Summer 1945 • 9

by Tom Goodrich

Editor’s note:

Reading the below passages makes me think that the dark hour that the United States is currently suffering is the perfect punishment for the sin they committed in the 1940s: an Aryan sin so astronomical that it reaches Pluto. The punishment for having committed it is nothing less than the extinction of the founding stock of the US—and the rest of the whites around the world, as other whites are also reluctant to question the current narrative about the Second World War.

Many white nationalists also sin, to the point of ethnic suicide, because unlike Goodrich they are not even able to recognise what their ancestors did (when Richard Spencer, for example, has commented something on the subject in his recent YouTube interviews?).

Mark my words: if the white race is extinguished, let it be clear that it was due not only to the propaganda of the media at the hands of Jews, but to the fact that in the present century the dreadfully named ‘white nationalists’ hardly speak about the Hellstorm Holocaust in their forums.

Here we see again why the retrocognitive visions of a Bran under the Heart Tree, although this time seeing what really happened in WW2, could help to save the white man. But unlike the Stark family who in the TV series listened to Bran, in real life even nationalists are uninterested in Goodrich’s retrocognitive visions:

It is amazing to observe how brave and firm some men become when all danger is past. I have noticed on fields of battle brave men never insult the captured or mutilate the dead; but cowards and laggard s always do. —US Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman

While the Allied occupation of Germany was in progress, the cold­blooded murder of Nazi Party members, German SS troops and other anti-communists was in full swing. Unaware of the vicious propaganda aimed at them in America, when proud SS units surrendered to the US Army they naively assumed that they would be accorded their rights under the Geneva Convention and respected by fellow soldiers as the unsurpassed fighters that they certainly were. Instead, moments after giving up their weapons thousands were simply beaten bloody, then slaughtered where they stood. No less than seven hundred troops of the 8th SS Mountain Division were massacred by the Americans soon after surrender. Likewise, members of the SS Westphalia Brigade were marched a short distance then shot in the back of the head. Elsewhere, other SS units fared no better for the unwritten but understood orders from above were “no members of the SS shall be taken prisoner.”

“The Americans forced the Germans to walk in front of them with raised hands in groups of four,” recounted an eyewitness on the fate of another fifty surrendered soldiers near Jungholzhausen. “Then they shot the prisoners in their heads from behind.”

After shooting them and smashing their skulls with rifle butts, the US 7th Army threw another two hundred SS men into a mass grave.

Reveals one American soldier of another massacre:

As we were going up the hill out of town… some of our boys were lining up German prisoners in the fields on both sides of the road. They must have been 25 or 30 German boys in each group. Machine guns were being set up. These boys were to be machine gunned and murdered. We were committing the same crimes we were now accusing the Japs and Germans of doing. The terrible significance of what was going on did not occur to me at the time. After the killing and confusion of that morning the idea of killing some more Krauts didn’t particularly bother me… I turned my back on the scene and walked on up the hill.

“Those who were able stood at the window, and told those of us who were lying down what was going on.” So wrote Lt. Hans Woltersdorf. At that moment, the young officer was himself recovering in a German military hospital when US forces arrived. Outside, a motorcycle with a sidecar had just pulled up carrying an officer and two men of the Waffen-SS. When the Americans disarmed them, the two soldiers were allowed to proceed on foot but the officer and others were led away. Soon, Waltersdorf and the other patients heard a loud burst of submachine gun fire.

“Did you see that? They shot the lieutenant! Did you see that? They’re shooting all the Waffen-SS officers!” shouted the men at the window.

Horrified, but thinking quickly, several patients raced down to the hospital office, destroyed all the SS medical files they could find, then replaced them with records from the regular German Wehrmacht. After locating a number of army uniforms for the SS men to wear, the soldiers could only hope and pray that their efforts were rewarded. Unfortunately, such stratagems seldom succeeded since SS soldiers had their blood-type tattooed under the left arm.

“Again and again,” continues Waltersdorf, “Americans invaded the place and gathered up groups of people who had to strip to the waist and raise their left arm. Then we saw some of them being shoved on to trucks with rifle butts.”

When French forces under Jacques-Philippe Leclerc captured a dozen French SS near Karlstein, the general sarcastically asked one of the young soldiers why he was wearing a German uniform.

