Don’t miss my point

The following was my today’s comment on yesterday’s thread, ‘Night King theme’. It still surprises me that visitors don’t get what I have been trying to say about the Game of Thrones phenomenon, whose finale millions watched on Sunday, a week ago.

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But don’t miss my point.

Whites are stupid. Jews are right: they’re just cattle and behave like cattle:

Linder is wrong. He believes that by solving the JP everything will be automatically all right. But he has not answered why, sans Jews, Iberian whites screwed big time in the Americas by polluting their blood, or why the Yankees fought for Lincoln against ‘evil’ racists, again sans Jewish press.

Whites (cattle) need a Fourth Reich so that the mythmakers will use (as Hitler dreamt) Germanic sagas to feed the proles instead of Judeo-Christian myths. Yes: prolefeed for the proles but with good messages; good stories instead of a show directed by two kikes and whose novels were authored by an extremely liberal goy.

Again: don’t miss the point of my dozen posts about the Game of Thrones craze. We need good stories. We need a sort of Game of Thrones TV show for mass consumption but this time directed by priests of the 14 words.

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  1. Luxury is our anethema. Bored White Middle Class fools is the Yutes stew.

  2. I’m finding the nationalists who can only bleat about jews tiresome. Don’t misunderstand, I would love if every jew vanished off the face of the Earth, and the more I find out about them the more I hate them.

    But it’s like the people who endlessly repeat: “Jews were expelled from 109 countries”, (although there is a blog that racked up their expulsions to the thousand), and conveniently omit the other side of the issue: whites let them in 109 times.

    Whenever jews were expelled, most of the time they just scurried off to the next nice white country — even if it was one they had already been expelled from centuries ago. I don’t know about others but I’m more interested in that; why is it that whites have always let them in?

    • As a commenter replied to Greg Johnson six years ago: ‘A human getting accidentally stung by a scorpion is one thing. But when millions of humans have been repeatedly stung by scorpions for 2,000 years and have not yet learned to stay away from them, it means there’s something wrong with the humans, not the scorpions’.

      • True, but it is also under estimating the Serpent’ s Cunning.

      • Whites are Jews,Why is it hard to digest this truth ? .

      • Jake,

        No serpent still and both Iberian whites and Yanks screwed it. How do you explain it thru a strictly monocausal POV? Could Devan be right?

    • @Verdigris, indeed and the most unnerving part about it too is that Whites still contemplate the idea that Jews need to simply be *expelled* rather than doing what needs to be done. This proves that they haven’t learned from history.

      The only last country the Jews at this time would ever have an escape or refuge in during any new expulsion (and who would willingly accept them) is India. The Indians are pretty much like a second-rate Jew, which they have long established business relationship and education with the Punjabis. But the jews have burned their bridges everywhere else, or there is no money-making opportunity for them to be made.

      In the establishment of a New White Aryan Order, it will definitely have to be articulately designed which White peoples are traitors vs which ones are designated Aryans who are loyal as brothers.

      Because one thing is for certain, the qualities of empathy and discipline or the internal predisposition towards altruism is very lacking in most White peoples, and the lack of those qualities leads such Whites to engage in Materialism and endless chasing of Riches and Comfort.

      As the saying goes, a nation gets the jews that it deserves.

      My best understanding as to why other White Nations willingly let the jews in, is because they must lack a intuitive characteristic to perceive that something seems dark and dangerous about the jew.

      I’ve given this a lot of thought, because the majority of whites who do defend and befriend jews, must only be worshiping them on the basis of a perceived intellectual quality (which is not really intellectual but a calculating nature) and because they have the wealth or resourcefulness.

      I believe that some races or mixed breeds of whites might lack this intuition to sense something sketchy about the jew, or are either degenerate themselves that they overlook principles and so forth, in favor of the promises and bribery that the jews bring.

      Because anyone who has true experience with jews, would find them to be a cringing people to deal with or even be seen around, starting from the moment of their off-putting queer and annoying voices, and their inability to perceive social boundaries or any kind of decency.

      The future Aryan Order must only be distributed to encompass the entire gamut of European people who still remain that have the empathic and intuitive qualities to perceive the jew as a danger that cannot live among us or exist at all anywhere. We must distinguish the difference between White Aryans, and ordinary Whites in general. The latter will never be whom we can trust, and we cannot have a truly Free Aryan society if we ever permit opportunistic and unprincipled citizens within our Reich.

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