On the mental health of racists

First of all, I would like to thank an Old World man who today sent me a donation to start translating my twelve books [update of May 2020: actually, eleven books: I fused the two latest ones].

Second, I must clarify that, for an individual who has transvalued his values, racism is not a vice but one of the highest virtues of the white man.

Once this is clarified, let’s get down to business.

Currently the white man is totally bananas. Never in the history of the West had a zeitgeist of self-hatred seized the collective unconscious of the white man in such a dreadful way as it does today. The present is, as I have said, the worst generation of whites since prehistoric times.

That does not mean that those who haven’t fallen into the folie en mass of ethno-suicidal hatred are automatically sane. As I have also said on this site, they are only sane to the extent that they have crossed half of the psychological Rubicon (race, Jewish issue and ethnic state). But they need to cross the other half (the Christian problem and the transvaluation of all values). The failure to finish crossing it implies psychosis in my opinion, as the large boulder on which they are stranded in the middle of the river is not a place to reside. It is not yet firm ground, and one cannot escape from Normieland by fleeing from that side of the river without daring to cross it completely.

Among those stuck in the middle of the psychological Rubicon, quite a few suffer from mental health issues. This is obvious every time a mass shooter makes a prank for example. Without even knowing the ethnic group of the shooter (the last time he turned out to be black) many demented people, in the comments section of the white nationalist forums, immediately jump to premature conclusions, e.g., that it must be a false flag to eliminate the Second Amendment of their country, etc.

Even the most intelligent commenters sometimes have traits of psychosis. Not long ago on this site some of the smartest I have encountered in the entire blogosphere admired Charles Manson. The racist who initiated that psycho admiration was James Mason, admiration included in Siege. Well, Siege readers have failed to realise that, if their revolutionary manual hasn’t been able to galvanise a portion of the revolutionary population to the degree of forming a serious organisation, that could be due to this psycho trait of the author. I not only refer to his praises of Manson but to his Christianity, incompatible with crossing the rest of the river. (I’m not going to repeat the follies that these clever commenters said about Charles Manson; whoever wants to read the January thread can do it: here.)

But what I want to convey is something deeper than the Mason / Manson affair. Many people who defend the West on the internet have had mental health problems precisely because the System had put us, previously, into hell. This is clear in the biographies of those who suffered bullying in school and, transferentially, identify with young shooters in schools, such as Columbine.

To give a specific example. I read Andy Nowicki’s novel, The Columbine Pilgrim (Andy has been a featured author in Greg Johnson’s Counter-Currents Publishing). Just compare the frivolous genre Nowicki chose with my gravitas: writing about the events of my life with the real names, without altering the facts in fiction as Nowicki did. Is it not reasonable to suppose that, after writing my twelve books, the degree of my psychic integration could be greater than that of a Nowicki? After all, it is not the same to write the novels that Solzhenitsyn wrote about the Red Terror than to have written The Gulag Archipelago!

Here is another example that I have talked about before. Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent had serious problems with his parents, who committed him to a psychiatric ward for a season. Like Nowicki, Wallace has not recreated that hell in an autobiography. Although I was never hospitalised, my parents did something similar to what they did to Wallace as an adolescent. Is it any wonder that he who has not processed his pain continues to cling to the religious dogmas of his parents?

The list could grow, but I do not know the specific testimonies of those nationalists who have had serious mental health problems because they don’t talk much about them, probably not even in intimate diaries.

I was never mentally ill in the sense of, say, classic psychiatric categories such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder or addictions. But cognitively speaking I was very ill when, after the hellish conditions at home, I joined a cult, an offshoot from Christian Science, at the end of 1978: a cult from whose dogmas I didn’t get cured until mid-1995. It is true that believing the dogmas of a sect isn’t considered psychosis by current psychiatry, because in that case it would be possible to say that also those who believe in more traditional churches are psychotic as well. But in my view, any serious cognitive distortion of reality represents a psychotic state whether it comes from a minority or majority church. And from this angle, even the psychiatrists themselves are psychotic with their demented bio-reductionist ideology, as I have said elsewhere.

But going back to the commenters of white nationalist forums. Right here I have been told, in the comments section, that my main flaw is a huge ego. I do not see it that way. Rather, for having written those twelve books, most of them confessing my tragic life, I can see things that the common nationalist is unable to see. Even much of the psychotic mono-causality that we see in some quarters of white nationalism, along with their equally psychotic Christianity (as an anti-Semite obeying the god of the Jews is, by definition, a schizophrenic) are due to the most elementary lack of insight or knowledge of oneself.

