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But why Game of Thrones resonates with whites? Why the novel and film of Ben-Hur resonated in the last centuries in the West?

It doesn’t matter that one can say that the authors of Ivanhoe and Ben-Hur were silly Jew-admirers. The question remains: Why did their novels become such huge bestsellers?

White nationalists who presently are ignoring Game of Thrones are also ignoring the buttons the show had pressed in the white psyche to become so popular.

To me, it’s obvious what lies behind: a longing for pre-technological civilisation, when life was cruder but in many aspects fairer than the unnatural ways of today’s lifestyles; a return to a sort of idealised Middle Ages, the adolescence of the white people’s story, but without Christianity, as in the Game of Thrones universe there’s not a single Christian whatsoever.

Because activating the correct archetypes in the collective unconscious lies the possibility of white awakening, nationalists are ignoring the Game of Thrones phenomenon at their own risk.

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  1. You put it really in a proper wording, It is the truth as I see it.

    To your response to Highrpm comment and my post “Meaning in the Game of Thrones” I would like to add the following:

    There is a psychological mechanism that you seem to overlook. I can imagine that putting so much work in this very sophisticated platform WDH you are disappointed that so few are relating to your very essential and profound insights concerning the degeneration of the white European culture and the fundamental role of Christian “values” in that.

    I discovered for myself a long time ago that WN is too much focusing on the JQ but that does not mean that jewbashing is inappropriate. Yes, we should dig deeper.

    Do you realize that to follow your arguments people have to commit themselves to a rigorous self analysis, that means a looking inside their mind and its motives. This is a bridge too far for most people because it hurts a core strategy of the mind, the autonomous part of it. The human mind has a strategy to suppress all arguments that undermine the integrity of the ego. So pure argumentation is very tricky, it usually is a mask. All ordinary politics is based on this.

    That you, through a tough process of emotional suffering had to discover some deep insights should not lead to the conclusion that through verbal communication as it happens on this platform people can understand your message, at least not through sheer reasoning. It is not the reasoning but the life experience that you need to have to understand your message.

    That by this fate you have become a league in itself is obvious, You are a forerunner and it is not easy.

    I have done a lot of therapy groups in the alternative scene, and in that they used techniques to peel off someone’s ego by giving him / her boxing gloves or mattresses to scream and beat the shit out of an imaginary enemy.

    The inner changes that people including myself have gone through in this process is immense.

    Maybe you have to face the possibility that you overestimated the potential of WDH to get your message through although personally I would not underestimate it for sure.

    Maybe it is time for other initiatives in which you can engage a commentator live and see in his face what he or she really is up to.

    • Many, many times I’ve thought of an audio-visual program with other personalities but that needs some sponsoring of course, as the US is not even granting me a visa because of my irregular jobs here.

      Do you realize that to follow your arguments people have to commit themselves to a rigorous self analysis, that means a looking inside their mind…

      Which is why the Delphi’s Oracle ‘Know thyself…’ is my motto. And yes: it’s something almost impossible to achieve.

      That you, through a tough process of emotional suffering had to discover some deep insights should not lead to the conclusion that through verbal communication as it happens on this platform people can understand your message…

      Vincent van Gogh used to call it ‘ploughed souls’, in the sense that those who have been through heart-breaking, soul-destroying experiences can see the world in a completely different way (which is why I’ll start the translation of my autobiographical books soon).

  2. I guess I’m being guilt-tripped into having to watch the Game of Thrones series… I’m hearing it everywhere, left and right, even today from a client of mine making a comparison to something. It’s gonna be cringing, but I guess I’m going to have to see what this is all about…

    • I have posted quite a few short entries since the last seasons.

      The visuals are great.

      Some of the music is good.

      Martin’s ideology is very questionable from our viewpoint. But the main point, IMHO, is that the show in general re-connects whites with their Aryan heritage, at least at a subconscious level—in spite of the efforts of the kike filmmakers.

  3. lots of the storytelling uses the humanoid’s natural and emotive sense of fairness to create viral drama.

    a bit off-subject of this post’s GoT discussion, though really corollary because if its raising the pyschological violence issue, is the question, “and what’s more unfair than a plutocracy?” it appears to me that the essential element of nation-state is a central bank as essential intermediary in maintaining citizens’ trust in The Holy of Holies scroll, the general ledger.

    even the nationalist socialist state of ww2 germany had a central bank.

    big-money is not possible outside of nation-states. (and of course we well know who is over-represented in big-money circles.) nation-states don’t run on barter systems. why? thinking about why soon brings us back to the JQ. what about big-control attracts the dominant imposer personality that appears over represented in the circles of SJW’s? (even in the small 14 unit apartment build co-op — where i live — incorporated as non-profit co-op with corporate by-laws defining the essential boundaries guaranteeing “good fences make good neighbors”, the “flies to shit” draw that power and control present to the dominants results in that type’s over-representation on the board of directors and their tendency to autocratic rule and unpleasant dramas and gossips.)

    and so the dominant personality — over represented in the jews ? — so readily rises to the need for and challenge of playing the role of essential intermediary.

    i care not where it’s the jeffersonian sovereign states or the hamiltonian powerful central government, sociopathic dominant alpha personalities are going to rule us gentler beta and omega types and impose their psychologically violent and unfair ruling decisions on us lower dumber masses. so, too, in andrew lytle’s dream of an agraian society of owner occupied “yeoman” farms, for the primary purpose of raising sustenance crops rather than money crops. imagine the psychological violence and chronic abuse suffered by the beta wife and her children at the hands of a dumb abrahamic patriarchial husband/ father/ provider/ imposer yeoman farmer. earl’s gotta die. goodbye earl.

    • not only would the symbiotic big-nation-state/ big-money not exist without the alpha-dominants, neither other big societal institutions. as pierce notes, the most important of those being the public-narrative controlling mass news and entertainment industries.

      storytelling has always played a central role in the history of humanity. the now-profaned-by-the-christians tarot card deck facilitated social circle storytelling, early history tells us folks sat around a circle with each having a turn at weaving a short story, as their form of regular evening entertainment. tarot cards with standard imagery on each card in the deck focused and randomized the storytelling subject. and those circles engendered fortune telling, as a way of keeping interest by adding the fortune-cookie element to the stories.

      as tarot cards facilitate the small personal storytelling entertainment circles, so do big-storytelling of the big motion picture studios facilitate nation-state entertainment, again only possible by big-money, and therefore the alpha dominants managing the central banks. (ah, back to the JQ, again.)

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