Hunter Wallace vs. Joachim Hoch

Update of 7 PM: I cannot believe it. All of Joachim’s videos seem to have disappeared from his channel! Can you see any of them?

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I am starting to believe German commenter Devan’s iterative claim that ‘Whites are Jews’, in the sense that even white nationalists have been Judaized to the core by failing to become apostates of (((Christianity))).

In my previous post I used as an epigraph Matt Heimbach’s silly words to convey the idea that the American pro-white movement is a grotesque chimera from the eugenicist’s viewpoint. (I know: to some visitors my chosen epigraph was like flogging a dead horse after Matt’s sordid scandal with the other Matt a year ago.)

Eugenics as a subject is so important that I had planned not to add new articles until Sunday. But Hunter Wallace recently posted a piece that illustrates my point about the impossible chimera (Christianity + white preservation) that flourishes at the north of Río Grande. Wallace’s basic moral tenets seem fairly similar to Heimbach’s. It is enough to quote Wallace’s recent reply to Joachim Hoch to get my point:

Joachim claims that non-violence is ridiculous (15:13)

The overwhelming majority of White people in this country believe that political violence is immoral.

Joachim claims that survival is its own morality (19:55)

No, that’s barbarism.

Westerners are a civilized people with a deep and rich moral tradition. Joachim is comparing us to animals now. I don’t think we should be encouraging our people to act like animals. We’re not going to persuade our target audience by comparing them to salamanders.

Instead, I believe we should be taking these deracinated people who have been stripped of their own culture and heritage and educating them so that they can start practicing the virtues and obeying God’s law to become better men and women like their ancestors.

Joachim argues that William Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell and James Mason were morally sound (20:48)

Why are the SIEGE posters so enraptured by this Helter Skelter nonsense? William Pierce wrote violent fantasy novels like The Turner Diaries and Hunter and even created his own cult for alienated people called Cosmotheism.

Joachim claims that […]

Part of being a Christian is suffering and obeying the law: “Christ says that we should not resist evil or injustice but always yield, suffer, and let things be taken from us. If you will not bear this law, then lay aside the name of Christian and claim another name that accords with your actions, or else Christ himself will tear his name away from you, and that will be too hard for you.” – Martin Luther

Violence isn’t the prerogative of the aggrieved individual. In our culture, it can only be sanctioned as self defense or as a just war on behalf of the community. The question is closely bound up with that of who is the legitimate sovereign authority in any given area.

[On the comments section Wallace added:] If there is a God who created the entire universe in all its magnificence, why do you think such a being would be concerned with only your particular tribe or ethnic group [whites]? Wouldn’t such a God be responsible for creating ALL life?

Again, this is indistinguishable from Heimbach’s Orthodox Christianity.

Joachim Hoch is YouTuber ‘Burning Man’. It is precisely because Wallace prioritises Christian morals over racial preservation (‘You cannot serve two masters…’) what started the whole debate.

Joachim’s first reply to Wallace can be listened: here. His second reply after minute 23, aired today, can be listened: here. After minute 73 Joachim asks, ‘Do you want to be a preacher or a political leader?’ and later ‘There’s going to be a split’ of revolutionaries and non-revolutionaries.

Alas, ten minutes later Joachim reveals himself as a Christian and even piously quotes the gospel. He completely misses the point that Wallace (and Heimbach) are right about their interpretation of Christianity regarding Jesus’ commandment of universal love, which includes other races.

His Christianity aside, Joachim’s response to Hunter was really good. I do recommend it to those who visit Hunter’s Occidental Dissent. I especially liked Joachim’s response to Hunter’s words about William Pierce cited above. As to this Luther quote above (my bold type):

Part of being a Christian is suffering and obeying the law: “Christ says that we should not resist evil or injustice but always yield, suffer, and let things be taken from us…”


Yes: Wallace follows Christian ethics to the letter. What neither he nor Hoch get is that such deranged altruism is destroying their little race.

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  1. In the audios, Joachim said that Hunter approved Muslims to retaliate during the 9/11 attacks. But at the same time, Hunter pathologizes any violence coming from whites.

    Apparently, brown Islamists have the right of violence but—God forbid!—whites should never, ever do something even far milder than 9/11.

    It is a pity that the audios are gone.

  2. “I am starting to believe German commenter Devan’s iterative claim that ‘Whites are Jews’”

    Why, on earth?

    I don’t see Jews commiting ethnic suicide. ( majority of ) Whites are.

    I don’t see MOW considering their race superior to non-whites. Jews do.

    I don’t see Jews groveling at others’, especially whitey’s, feet. MOW does grovel at Jews’, and even (sand)niggers’ feet.

    I don’t see Jews having any guilt about their atrocities. They actually celebrate them with Jewish hollidays. MOW feel guilty for 0,01% of them once have had niggers as slaves.

    Etc., etc.

    Unlike current ( majority of ) whites, Jews don’t hesitate to use atrocities against their enemies. In fact their religion prescribes it. If only whites WOULD behave like Jews we would be masters of this planet as we rightfully once were. But in those days whites actually did resemble something of the Jew’s ethnic thinking. Because non-whites were considered inferior, and rightly so. ( Unfortunately though, it was during precisely this era that Jew’s power was also rising. Allowing THAT, has turned out to be our biggest mistake ).

    So if anything whites have become less like Jews after WWII.