In the discussion thread that got the most visits from all the recent threads, I quoted these words from Solzhenitsyn and I think I should re-cite them:

Prison causes the profound rebirth of a human being… profound pondering over his own ‘I’… Here all the trivia and fuss have decreased. I have experienced a turning point. Here you harken to that voice deep inside you, which amid the surfeit and vanity used to be stifled by the roar from outside… Your soul, which formerly was dry, now ripens from suffering…

And the only solution to this would be that the meaning of earthly existence lies not, as we have grown used to thinking, in prospering, but in the development of the soul…

In the surfeit of power I was a murderer, and an oppressor. I was convinced that I was doing good. And it was only when I lay there on rotting prison straw that I sensed within myself the first stirrings of good…

‘Know thyself!’ There is nothing that so aids and assists the awakening of omniscience within us as insistent thoughts about one’s own transgressions, errors, mistakes. After the difficult cycles of such ponderings over many years, whenever I mentioned the heartlessness of our highest-ranking bureaucrats, the cruelty of our executioners, I remember myself in my captain’s shoulders boards and the forward march of my battery through East Prussia, enshrouded in fire, and I say: ‘So were we any better?’

And that is why I turn back to the years of my imprisonment and say, sometimes to the astonishment of those about me: ‘Bless you, prison!’…

Lev Tolstoi was right when he dreamed of being put in prison. At a certain moment the giant began to dry up. He actually needed prison as a drought needs a shower of rain… And I say without hesitation: ‘Bless you, prison, for having been in my life!’

In prison, both in solitary confinement and outside solitary too, a human being confronts his grief face to face. This grief is a mountain, but he has to find space inside himself for it, to familiarize himself with it, to digest it, and it him. This is the highest form of moral effort, which has always ennobled every human being. A duel with years and with walls constitutes moral work and a path upward (if you can climb it).

He who has been martyred at home should take a vacation to ponder on his distant past, the unconscious that lies under the tip of the iceberg, despite how horrible the surfing experience may be. Not long ago I saw in a program a diver saying that surfing beneath an iceberg’s tip was a rather eerie experience. Most men avoid psychic diving, so to speak, because self-surfing gives indeed the creeps.


  1. Sometimes I envy Evropa Soberana, who has never allowed any comment on his site. Unlike him, I will not close the comments section. However, since I am going to start the translation of my books, from now on I won’t take the trouble to try to reason with commenters that, I believe, are grossly distorting reality; I will simply not approve their comments.

  2. I don’t know if this comment will be off-topic and I don’t wish to bother you as you are working (and I would very much like to read your books) but I have wondered about something for a while.

    Whites, for the most part, don’t have a whole view of their history. They focus solely on jews, or they are unaware of the Christian problem (or actively deny it or make up some alternative reality where whites only excelled because of it), or they are unaware of how whites messed up in India, Central Asia, Middle East, Egypt, etc. (at least according to the March of the Titans). Or they deny white presence in those regions as well because who knows.

    As for myself, when I think of all that has been lost, I am filled with a sort of impotent grief and visceral hatred for everything that helped destroy and subvert everything whites had created. To realise that white history and progression has been thwarted for thousands of years does feel a bit heavy.

    I’m not quite sure how to phrase my question (English isn’t my mother language) but I was wondering if this doesn’t contribute to the reason why whites are so unwilling to take a good honest look at themselves?

    Well, regardless I wish you well in your endeavours (as it is the only thing I can do) and do know that you have at least one buyer waiting for your books. Unfortunately, I don’t know a word of Spanish so I was heartened to read that you plan to translate your autobiography after all.

    • Ignoring one’s own history, in my humble opinion, is a legacy of Judeo-Christianity: as it ought to be obvious that the story of the Hebrew people is not the white story.

      Doesn’t it tell you something that presently only in abridged form Pierce’s history of the white race is available (within my The Fair Race)?

      As long as whites are unwilling to know their story they’ll be heading to extinction.

      • Yes. I’ve tried to look for a physical copy of Pierce’s book but couldn’t find it anywhere. But Arthur Kemp wrote March of the Titans and I don’t think many nationalists have read it either. Do you think March of the Titans is inferior to Who We are?

        I think I disagree with you a bit, though. If March of the Titans is true, whites have made the same blunders over and over again. I suppose I can understand India or Egypt but by the time Rome came around, I think they should’ve already known better and they didn’t.

        Technically speaking, if whites hadn’t been so willing to use semitic or otherwise nonwhite slaves, Christianity probably wouldn’t have had a chance to spread.