“You look very smart in your American uniform, General,” replied the boy.

In a rage, Leclerc ordered the captives shot.

“All refused to have their eyes bandaged,” a priest on the scene noted, “and all bravely fell crying ‘Vive la France!“‘

Although SS troops were routinely slaughtered upon surrender, anyone wearing a German uniform was considered extremely fortunate if he was merely punched, kicked, then marched to the rear.

“Before they could be properly put in jail,” records a witness when a group of little boys were marched past, “American GIs… fell on them and beat them bloody, just because they had German uniforms.”


The footnotes have been omitted. Summer 1945 is a book that exposes the atrocities committed by the United States in Japan and Germany. If the reader is interested in a book by the same author that focuses on the holocaust perpetrated by the Allies solely in Germany, obtain a copy of Hellstorm, The Death of Nazi Germany: 1944-1947 (sample chapter: here).


  1. Let’s not care about the Jew anymore.

    These men are all traitors. They betrayed the white race. All of them. English, American, French, all of them betrayed the German people. In the end even Germany’s allies except for the Japs and foreign SS Divisions did the same. How many countries declared war on Germany in WW2? I think well over 50. I feel nothing good for whites at this moment. They must die. The offspring of those whites who helped directly or indirectly to destroy Germany must die.

    Maybe I sound crazy or I am soon to go mad but some days I feel that all of human race must be exterminated. I’ve never met an honourable human being irl.

    • Wow! Your last paragraph reminds me my very last paragraph of From Jesus to Hitler!

      P.S. What’s ‘irl’?

      • irl = in real life

      • The same with me, but I’ve met a single honorable woman irl.

    • @SS Division Poltergeist “I’ve never met an honourable human being irl.”
      This strikes a chord with me. I know I’m not an honourable human being and I know I’ve got a lot of company. “Humanity is the devil” said the Process Church of the Final Judgement. There is no species (really several species i.e. races) more evil on Earth than ‘humans’. Which is probably why humans are the dominant species on Earth at the moment. It’s my hunch that ALL humans are hypocritical self-serving game-playing BSers, to a greater or lesser degree. Everything is a Big Lie because the vast majority of humans want it that way. It’s no accident the community of liars par excellence the Jews runs the world i.e. runs the human scum. Humanity has the Jews it deserves. The Jew was probably created by Nature to supply the goyim’s demand for lies and bullshit. To fill a niche.

      Even if things were made perfect somehow, human nature would just find a way to mess things up again. Even in an all-white world…If I was born on an Earth with only the white race the same feelings of hate and misanthropy would rise in me I’m sure. Call me a race traitor, I don’t care.

      It has been shown that even when threatened with extinction the vast majority of the white race are willing to cling on to lies and avoid facing the truth, to continue playing games, to continue the farce. Just as the Russians deserved the Bolsheviks after being warned by Russian nationalists of the Jewish plans for years, so do whites deserve everything they get and will continue to get. There is no pity in my heart for my own any longer.

      It is not the final solution to the Jewish Problem, it is the Final Solution to the ‘Human’ Problem. Thank goodness for the developments of technology producing weapons of mass destruction and industrial civilization. Now there is a chance the human plague will be ended once and for all.

      • I have thought the very same way. We need a final solution to the human problem.

      • Then I have two potentially receptive readers of From Jesus….

      • We live in a world where the best humans have failed fundamentally about seventy years ago. They were not just ordinary best ones which emerge regularly in the course of mankind history. They were best of the best indeed. And we feel as if the chance of «breaking the wheel» – let me use that metaphor from the GoT – is lost forever. We have reasons to think so, haven’t we? It’s more than enough to look out of a window or to click any channel on TV or YT-Trends.

        However, seventy years for History is nothing. There were at least a few surges of manly and heroic Aryan existence, and they were centuries distant from each other: Sparta, Roman Republic, Third Reich. Actual duration of their vitality doesn’t matter at all, because centuries-old Sparta and twelve-year Reich are equal for racial psyche.

        When reading some weak-willed pessimistic and misanthropic posts by Walsh and SS Div I wonder myself: Who could really dream in Germany on victorious embodiment of NS Weltanschauung before WWI or during Weimar 1920s? Negligibly small number of persons. But thousands of young idealists died for It later.

