Intellectual cowardice

The other article that I reproduced this day, quoting Devi, made me think something: If the great awakening of the Aryan consciousness happened, in fact, in the century when many of us were born, why the vast majority of sites of the so-called white nationalism do not focus on that awakening? Isn’t it a real shame that only one woman, Carolyn Yeager, focuses on it?

Think again about the primary article that The West’s Darkest Hour recommends to the new visitors about ‘the worst white generation since prehistory’ (visit the sticky post and follow the white rabbit). To the extent that the story that Westerners tell themselves not only distorts, but reverses reality, the white man will continue to head towards extinction.

The quackery across the alt-right avoids talking not only about what National Socialism represented, but also about how the Allies committed a real holocaust of Germans that even in the white nationalist forums isn’t mentioned properly. There’s only a review of Goodrich’s book on Counter-Currents, another distant review on The Occidental Observer, but never a continuous discussion of what should be the subject of every day talk, even with zero-budget films like the ones that have been made about the Gulag.

Instead of telling to themselves their own story white nationalists are heading, like the rest of whites, to extinction for the simple fact that they are too coward to confront it. And I say ‘their own story’ because what happened in Germany concerns the white race in general, not just the Germans.

The story that white nationalists are telling is not the story of the white race. If so, William Pierce’s only nonfiction book would be a huge bestseller in the American alt-right. These folks continue to see themselves as the Jews told them they had to see themselves: believing in the existence of the Hebrew god and, in the case of the secularists, still following the moralistic teachings of a rabbi who never existed.

If the white race is extinguished, non-whites who write their epitaph will say that it was pure intellectual cowardice the cause of its sunset. But I would like to finish this entry with a personal vignette.

Since I began to savagely criticise American Christianity on this site, the donations of Americans have dropped to almost zero (instead, I have received the most valuable donations from other continents). What draws my attention to this phenomenon is that American donors still provide donations to American cowards whose ideology is not conducive to the salvation of what is left of the Aryan DNA in North America.

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  1. You can cure the White problem by simply making Whites into anti-Semites. The main problem with Whites is their inability to stand up for themselves and be loyal to each other. The ultimate expression of loyalty to Whites is for Whites to hate Jews. So you can solve the White problem, and the problem of Christian or Aryan morality, simply by encouraging Whites to hate Jews, to hate their enemies.

    It’s a simple solution and it solves two problems. It encourages Whites to hate the Jews and by hating Jews the Whites are cured of their own weakness.

    • You can cure the White problem by simply making Whites into anti-Semites…

      If anti-Semitism were a panacea, the Iberian whites would have solved the problem when they expelled kikes in 1492.

      But what happened is that the very same year they discovered the American continent and, almost immediately afterwards, they began to miscegenate their blood with Amerinds.

      • Ancestor veneration then may help. In China their culture is based on ancestor veneration and the ancient Romans and Norse used to have ancestor veneration as their primary religion with household shrines. If your religion is based on honoring ancestors it would make kin loyalty the ultimate value.

      • Trouble is that white nationalists don’t even want to read either the Pierce or the Kemp history on the white race; thus they fail to worship Aryan heroes.

      • Excellent point about whites not venerating their ancestors. Whites must be compelled to learn proper behavior in the same manner dogs are trained for their own good. Whites have potential but are mentally incompetent morons right now, and they must be made to understand the proper ways of behaving in order to preserve their race on earth.

      • What is extremely alarming is that it’s me, who hold a Mexican passport, the only one who has been promoting on this continent the only story of the white race ever written by an American. White nationalists don’t seem to bother reading Pierce’s only non-fictional book!

  2. Spain didn’t become judenrein after 1492. Overt practising Jews were gone but Marranos and conversos remained.

    • I had in mind what the Iberians did in the Americas.

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