the year 1943).”

      If this is true, then one can imagine that by the end of the war they could have well disposed of 5 million or so. I have nothing against the Final Solution, in fact I strongly advocate it. I don’t know why more Gypsies were not given the treatment. Had Germany won the war, I’m sure more (necessary) ethnic cleansing would have come.

      • @SS Division Poltergeist

        >With history, I feel that one has to look within for true answers

        You don’t even know how many times I’ve encountered this kind of argument, in many variations. People often talk about trusting in their gut, conscience, instinct, intuition, etc. but the abuse of these words have ensured that any passing vagaries will be taken as absolute. They deceive themselves with their experiences. Only an observant and sensitive person (i.e. Hitler-type) can honestly claim that they heeded their intuition.

        >(I don’t give a fuck about academic “primary sources” – what good are these if they are bought and paid for?)

        It’s your loss. The Table Talk is fundamental to rehabilitating Hitler and eliminating Christianity.

        >From Haj Amin al-Husseini’s Memoirs, published in 1999:

        You must realize how dubious this source is (published posthumously), even David Irving expressed his skepticism about it. Afaik only Jewish news sites parade it around.

        >We have so far exterminated about three million of them.

        What is the German word in this instance? Do you know whether this book was published in Arabic, German, or English?

  5. @C.T.

    Why did I say “see what the Jew did in Dresden”?

    This is an excerpt from Hitler’s talk to Generals and Officers on May 26, 1944

    “Gentlemen, officers, we are engaged in a struggle for life and death. If our enemies succeed in this struggle, the German people would be exterminated. Bolshevism would have slaughtered millions and millions of our intellectuals. Anybody who wasn’t killed with a bullet in the back of the neck would be deported. The children of upper-class people would be taken away and eliminated. This whole bestiality is organised by Jews. Today incendiary bombs and other bombs are being dropped on our cities, although the enemy knows that they can only hit women and children. They machine-gun quite ordinary [passenger] trains and farmers in their fields. In one night in a city like Hamburg, we lost over 40,000 women and children, who burned alive. Do you expect anything different from me than to protect our national interests ruthlessly, since I believe that this is the way to achieve the most effective and greatest benefits for the German nation.

    [Lengthy, enthusiastic applause]

    Acting “humanely” under such circumstances would be the greatest cruelty towards our own people. If I draw the hatred of the Jews upon me, then I would at least like to derive some benefit from that hatred.

    I intervened here as well, and this problem has now been solved, too, and I must say anyway: the Jew has made the extermination of the German people its program. As I declared in the German Reichstag on 1 September 1939: “If anybody believes that such a world war would exterminate [Austrottung] the German people, he’s wrong: if Jewry really arranges it [world war], then the one that will be exterminated [ausgerottet] will be Jewry”.”

    Have you read Spaight’s ‘Bombing Vindicated’? You can see there the insanity of Churchill and his “great decision” to concentrate on mass civilian slaughter. Who had Churchill in their pockets? It all reduces to “International Jewry and its helpers”.

    • It doesn’t matter what Hitler said. The fact is that Anglo-Saxons bombed Dresden and other German cities.

      • Correct. Race traitors. There is no hope for them. We must welcome their destruction.

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