        I suppose what I’m trying to say is that whites have been ignoring where greed and indolence lead them in their stories at least. And tolerance, I think whites have been unnecessarily tolerant even before Christianity.

        Thank you for your reply.

      • Pierce’s book is shorter than Kemp’s, and both say that blunders have been committed since Antiquity (as you say, enslaving non-whites).

        It is an absolute scandal that Pierce’s book is unavailable (again, most nationalists won’t read Kemp’s rather long book).

        Today I’ll post a critical article about MacDonald. For today’s nationalists, Kevin is the revered scholar. I believe that Pierce delved much deeper in white decline. As far as I know, the blunders whites have committed that appear in the books of Pierce and Kemp have not been studied in MacDonald’s webzine.

  3. @C.T.

    This and your recent comments are absolutely the last straw, and I’m throwing in the towel as of the end of today with this website and any commentary.

    You are not at all, in real life, the way you portray yourself to be on here.
    You fall nothing short other than an official bigot, as you’ve now found nothing to argue over anything more petty than the use of a certain simple word that you somehow deem of Christian superstition, even while Hitler used the word many times and so have you elsewhere on your blog. Pathetic! Your attitude is very poor to your best supporters, and is always forgiving and overlooks everything for those of bad character. Time after time, I’ve seen you show poor discernment especially in terms of the character and intentions of others who post on here.

    It’s quite clear you are extremely selfish and have a major twisted ego in this fight which makes you feel a superiority complex among others. The fact that you cannot see your ego, shows you are way too high up on your horse. Definitely not the traits of Respectable Aryan Men. You also don’t even acknowledge donations, except from your own elite inner circle, of which I’m sure these donors are all Scots-Irish trash.
    In a recent post, you also glorified Devon, someone who is agreeably a Non-Aryan in their statement about how “Whites are Jews”. And further used an opportunity to validate their statement in a poor context, and giving them credit. With such poor discernment, there is no possible way I have any more business with you and your blog and other works. Further, now seeing that you also had former involvement with Christian Science is also quite telling about that poor discernment, and the fact you even got involved with that cult leads me to a lot of other suspicions about you. In addition, the fact that you want to exterminate all humans who consume any meat or animal products. You are severely mentally ill, you were back then and just as much today you remain so, and I’m sure your vegan diet is also a major reason for it in addition to your character flaws.

    I have been repeatedly active on this site for many years but with a different username, and at times I became discouraged with the website and in-fighting. Having recently been active again within the last year, I see that nothing has changed and there are far less active users who comment. Your most loyal readers and commentators are treated like dog shit and are expendable.

    I had sent you the donation as a test. And you have failed that test, which was much what I have expected, but has definitely confirmed it for me in more ways than any other, as to your true nature.

    Enough with your fuckery, Cesar. You’re useless and worthless. Being on this website is like walking on eggshells, and I see endless contributors of yours who are always apologizing and now they have to worry about how they something or if something is off-topic. And you’ve taken more steps to further moderate your website to the point of insanity.

    For many years, you’ve allowed plenty of antagonizers on this website to comment freely, but then you are quick to axe anyone who has decent motivations. You have very poor judgment. A man your age has no excuse for that. Clearly you have not ever grown up.

    Maybe you are used to getting apologies from others, but you will never get an apology from me, you’re a total ass and a worthless turd. Whatever your parents told you about yourself in your youth, are absolutely true and telling. You are not a real National Socialist, Christian Scientist Boy! I wonder if I’ve ever met someone as pitiful as you are, and act like you are doing Aryan humanity favor by accepting moderated comments on your website, as if you are a “better person” because of this!

    In fact, we know the real reason you have begun moderation is due to your knowledge of the upcoming backlash against you and because you think too highly of yourself and are too lazy to deal with that which you don’t want to respond to.

    I’m willing to bet you do have the Rh Negative Blood Factor, because you sure do act like it, and even now more than ever. You have nearly every trait across the board.

    And all this time, to know that we are in fact dealing someone formerly involved in Christian Scientism, who thinks he has a mightier position than those who would have never been that foolish to ever join!
    So you have engaged in at least two Pro-Jewish activities: Veganism and Christian Science.

    I’m also beginning to question the literature content and quality of your websites and books, because you must be getting some sort of non-financial help. A Confused Cockroach cannot have a stable and cultured, seasoned mind.

    All you do is ask people whether or not they’ve read some book or some sort of article as a cheap way of getting out of responses and to boost your own ego. The way you look for validation is extremely effeminate. I’m also pretty sure you are horrible at playing the keyboard. Nobody wants to listen to you play.