        Who could think that a few years after 1945, among the ruins of German cities and among the German human ruins, a brave non-German woman, Savitri Devi, would enunciate principles of religious Hitlerism? None of them. But since then thousands of young idealists suffered for It.

        So, maybe the future holds for us a millennium of creepy post-Christian values, more horrible and gloom one than previous Christian era, but I believe that the luminous seeds of Truth are thrown by Aryan Logos into the bestial cosmic Night not vainly.

        P.S. English is not my native language. Sorry for possible errors.

      • English is not my native language either, and yes: I also don’t like pessimists. Soldiers should do heroic things, as Theon did in the 3rd episode of GoT (music and reactions about that episode embedded in my previous two posts).

        And welcome to this forum, Eternalspring.

      • 70 years is nothing. 1000 years is nothing. 1 million years is nothing. Eternal laws are eternal laws. But it is very possible that human race failed once and for all in 1945, isn’t it?

        It’s lucidity, not pessimism.

        The age of Heroes who build is gone. There is nothing to build on, no culture, no anything.

        Cesar, what should a young fellow like me do in this world to prove heroic? I have no ties to this world. I feel nothing good for nobody. I never felt something for a girl or a woman. I’ve been unfortunate to ‘awake’ at such an early point that I did not even enjoy simple pleasures of life. When other kids were out I’ve had only my pure studies. What should I do? Ever since I’ve found the swastika I have only hate. This is my drive, to hate the human race. That’s why I continue to live. I have nothing else. I am the most solitary bird you can imagine. I certainly don’t want to die of old age in my bed dreaming of a different end. For how much longer should I wait for a global collapse just to to do uninhibited mass murder?

      • @SS Division Poltergeist, we are the very few remnants left which have been totally fragmented and disenfranchised in society where we are left to hang out and dry in a world that is completely foreign and incompatible with us, where people walk among us daily with contempt and want to destroy us. It is only natural that we are attracted to hate and hive our enemies plenty of hate in return. Only problem is most Whites are not hateful enough because they don’t realize they should be full of hate, and are instead doing self-reflection. Some Whites, anyway.

      • Absolutely agree about what you guys say about hate. But I believe that my hatred is larger than yours. Otherwise you would be writing and translating twelve books to infect whites with hatred.

        @ SS Division Poltergeist,

        How do you know you are the loneliest? I would recommend writing your own autobiography and then I’ll compare it with mine to see who has suffered solitude for more decades.

        But the real point is the metamorphosis that such solitude and suffering could provide:

        Prison causes the profound rebirth of a human being… profound pondering over his own ‘I’… Here all the trivia and fuss have decreased. I have experienced a turning point. Here you harken to that voice deep inside you, which amid the surfeit and vanity used to be stifled by the roar from outside… Your soul, which formerly was dry, now ripens from suffering…

        And the only solution to this would be that the meaning of earthly existence lies not, as we have grown used to thinking, in prospering, but in the development of the soul…

        In the surfeit of power I was a murderer, and an oppressor. I was convinced that I was doing good. And it was only when I lay there on rotting prison straw that I sensed within myself the first stirrings of good…

        “Know thyself!” There is nothing that so aids and assists the awakening of omniscience within us as insistent thoughts about one’s own transgressions, errors, mistakes. After the difficult cycles of such ponderings over many years, whenever I mentioned the heartlessness of our highest-ranking bureaucrats, the cruelty of our executioners, I remember myself in my captain’s shoulders boards and the forward march of my battery through East Prussia, enshrouded in fire, and I say: “So were we any better?”

        And that is why I turn back to the years of my imprisonment and say, sometimes to the astonishment of those about me: “Bless you, prison!”…

        Lev Tolstoi was right when he dreamed of being put in prison. At certain moment the giant began to dry up. He actually needed prison as a drought needs a shower of rain… And I say without hesitation: “Bless you, prison, for having been in my life!”…

        In prison, both in solitary confinement and outside solitary too, a human being confronts his grief face to face. This grief is a mountain, but he has to find space inside himself for it, to familiarize himself with it, to digest it, and it him. This is the highest form of moral effort, which has always ennobled every human being. A duel with years and with walls constitutes moral work and a path upward (if you can climb it).

