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I have an appointment at noon at the entrance of the Palace of Fine Arts but before leaving I would like to say one last word about my recent series on Game of Thrones.

The huge number of fans on YouTube who are terribly disappointed do not understand, in the least, the final episode: in which the dwarf gives an explanatory speech about why Bran should be the new king after the near apocalypse that everyone suffered in Westeros.

It is clear that the millions of fans who watch those opinionated videos are clueless about the underlying philosophy. The best way to understand the speech of the dwarf is to simply observe that in the sticky post I recently added a hatnote that links to an article that I transcribed from the voice of Black Pigeon Speaks.

That is the story that currently destroys the white race. If we follow the dwarf’s speech, only a real-life Bran Stark—let’s say: Pierce’s Who We Are—that reclaims the story about whites, including WW2 can save them.

‘There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it. And who has the best story than Bran the Broken?’

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  1. Some Evolutionary biologists believe that every animal in its evolutionary life cycle has at one point underwent metamorphosis,Although biological process underlying metamorphosis details abrupt changes in animal body structure through cell growth ,there is no concept till now which talks about altered state of spiritual metamorphosis and cognitive rationalization that animals develop to reconcile with their current state of altered consciousness.

    White nationalists and racial idealists who believe in revival , never question the changes that spiritual metamorphosis has brought to the psyche of an organism, this is the same mistake that people make when they internalize cyclical world view.Of course, there is always some nostalgia in few people to return to the past, but that ship has sailed long ago.

    Its often difficult for some white nationalist or racial idealists to accept the fact that white man has become the “Jew”. There is no going back, the metamorphosis occurred when whites accepted christianity. I dont think rejection of christian religious dogma or rejection of christian ethics will produce any desirable change.

    You cannot alter 1500 years of christian domestication process, whites internalized christian ethics because they underwent domestication process, modern white man or women is a degenerate,weak and yes he/she is a slave to his comfort.

    There is not much one can do at this point, what follows next is mongrelization ,miscegenation and collapse. The mongels will live on and will create a new culture .

    • You got it backwards. First, it’s collapse. Then miscegenation will have a chance of being stopped (not that it will necessarily be stopped, but a window of opportunity will be opened).

    • @Devan, the recurring theme – not that state it openly – but it’s almost implied from you as if some of us Whites who are woke and detached from this Jew order and Christianity, should just jump in the fire with the rest of mankind. As far as I’m concerned, the struggle continues on, whether it’s 120 Million Aryans, 12 Million Aryans, or only 12 Aryans left who believe what we believe. I am under no delusion that a large majority of the White Race will absolutely be knocked out in the upcoming strife.

      Personally, I am also curios to watch as nature runs its course, because it will also help clear the way for the right people to return to any kind of prominence, if it even exists anywhere in the future of the West, despite what conditions we inherit.

      I consider it only as a moral obligation second to the fact that it’s a constant burning reflex in me to offer up a resistance, even if on the smallest and localized scale. Everyday I go out in this world and encounter what I do, it is impossible to just accept it and not be fuming in annoyance, anger and hatred.

      Things that the general that Western people at large may not be concerned with, are a constant bother and burden to those like myself who see what they see as a paradise. The fact that the West has now become nothing more than a VR simulation and planned life for every citizen, which is engulfed in lavishing themselves in mindless entertainment, tasteless satire and mind-numbing ideas, is an outrage to live in. Most conversations of any kind with any average day citizen, are useless and have no point in the long run of anything, and you cannot trust anyone around. Humans, especially White Europeans are being slowly conditioned to accept that this is just the way of the world and that one should not have high expectations. To begin with, I have high expectations in myself first.

      I would argue with you that the mongrels will be incapable of creating a society and culture in place of current establishments. Because they will busy bickering and in-fighting as we already can see, because they are all engulfed in all kinds of materialistic and identity politics pursuits which are meaningless in the long run.

      One of the biggest factors driving the change of the New World we live in is that institutions and ideologies which are flawed around us are crumbling because we are moving out of an era that is based around Egotism.

  2. Christianity+the false, lying WWII narrative from the Jews perspective=a lethal cocktail for the Aryan mind.

    Removal of Christianity+the truth about Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany and WWII=liberation for the Aryan psyche.

    But most Aryans, even WN, don’t appear to have the strength to face the truth and remove the lies from their worldview. And if most Aryans are too cowardly to face the truth, even though it means their own extinction as a consequence of not facing the truth (indeed many Aryans seem to prefer extinction to facing the truth) then aren’t Aryans the very goyim Jews have assessed them as?

    As of note, National Vanguard have an incomplete series on their website called A New Religion for Us and in part 5 Kevin Alfred Strom said that in future parts of the series they will “consider the martyrdom of Adolf Hitler—the martyrdom of Germany—and the near-extinction event that the entire White race is now undergoing—as elements of a new faith for our people.” I’m still waiting for that next part of the series.

    You’re right that Aryans need a new story, really a new religion, a new mythos to enable us to revive and survive into the further future. Jews have a foundation myth in the Torah and a holy book with their ideology in the Talmud as well as a long memory of their history. Aryans need the same things-a new foundation myth, a new holy book and a reclaimed knowledge of their history as well as knowledge of who they are, of the essence of the Aryan race.

    Hitlerism should play a big role in any future Aryan religion. After we lost our old pagan blood religion and indigenous culture to Judeo-Christianity, Hitler appeared as the perfect antidote to Jesus. Hitler was the earthly incarnation of the collective psychic power of the Aryan, repressed for a millennium by Judeo-Christianity and a veneer of domestication that it imposed. As Carl Jung said, Hitler embodied the collective unconscious of the Aryan race. Aryans need to understand who they are again, who Nature made them to be. They need to have a strong sense of their own racial identity like the Jews do. Then our racial immune system will be healthy once again, as it used to be before the HIV virus of Christianity was introduced into it.

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