    • As I said above:

      I am starting to believe German commenter Devan’s iterative claim that ‘Whites are Jews’, in the sense that even white nationalists have been Judaized to the core by failing to become axiological [word added] apostates of Christianity.

      I have said many times that taking the Bible seriously means internalizing a suicidal ethic: allowing ethnocentrism for the Jews (what the OT teaches them) and preaching universal love for whites (what the NT commands us, so well internalized by Wallace and even neo-Christians like Greggy).

      • So, the correct statement would be that the MOW have become exactly HOW Jews want them to be, think and act, but not AS Jews are and think and act. In other words, the opposite.

      • What’s MOW?

      • Majority of whites.

  3. Hmm, does Christ’s injunction to not be deceived by false preachers apply to neo-pagans, too?

    • You are a Christian and, as a good Christian, you are using Xtian Newspeak (the word ‘pagan’).

      It always mystifies me why some Christians become regular visitors and even commenters of an obviously anti-Christian site.

      Your quoted ‘Christ’ never existed. Or haven’t you read the posts on this site about the work of Richard Carrier?

      • I’m interested in what you anti-Christians have to say. To have a proper understanding of things; you have to see it from both sides. Keep telling me, Christianity is a fake made up religion; I don’t care, whether it it true or false is irrelevant to me.

        The crisis facing the West is centred on the Roman Catholic Church. It has lost the cultural hegemony it once had and there is nothing that they won’t do to regain it.

        I’ve seen videos of Richard Carrier and I’m not impressed with him; I’ve seen videos refuting him and they seem to carry more weight. He’s an outlier in his field. In other words; serious scholars don’t take him seriously.

        The west is in engaged in a battle of ideas. Social power comes from implanting those ideas and compelling society to act on them. So far, we’re on the losing side.

      • > “Serious scholars don’t take him seriously”.

        You forgot to say that all of those ‘scholars’ are Christians—all of them!

        This is not a site for pious Christians. Please go.

      • @Dan-0-lee, why would you be indifferent to the cause of whether Christianity is a fake religion or not!?

        That in itself is a sign of demoralization.

        Early on, I think anyone with a sound mind, even if they are raised Catholic as I also was, would recognize that something seems “off” about religions like Christianity, because the way describe stories, figures and any kind of history, is not in any kind of orderly, scientific and logical kind of way that makes sense. It’s told in parables, metaphors and with superstition sprinkled with fear.

        This is not the first time that the Roman Church has sat quiet through crisis in the West, many times through the plague, the dark ages and other historical events the church has sat in lavish power and kept to itself, deflecting all criticism.

        Christianity could never be considered truth by any thinking brain, simply from the fact that everything about it is Anti-Nature and Anti-Human. It want people to deny human instincts and desire, and it prostitutes false versions of “Love” and “Peace”.

  4. So whites world-wide have illegitimate governments that want them, their history and their children dead, and actively work towards that goal, but violence isn’t the answer because Jesus said, “roll over and die”?

    These people are insane.

    It’s a shame that Christians couldn’t live by these principles two thousand years ago. But of course, those Christians were jews and other assorted non-whites so I suppose we couldn’t have been that lucky.

    • It is no coincidence that precisely when whites are finally taking those NT principles seriously they are heading extinction.

      What is infuriating is that all of these Christian and neo-Christians in America that believe they are defending their race are actually betraying it big time.

      Self-righteously, like Wallace and Greg Johnson, they fancy themselves as morally superior to the Nazis because they ‘yield, suffer, and let things be taken from’ them. The English are doing the same with the Pakistanis raping their pubescent girls: yield, suffer and let girls be taken from them…

      So good Christians that finally follow Jesus’ word to the letter!

  5. I fully agree with Joachim that the pro-white movement will be divided in twain as soon as actual revolution starts. Perhaps Joachim himself made his own videos private because YouTube does not respect the Brandenburg law and he fears that his channel will be completely erased by the thoughtpolice.

    At any event, his second reply can now be heard at Bitchute.

    • What revolution? I’m much younger than you and I can see there will be no revolution in my lifetime (and I will live a hell lot given my healthy lifestyle). Pro-white movement is a comedy. The fact is in WW2 of all white people only the Germans fought for their survival to the end. Everybody else fought for the Jew against those whites who wanted to survive. Whites fought two World Wars for Jews. Whites want to die and they finally died in 1945. They just never realized it.

      Poor Devan, to be born a German after your country ceased to exist, it must be painful for him.

      • Don’t forget that one week of hunger = law of the jungle again. This will happen in the US right after the dollar crashes.

      • There is definitely going to be an extreme minimal amount of Whites who both either survive and are morally upright for the case of White defense. Nature must run its course. It’s not the first time the borders have changed in Europe, and it most certainly won’t be the last.

        But the only stake Whites have left, both in Europe and America, will be on the basis of any resistance they put up (if any) and their ability to defend every inch of soil possible.

        I do think that a lot of Whites will succumb to looking up to either government / military forces or others for protection and provisions when things fall apart, because most whites are cowardly and are unable (for one reason or another) to face and cope with hard reality. They will look for any easy shortcut to escape problems, even if it means getting micro-chipped.

        Truthfully, only the Germans were the last good people of Europe.

        Greeks are far gone, and I would say that the Italians are very close in joining the ranks of the Greeks as a relic. Probably already there.

        I’m Italian and I despise most Italians. They are just not trustworthy like the Germans were.

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