        Chapters The Ascent & Our Muzzled Freedom of The Gulag Archipelago. Before writing your autob just read the book.

      • @eternalspring
        You are right that 70 years (well, 74 years) in historical time, let alone cosmic time, is nothing. I’ve often thought that over the last 2 years or so. It was only 74 years ago that heroic German boys from the Hitler Youth were fighting for Germany in the Battle of Berlin. It is within living memory. In fact the oldest man alive today is a German man who served in the Luftwaffe in some capacity. He was 44 when Germany surrendered. However it is also true that if present trends, particuarly present demographic trends, continue for another 74 years then the Nordic-Aryan section of the ‘white race’ is near enough finished. White males need to turn things around soon or it is curtains for the master race.

        I like that you mention Savitri Devi. I’m not as pessmistic as you might think. There has still been quite a bit of good since 1945 that I like, good things about various white nations, good thinkers from the Movement itself, heroic lone wolves and the men of The Order, various struggles in colonial wars by the Portuguese as well as Rhodesians that I have learnt about. It is by no means all negative since 1945. But I am aware that convinced pessimists like SS Division Poltergiest and Devan, who are certain it is over for the white race, could be right in the long run. Their posts certainly have value as well, especially if their predictions for the extinction of the white race become true (though if my race was to go extinct I believe I will die before it reaches the point of no return and our race has no chance to continue to survive).

        I can’t be certain what the future holds for the white race but I know it will either be the case that our race goes extinct in the near future or continues to survive into the further future. If our race goes extinct in the near future it is fairly easy to predict how things will play out and the meaning of this period. 1945 was the defeat of the White Man (Adolf Hitler) and now the White Man is something of yesterday and the world is transtioning to a coloured, third world planet.

        However if our race continues to survive I see all sorts of possibilities. Maybe Savitri Devi’s beautiful dreams will become a reality. An Earth of perfect Aryans, kind to animals, all being vegetarian and with April 20th being a holy day and Adolf Hitler’s birthplace being THE sacred spot on Earth. A glorious future would await our race I’m sure. It’s just hard to imagine looking at the state of Aryans today, given the degeneration of our race since 1945. But Adolf Hitler did say that as long as the Aryan bloodline remains pure regeneration of our race will always be possible.

        Even if our race goes extinct Germany’s sacrifice would not have been in vain as it would have proved Aryans didn’t have the strength to embrace the morality of the Swastika and cast off Judeo-Christian morality and therefore deserved to go under. And the men and women from the last generations of Aryans starting from the Baby Boomers onward who struggled for their race’s survival fought a heroic struggle as the last true white men and white women. And if our race continues to survive none of the blood sacrifice and martyrdom of Germany in WWII and the actions of white racialists since WWII were in vain.

    • @SS Division Poltergeist, the fact that you’ve come cognizant to the fact that 99% of humanity is totally worthless and needs to be culled, shows you have pure mental health.

      I think it takes a while for Aryans to thoroughly recognize how worthless most people, including Whites among us are worthless because we are affected and made confused by the world around us and live in an order which only respects and glorifies the parasites, particularly who gain an advantage in the money and power structures.

      But a mass culling is needed. It has to be done, otherwise Aryan Man will never be free.

      One way or another there is going to be a grand culling very soon, whether through nuclear and civil wars or environmental disasters, etc.

      Let’s hope we steer it in the right direction to keep our own going at the expense of the parasites.

      I believe there are many of us here who have also arrived at this same conclusion of dealing with the problem of humanity. Because when you recognize just how rigged the system is, and how doing anything the right way will only screw you over, what options are there really left on the table!?

  2. @Joseph Walsh

    I’m not (or I try not to be) that cynical but yes, thr human world was always shit.

    Yes, the russians deserved their jews i.e. their death. Hitler was right to call for a war of extermination against that slavic mass. How worthless are in comparison the americano and the anglo to side with fucking mongols at the expense of brethern? And we should care for these people today? Only because they are whites? Let them wallow in filth.

    The Overman once said: “My life is irrelevant, but Germany must live” and “And all of us pledge ourselves to the one ancient
    principle: it is of no importance if we ourselves live-as long as our Volk lives, as long as
    Germany lives! This is essential.”

    Has there even been such selflessness? Such love for one’s kind? Only to be betrayed?

