Axe of Perun’s exchange

Several times the gospels tell us that Jesus was about to be stoned and that he escaped, disappearing before the eyes of his enemies. In the scene that describes this painting by Giovanni Paolo Pannini (in Real Sitio de San Ildefonso, Segovia, Spain), the painter has imagined the atrium with Baroque sumptuousness.

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A commenter said: The Simon Wiesenthal institution has been attacking the writings of our most famous priest, in Iceland, who died in 1845. He was talking against the Jews. He must have understood the Bible a little bit better than you. You only mislead people exactly the same way I have seen many Jews do. You are a Jews favorite.

Axe of Perun answered: And you can’t read it for yourself? A “special priest” has to do it for you? Are you not capable of reading through the verses I have taken directly from the Bible? Your priest and me are doing the same: talking against the Jews. But we differ in one thing: he still clings to a Jewish religion, whereas I don’t. Are you going to tell me that you don’t understand the verses from the Bible? Are you going to tell me you cannot connect their meaning into one comprehensive statement?

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