‘Game of Thrones’ fan reactions

Do you see now why I wanted to be a film director when I was a kid? In good hands the audiovisual medium—with good music of course—would be the most powerful. You can only imagine how whites would be behaving today if Hitler had won the war.

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  1. LOL! People are crazy! So funny! The last time I remember getting that worked up and involved in a movie was when I saw a revival of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” in a full scale theater. The scene where-in Grace Kelly broke in to wife killer Raymond Burr’s apartment, to retrieve evidence. I’ve seen other films where-in I became wholly engaged – but that scene is the only one where I was completely 100% “in”.

    I am currently watching FX’s “Fosse/Verdon” – but most people won’t be interested. It’s really excellent. Fosse was a genius. I love dance, and always have.

    The popularity of “Thrones” just proves people NEED stories, mythic adventures…..meaning. Ideals and concepts to base a civilization on. Always have and always will.

    • Of course, but my point in all of my previous GoT posts is that the most powerful stories are the religious ones. This is why Jews win (OT is ethnocentric for them) and whites lose (NT teaches them universal love).

      So my point in embedding Tyrion’s little speech this week was that we need to reinvent ourselves, and what better than the NS ‘new religion’, a term G.L. Rockwell used once, to replace the (((old))) one.

  2. Game of Thrones was so boring. I don’t understand why people liked it.

    • Simple: because whites who saw it identified themselves with the white characters.

  3. I never watched Game of Thrones — or read the books. I couldn’t get past the fake politics and porn. Also, I found it sickening that G. R. R. Martin wrote a thirteen-year-old extremely white girl as a trophy wife for a POC. Of course, said girl grew up to be a genocidal mud-loving SJW, from what I know, so there is that. But generally speaking, epic fantasy — aside from The Lord of the Rings — is infested with the authors’ sexual hang-ups which is off-putting.

    But I do understand your point about stories, or I imagine I do. Most people aren’t interested in history books or autobiographies, and they get their worldviews and values from fictional stories. But whites have given their stories away — either they were destroyed or perverted by Christians, and now they are being destroyed or perverted by Jews.

    There is nothing more disgusting than Jews taking traditional white myths, legends and fairytales, and perverting them into multicultural diversity propaganda. And not only do whites allow this, they gobble it up like the brainless golems they are.

    Well, the problem, as usual, isn’t only Jews. I know from research that most popular YA novels are infested with anti-white, pro-diversity propaganda and these books are generally written by white women.

    Also, I’m not sure if you’d be interested but here is an interesting article to the Game of Thrones phenomenon. It has four parts, and the author of the article was not a fan of the show and they seemed to condemn racial thinking. But I think it does give an interesting point of view into why most whites enjoyed the show.

    • ‘Of course, said girl grew up to be a genocidal mud-loving SJW…’

      That girl (the main heroine for many GoT female fans) got killed by Jon (the main hero for many GoT male fans) in the very finale, and all muds leave Westeros for a mud island in the same finale. But yes: in the ethnostate I would forbid both GoT and Martin’s novels, and recreate Aryan epics of real life.

      In my last visit to England the historian Arthur Kemp told me that the life of Hermann (18/17 BC – 21 CE), the chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci tribe who commanded an alliance of Germanic tribes at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD, was the best candidate for such an epic.

  4. “whites who saw it identified themselves with the white characters”

    Which says a lot about the personal integrity of the whites who watch Game of Thrones.

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