    I feel sorry for your gullible viewers who are willing to be like good slaves and apologize to you and tiptoe around you and somehow think you are a decent person. They have no idea what kind of person you really are.

    The joke’s on you, Cesar! As we all know that this post here of yours, are nothing but a self-projection of your own problems you have, which you are calling out.

    I’m out of this stupid swamp.

    • If I have a big ego it is precisely because, after pointing out to the nationalists something obvious, they are still stuck in monocausalism: Here in Latin America, with 300 years of Inquisition to subjugate the crypto-Jews, Iberians still committed the mortal sin of miscegenation from the 16th century (this alone, refutes monocausalism). Having not answered my reasoning (and Robert Morgan could say something similar; today I will add another of his articles), it is almost impossible not to despise the monocausal nationalists, although this conveys the impression that our ego is simply too big.

      Regarding what you say about Christian Science, since you have not read my books, you do not know that those were times when the teenager I was had been tortured—literally—and was in a state of extreme confusion, as no one helped him with the perpetrators. It is not surprising that, in those circumstances, a victim falls into cults: as cultists take advantage of souls in distress. (Furthermore, Eschatology, the cult I fell into, represents a very radical departure from Christian Science, as eschatologists don’t believe in the existence of a personal God.)

      I never knew that you sent a donation, as you did not tell me until now. And even today I do not know how much or when you sent it.

      I might try to answer the other things you say, but they seem to have been written in a fit of fury. I can only add that the comment of yours that I did not let pass in the other thread shows that you multiply entities (‘demons’) in matters in which MacDonald’s science should be enough without those unnecessary entities. This is what you wrote that I didn’t let pass:

      @C.T. what magical thinking? That’s blowing it quite a bit out of proportion. On the other hand, whatever Kevin MacDonald stated that you feel you have to withhold, does that automatically mean that aside from religious interpretations that there is no such thing as evil either? Organized religions were not the first to have knowledge about demons. It’s impossible to believe that all we see here is all that exists. And having witnessed certain things beyond the physical realm, especially relating to Jews, there is no doubt that they are not human.

      It’s precisely this kind of comments that violate Occam’s razor what I will not let pass in the future from any other commenter, as I’m too busy to try to answer such nonsense.

  4. National Socialist Germany was the last chance of the white race. What tragic irony that it was destroyed mostly by whites! One day everybody will have to admit it if one is honest to himself. This planet is finished.

    • This last time I’ll let your above comment pass. But you have already read in a previous recent article that off-topic comments won’t be allowed here (which is why I won’t reply to what you say above).

      • I just do not understand why you still put faith in human beings at this moment, that’s all…

        White Nationalism is a mental aberration. There is no such thing as a white nation first of all and secondly, most of the people involved are of bad racial stock.

        You cannot blame these people for today’s situation. They were not even born by the end of WW2. The causes are millennia old and there are no linear solutions for today’s problems, the failure is at all levels.

        You will see in your lifetime that there will be no global crisis, this is how the world will look for at least 300 years from now on. Human race will last for probably 1000-2000 years and then will die off together with most of the Life on this planet.

      • Technically, your comment is approvable if you see it as an on-topic comment about the sanity of the white race (as I started this article with the phrase that almost all whites are bananas, crazy like goats). But again, your comment is only peripherally on-topic. From now on please refrain to add off-topic comments into any future thread. Stick strictly to the topic or refrain to comment.

        Thank you.

  5. “Men who leave their mark on the world are very often those who, being gifted and full of nervous power, are at the same time haunted and driven by a dominant idea, and are therefore within a measurable distance of insanity –
    Francis Galton”
    I am of the opinion that people on the racial right tend towards absurd, fringe ideas not only because they must unplug themselves from Christian morality in many ways, but because the acceptance of a single idea which one perceives as being taboo is akin to desensitization. Once you accept that there might be a global Jewish cabal controlling literally everything, well, you are probably not going to have as hard a time coming to the conclusion that the queen of England is a malevolent lizard person.

    As for my own sanity, there are times where I fear that it will fail given the pressure of the neoliberal world. I do have recent family history of ‘schizophrenia’ if the diagnosis of my father is to be believed, so it would not surprise me if I too was labeled as such in the future.

    • Have you read my many posts debunking biological psychiatry on this site (see. eg., this article)? Despite claims to the contrary, there’s zero evidence that the behavior that gets diagnosed as ‘schizophrenia’ is genetic.

  6. If you are part of a race that is castrated, if you display non-castrated tendencies, the adults and authority figures may give you a bad time due to envying the fact you are not castrated like them.

    • Just what happened to me long ago…

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