    The human race made the Overman kill himself. That’s how much it is worth.

    • @SS Division Poltergeist, and indeed the Slavs are absolutely worthless scum. Slavs have no sense of honor and dignity no matter what Nation they are discovered as a part of. That’s just how they are, because they are lazy and undisciplined and prefer to ride the tide of revisionist historical narratives off the achievements of others.

      Every slav today is racially aware of who they are, and the fact that they are not Aryans, and that they hate Aryans. While some slavs may have some drops of Aryan blood in them, the Slav side is in permanent conflict and permanently taints whatever so-called “Aryan Good” may be in them.

      Slavs are basically white looking on the outside, but a negro on the inside. They are the niggers of the “white race” if you want to call them that…

      Slavs are a Trojan horse, because at first, they can come across as a unique or fascinating people, they have very attractive and feminine women (unfortunately), and traditional ways, etc. To the unsuspecting person, they look like a perfectly cultured people, but behind their faux appearance, lies a beastly character in which they are nothing but heartless brutes which turn on a dime. They lack empathy and consistency in anything and as Himmler put it, they are “Human Junk”. After one spends enough time around a Slav, you begin to recognize they have no loyalty to anyone or anything, and that they are really primitive in thought, and they have no knack for creativity or creative thoughts that cycle through their heads all day like Aryans. They do not think the way we do whatsoever.

      One of the greatest tragedies today for Europe is that Slavs represent the largest ethnic group compared to the rest of Europe’s population.

      As National Socialists, we have no duty or responsibility to indiscriminately protect any or all whites, just for the sake of them being “white”. No way!

      Even Himmler and Goring were not sidelined or distracted from such things, and the policy by the end of the day was to enforce what was good for the Germans and that the fate of everyone else was to be decided on an individual basis.

      That is how we must approach this.

      We ought not to be concerned about our reputations, because our enemies are going to hate us no matter what the case, even if we never lay a finger on them. The results of WW2 are proof of that.

  3. You will then be happy to watch this new interview with a (European American man) producer, director, and former Midwest film class award winner on Red Ice who has thus far made 3 gulag films at ultra ultra low budgets. It is one of the best interviews I have watched recently. Link below, with a bit more commentary thereafter.

    He seems like an intelligent fella. He lives in (((L.A.))), yet seems to be a total outcast unaffiliated with the Jews. He has an incredible story about his mother, who apparently had fled the Jewish slaughter of Europeans that began in 1917.

    He said his goal is to unite white people via raising awareness about the fact it is we who have suffered the worst genocide known in the modern era rather than non-whites. He didn’t self identify any religious beliefs, but I don’t get a vibe he’s a Christian (but who knows, the Yeshua virus is insidious).

    Also, there is another fellow who is into film as well, in the sense of trying to expose Jewish film/symbology propaganda. He straight up says Christianity is a Jewish psyop. You can find his vids on YouTube under “the Apollonian Transmission.” Definitely worth looking up and watching.

    He argues that Judaism is a “bride gathering cult,” (to steal our Aryan women from us) and he is heavily focused upon mythology. He argues that Jupiter/Zeus & Apolla were all Aryan inventions designed to encourage Aryan unity; and that they were developed to counter Semitic subversion (Cronus/Saturn). Hope you have time to check this stuff out if you’re interested.

    Below is the second fellas interview on Red Ice from a week or two ago wherein he explains his theories. He claims to have cracked the Jews’ code insofar as their usage of symbology/myth to demoralize us Aryan men. Both are very interesting interviews to me.

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  5. Unaware of the vicious propaganda aimed at them in America, when proud SS units surrendered to the US Army they naively assumed that they would be accorded their rights under the Geneva Convention…

    when the emotions are at odds with cognition, emotions win every time. how could the aryans and hitler be so naive as to be unaware of thepowerofnarratives and the emotions and imaginations such precipitate that the most powerful institutions of the mass news and entertainment medias are so adept at using to spread the jew meme viruses.

    • the video watch it to the end in a later post on the GoT ending is a glaring inyourface example of thepowerofnarrative that the mentally weak allied soldiers fell victim to in their profaning of their german victims. yes, i hope in karma. magical thinking. the allies most uncivil behaviors deserve nature’s slow and unstoppable righteous judgement and punishments.

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