Society or our inner ‘daimon’?

Just today I was thinking about some words of Octavio Paz, who lived very close to where I used to live when he died, about a writer whose name I don’t remember.

Paz said that the archetype of that writer was Satan: as he preferred himself to society. The poet obviously referred to what the Greeks called the daimon, in the sense of the voice of conscience with which one internally dialogues; not the diabolized ‘Satan’ of Christians.

Today Robert Morgan commented something that reminded me of my soliloquy this morning:


______ 卐 ______


In my experience, people who find excessive pleasure in associating with others tend to be shallow sorts. They always seemed to me to be suffering from a kind of pathology, though perhaps, since shallow people are many times more numerous than those who take readily to solitude, the reverse is true. Schopenhauer shared my view though:

“And, as a rule, it will be found that a man is sociable just in the degree in which he is intellectually poor and generally vulgar. For one’s choice in this world does not go much beyond solitude on one side and vulgarity on the other. It is said that the most sociable of all people are the negroes; and they are at the bottom of the scale in intellect. I remember reading once in a French paper that the blacks in North America, whether free or enslaved, are fond of shutting themselves up in large numbers in the smallest space, because they cannot have too much of one another’s snub-nosed company.” – The Wisdom of Life

Above the opinion is also ventured by Mr. Dinh and a few commenters that the advance of technology has had a hand in destroying human sociality, and perhaps this is true to an extent. But being preoccupied with gazing into a screen on a device so you can keep up with social media and communicate with others isn’t really being alone, is it? The paradox is that in many ways such technology pulls people closer together and leads to an even greater mental conformity, as is currently being demonstrated by the wave of deplatformings and social justice warrior doxings of dissidents.

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  1. There is a nice stone relief of Daimon riding alongside Marcus Aurelius in his chariot.

    Marcus Aurelius in triumph with daimon

    • Aurelius should never be a model for priests of the 14.

  2. I began to become aware of the true nature of the world we live in in my 20s. Since then I have read widely the works of the men who have been trying to arouse our people to the existential threat they face. I admire and appreciate the effort that so many have expended in trying to do this. Your site is a prime example of prodigious effort and deep thinking on the subject.

    However, I am now in my mid 60s and the situation is so much worse. All that effort has not even slowed down our dissolution as a race. The great majority of our people wallow in materialism and aren’t much interested in what is happening. It took the Greeks and Romans centuries to disappear through miscegenation. It seems to be happening to us in a matter of decades.

    There seem to be too few of us who have the immunity required to resist the jewish virus. I wondered if a great disaster, whether natural or man-made, would offer a solution? Start over in primitive conditions where we are physically forced to depend on each other again based on our race? Possibly this is a reason why so may arm chair warriors are attracted to apocalyptic fiction and games. But, that seems very nihilistic to me. It might not work anyway. Our homelands are all so filled with invaders now that in such primitive conditions the strong primitives might prevail, regardless of race.

    Although ideas like Covington’s North West Republic are attractive I think that the likelihood of them becoming a reality is remote. White people are becoming restive, at last, but what are they likely to do? Vote for ostensibly right wing parties? We can place little hope in that providing a solution.

    The jews and their puppets probably think that the situation has gone too far for us to reverse it now which is why they are becoming so much more overt in their statements and actions. Perhaps their hubris will make them even more rash and reckless to the point that they force a real reaction to develop. I’m not overly hopeful and am out of ideas about what should be done. At any rate, it will take generations to undo the damage that has been done, if indeed there is ever an opportunity to reverse the situation. As Mason states here, there is still a gene pool, but if that is destroyed then everything else becomes irrelevant to us.

    • I don’t think that it’s ‘The jews and their puppets’ as that would imply that whites have no agency of their own. Have you read the many posts quoting Robert Morgan on this site?

      I also was born in the 1950s and I cannot believe what I’m seeing now. In that decade homos had to gather secretly in private houses, and if they found you were a homo your job might be in jeopardy (exactly the same situation today with nationalists).

      As to the collapse, it will certainly happen. The System inflated two gigantic bubbles that will pop: first the financial and then the demographic bubble. The really big question is when will the dollar tank. If it were possible to know, you simply mortgage your house the previous month and change the cash in gold, becoming a millionaire in hyperinflation times.

      • Human beings in their vast majority have no agency. They do no act, they are acted upon. Always been like this, now infinitely more so with Globalistan domineering all life on Earth.

      • But that’s not Morgan’s point. He says that the American Civil War proves that the problem predates Jewish takeover of the media.

    • One thing is certain, anglos will mix with muslims,indians and africans and will become most poisonous race on earth, contaminating everything and destroying everything.

      Far from Jews, anglos are existential threat to european survival, as to what will happen in future, i always said most of europeans will mix and mongrelize , probably there will be a period of slavery, colonization of arabs,muslim horde or asians.

      Most mongrel whites will be working in labor camps as they will become new chandala race.

      Jews and anglos will parasite off humanity, america will become a global sweat shop, future of USA will be a mongrel nation of over 1.5 billion prostitutes and slaves, waiting to work eagerly is chinese or jewish sweat shop for a loaf of bread.

      Vast majority of white women will be volunteer for global prostitution. All these things are inevitable or there are already in process.

      Few whites may remain of earth , i dont think they will associate with europe, they will be living in Jerusalem or china and will become one with Jews.

      I think this is a transition period, white man will become what he always yearned for – A Jew , an international Jew.

      • Devan:

        I tolerated Bryan O’Driscoll’s off-topic statement only because it’s his very first post on this site. But I won’t tolerate off-topic statements from regular visitors such as your comment above. Either stick to the article’s subject or do not comment.

  3. Off topic:

    Dymphna has died.

    Given how important GOV was in the early days of the 9/11 dissident right, especially as a place where people came together to toss around ideas and evidence with relative freedom, I believe this is of interest to Chechar at the very least. Certainly some of Chechar’s (and others’) arguments that were made in GOV comment threads were very important in shaping my own way of thinking.

    That the owners of GOV themselves were never persuaded by certain arguments doesn’t negate the value of the discussions they fostered.

    • I have used your comment as an obituary if you don’t mind.

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