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Today I changed the subtitle of this website to ‘The anti-Christian site par excellence’ not because the previous subtitle (‘Under the Heart Tree of Bran the Broken’) was defective, but because it is not obvious what I mean unless all visitors become familiar with my latest posts about Game of Thrones. However, I will leave the image of Bran the Broken in the sticky post unless I can think of a better one that symbolises this site.

The West’s Darkest Hour provides those retrocognitive visions about a forgotten past that must be retrieved if the white race is going to be saved. The series of Evropa Soberana that I now translate show, once again, that the retrocognitive wisdom of the 3-eyed crow (i.e., Soberana) is fundamental to recover the soul of the West.

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  1. Postscript: The last line of my yesterday’s post about these visions by ‘Bran’ illustrates, with one more example, what I mean in the new subtitle with the term ‘anti-Christian’.

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