Night King theme

One of the positive aspects of Game of Thrones is that it invites the white masses to appreciate classic instruments better than the rubbish music we hear in most podcasts of so-called white nationalists.

As in the house where I live there are three pianos I can appreciate the art of the culminating part of the last season’s 3rd episode:

The same theme sounds even better with the orchestral accompaniment, exactly as we heard it for the first time on April 28. Pay special attention to the final crescendo, when the Night King was about to kill Bran the Broken:

If possible, listen to the theme on a TV set with good speakers instead of the very poor speakers that our laptops or cellphones usually have. And don’t miss this level of emotional involvement while watching, on April 28, the climax of episode 3:

(Note of 27 July: This YouTube video has been deleted.)

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    • All the more reason to re-enslave the helots.

      • But don’t miss my point.

        Whites are stupid. Jews are right: they’re just cattle and behave like cattle.

        Linder is wrong. He believes that by solving the JP everything will be automatically all right. But he has not answered why, sans Jews, Iberian whites screwed big time in the Americas by polluting their blood, or why Yankees fought for Lincoln against ‘evil’ racists, again sans Jewish press.

        Whites (cattle) need a 4th Reich so that the mythmakers will use (as Hitler dreamt) Germanic myths to feed the proles instead of Xtian myths. Yes: prolefeed for the proles but with good messages. Good stories instead of a show directed by two kikes and whose novels were authored by an extremely liberal goy.

        Again: don’t miss the point of my dozen posts about Game of Thrones. We need good stories. We need a sort of Game of Thrones but this time directed by pure Aryans.

  1. watch till the end,
    thepowerofemotions, makes me want to exterminate whomever created humankinds. (humankinds are victims.)

    • or perhaps thepowerofimaginations, or imaginations gone awry, the source of religions.

      yes, normal theater goers are adept at seeing the real world meanings in the storytelling of the stage productions. and bounding the presentations as myth rather than reality. otoh, psyche injured beings who carry their scars for life in their permanently arrested development states can find it more difficult to separate myth from reality. because of the poweroftwistedimaginations and the powerofdistortedemotions.

      my psyche injury is such that i must avoid church services because i usually must take the offensive reflex, repeating to myself the simple phrase “utter nonsense” as my antibody defense to the christinsanity meme virus. (scott bidstrup’s “The Mind Virus” might interest some to read on this subject.) so to avoiding the big silver screen products to avoid the slim chance that i’ll get sucked into a deeply taprooted emotional disorder lying somewhere deep below the surface.

  2. Should we hold this discussion in Dothraki? What about the ethnicity of Daniel Peterson?

  3. GOT has beautiful sets and scenery, beautiful western style music, and 95% of the main characters are attractive europeans.

    The fact that it is immensely popular with our people shows they are not yet lost.

    • This is exactly what I thought when writing my first entry about the show (was it posted in 2013?).

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