Today, during my meal’s dessert, a revelation came to me. The symbol of this blog could very well be an iceberg. While white nationalists can see the iceberg’s tip (Judaism), they cannot see what lies beneath the sea (a Christianity that sustains it).

In modern America, the red carpet was rolled out for the Jews since the 19th century in line with the dominant Judeo-Christian, liberal ideology. So obvious it is that the latter is the invisible basis of the former that, as I said yesterday in ‘The Worst Scum’, if the pagan Vikings had conquered the American continent, Jewry would never have been empowered in North America.

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  1. Good revelation. The reason why most Christians cannot grasp that Christianity is “Judaism for the goyim” or by the reverse measure that Christianity fuels Judaism is because the Christians have been brainwashed to believe that the Jews are a religion, rather than a Race. Ironically, the story was twisted around and somehow Christians are hoodwinked to believe that they are somehow the “Corrected Jews” so to speak, whereas the Jews originally rejected the so-called “Christ”. Christians are so ignorant that they do not see the error in their thinking to defend a Jewish God and a Jewish Religion. Then the Jews created a false narrative about while they were placed in exile, that God ” YHWH” made an eternal covenant with them that the Jews will be protected and forgiven for when this mythical “Christ” magically returns. So the gullible goyim feel this senseless obligation to worship the Jews and believe that somehow Jews play a role in redemption of Man and the biblical prophecies. What I often remind people who always refer to the Bible is that the book was written by Jews and could not possibly be the word of God, and also that there were contributions of eyewitness accounts to an alien invasion, which is really what the Bible is all about. Jews are demonic aliens and back in earlier times, the so-called “miracles” and things people witnessed that they thought were magical miracles being performed by God, were nothing of the sort, but an advanced form of science used by these demons who were sometimes thought of as “Gods” because of their abilities.

    • > ‘Jews are demonic aliens…’

      Part of the problem I see in white nationalism is using Christian imaginary to understand kikes, who obviously are human beings as demons don’t exist.

      The more white nationalists don’t want to surf beneath the line of the ocean to see the greater part of the iceberg, the more they will project everything onto the iceberg’s tip.

      Have you read MacDonald’s first book of his trilogy? In alt-right circles, largely monocausal, they only read his 3rd book. Actually, I think that the first one is MacDonald’s best: as it scientifically explains Jewry without invoking conspiracy theories (Protocols, etc.) or Xtian symbols.

      • @C.T., I’m not sure why you don’t view the kikes as demonic, but the use of the word is not limited to Christians. Having many first-hand experiences with Jews, I can assure you they are controlled by a malevolent force. They aren’t just evil for the sake of it. Jews are holographic images which manifest as physical Humans we can see. But if you are capable of reading them, they have a dark energy signature, and no soul in their eyes and that they live in a different time dimension, which is not sentient to ours.

        Hitler, and even many Roman historians have also stated that the Jews are not human, despite appearing in a human body.

        I have not yet read MacDonald’s trilogy.

      • Precisely because you have not read MacDonald’s trilogy your views on the Jews are charged with Xtian, magic and paranormal imaginary.

      • So the response of any subject you wish not to entertain always is in reference to whether or not someone has read a particular book?

      • Forget MacDonald altogether.

        What you wrote above is sheer lunacy: magical thinking.

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