Game of Thrones:

A golden opportunity to educate normies about the JQ

Because of the leaks I wrote the below section before watching the episode. But now that I’ve watched the finale I must quote what the Dwarf said:

What unites people? Armies? Gold? Flags?


There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it. And who has the best story than Bran the Broken? [YouTube clip: here.]

Yes. Jews win because they have a story. Whites lose because nowadays they’ve lost their story.

But stories can be recovered again with the bold-typed link below plus what really happened in WW2, so well dramatized in Tom Goodrich’s Hellstorm.

Soberana and Goodrich are the greenseers that every pro-white should know. This is what I posted yesterday Sunday:

______ 卐 ______

Most character arcs have been trashed by this last season of Game of Thrones, even in the finale that millions just watched tonight! These millions of normies are bewildered about what happened because the typical normie ignores that there is such a thing as a Jewish Question (JQ).

The simple fact is that the pair of screenwriters of Game of Thrones are Jews. In previous seasons this pair more or less had followed the novels of George R.R. Martin. But Martin has yet to write the outcome of his saga. Martin may be fairly liberal, but he is white. The pair of Jews who wrote the final season, no longer based on Martin, simply trolled the audience by subverting the expectations of millions of fans. This happens when gentiles commit the blunder of delegating some members of a subversive tribe to write our stories. (For an intro on why Jews love to takeover the mainstream media and Hollywood see: here.)

The most germane content of The West’s Darkest Hour is akin to the retrocognitive visions of one of the characters in Game of Thrones, Bran Stark (pic above), the ‘greenseer’, who used his ‘greensight’ to retrocognitively see how, long ago, the Children of the Forest created the Night King.

Because most of Western history has been written by normies, it could be argued that the Spaniard that we have been promoting, Evropa Soberana, provides a retrocognitive window to the most relevant past. I have in mind the most important interaction between Whites and Jews in the Ancient World. Soberana’s essay is the best introduction to the Jewish Question because it recounts how Judeo-Christianity—a Night King of real life who doesn’t want to spare the life of a single white—was created.

Knowledge is power. This site provides primordial knowledge that only a greenseer can see. That whites dare to look through the retrocognitive visions of this king of Westeros in the surprising finale tonight, is the last chance to save them from extinction. This week, for example, a Daily Stormer commenter referred to this site as follows:

I found an awesome site and info resources with extensive, in-depth invaluable paradigm shifting information / history about the Jews in the Roman Empire from a woke on JQ perspective.

There is a short book about it that is absolutely mind-blowing. It utterly annihilates the notion of “Christianity” having been anything other than the Jewish psyop which apparently backfired against them, kinda…[1] but which itself destroyed Greco-Roman civilization and has led us (((here))), where we are today.

Yes: normies unaware of the greensight that this site provides—a short book—can see now how the Night King who wants to exterminate all whites was created. This information is extremely hard to gather from other forums of white nationalism or the alt-right. Use this link and preach the green-sighting meta-vision of this site in other pro-white forums. Or even better: in forums of disenchanted normies clueless about why their beloved Game of Thrones was betrayed in the very finale tonight.


[1] Just as the Children of the Forest’s magic apparently backfired against them with the creation of the Night King.


  1. This guy correctly predicted that Bran would be king:

    At any event, I find very bothering that in the finale a mulatto commanded a mud army after the Queen of the Ashes got killed by Jon Snow (I understand that Grey Worm is not a mulatto in Martin’s novels).

    • Brad Griffin said yesterday on Occidental Dissent:

      Bran has always been my favorite character in Game of Thrones because after becoming the Three-Eyed Raven he was endowed with godlike omniscience to see the past, the present and the future. This quality strongly resonated with me as a historicist.

      But Griffin and most of those who comment on his blog are not wise. These schizo anti-Semites still worship the god of the Jews. Only real historicists who have broken in their minds the Jewish story are wise.

  2. George R. R. Martin is a Jew

    • I had not seen Martin’s article according to the Wiki:

      However, while he also believed he was a quarter Italian because of who he was told was his paternal grandfather, a DNA test on the show confirmed his Irish and other ancestries but excluded any Italian ancestry, showing instead he is approximately a quarter Ashkenazi Jewish.

      It is still worse to be full-Jewish, like D&D, the screenwriters.

      • presumably it is worse to be full jewish, but have a look at Martin’s photo to see how jewish he is – the 1/4 parasite has taken over the host

  3. I should also say I follow your site religiously (pun intended) and you have influenced me greatly – you may be interested in these pdf files connected to your work

  4. thx for reminding us,

    (For an intro on why Jews love to takeover the mainstream media and Hollywood see: here.)

    pierce notes that the most powerful institution is the mass media of news and entertainment which together shape public opinion and control public policy. and he goes on to emphasize that the jews have purposely taken control of The Most Powerful Institution for the purpose of using the medium collectively and cooperatively to advance Jewish interests.

    when we park our dead asses in front of the big silver screen, our brain switches into alpha frequency mode, the malware download and install mode. Don’t Watch Jew Shit! because when you do, you cannot help but install malware that disables aryan functional values.

    i might add, the jew principle crops are Money Crops. fuking jew capitalisms. virgin aryans do not think Money First. the jew malware programming installs that First Principle & Principal.

    BDS Israel? a fuking distraction. Rather, try not to patronize Any & All jew capitalisms. Any and All. Period.

    • “common propaganda agenda throughout all of the controlled media. They all promote the image of the Jew as a victim, never as a predator or aggressor; they all promote the image of the Jews as sensitive and creative and sympathetic, not as the sort to plan and organize a bloody Bolshevik revolution and butcher tens of millions of innocent Russians and Ukrainians or to run the White-slave business and force thousands of young European girls into a life of prostitution every year”

      as the jew media presently inverts the blacks as sensitive and creative and sympathetic and the stupid old white men — who marched in the fuking MLK protests of the 60’s & 70’s — as insensitve and lacking creativity and narcissitic. jew narratives du jour.

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