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Our hope: After the holy racial wars à la Turner Diaries
you’ll be able to abduct the Sabine woman of your dreams.

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  1. What if those sabine women already fucked dozens of brown apes before and are literally whores? Probably most millennial girls in North America fucked at least a low IQ brown Mexican pervert in their hedonistic shallow lives. Similar situation in many European countries, I guess.

    • You definitively did NOT click on the brown link above: the words ‘à la Turner Diaries’.

      • I wonder what percentage of white women would die on the day of the rope. My guess would be around 50%.

      • Precisely for that reason in the novel of Pierce a selection is made, as we’re going to need many women after the HRWs.

        My recipe is to dispatch those who are no longer young; the ugly ones, and the chubby.

        Just yesterday I thought that a beautiful teenager could not be sent to the rope. If I was in charge of the Rope Day, I’d give her to a good soldier.

        One of my fantasies is: those cute chicks who don’t want to marry in situ will have a rope around their necks while the feet of an older / fat / ugly woman dance in the air as the soldiers pull the rope.

        The pretty girl, still with the rope around her neck, is asked if she wants to avoid that fate she has to marry now, with a priest of the 14 words officiating the ceremony.

        Obviously all the really cute teenagers and those SJWs in their early twenties will agree to get married when they see what happens to the others a couple of meters on the side.

        But definitely: I could not dispatch a pretty teenager. For the same reason, I could not have done what Breivik did with a beautiful Norwegian nymphet. I would have spared her life.

      • I see you value a lot female Aryan beauty, which makes sense, but would you give a whore to a soldier as a wife? She would cheat on him at the first chance that comes her way, probably with another soldier. Immorality cannot be tolerated in a future ethnostate, and those girls, although pretty and hot, committed the worst sin: sleeping with the enemy. But maybe this is not that worse than having offspring with brown guys and giving Aryan genes to them. Honestly I wouldn’t be sure how to handle this. But definitely giving a second chance to any pretty female race traitor is not a good lesson for the rest.

      • I completely disagree. The brutalities after The Day would be of such level of magnitude that these confused girls would be sucking the soldiers’ dicks just for the taste of it. All surviving traitors would be terrified with the corpses of the crucified traitors who did not make it.

        In my dream, the corpses would be left for 160 years so that the magnitude of their sin seeps deeply into the psyche of the surviving whites—and in the psyches of the coming generations. Dispatching cute nymphs and nymphets makes no sense form a survivalist POV. It’s very easy to scare them a bit once we grow a pair, to the point that they’ll behave.

        None of them will dare to whore anymore, not even with other whites in the ethnostate. And yes, I would give one of these previously promiscuous nymphets to an older soldier: one who would never had dreamt of having someone at home decades younger than him.

        Or don’t you think that a veteran deserves, after the war is over, the right to sink the tooth into the tender jugular of a Little Red Riding Hood?

  2. You, Aryan boobies, will all die alone in your beds, because we, the real master race of this planet, have won!

    • We will see, kike from Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania (IP:…

  3. I would take a great deal of satisfaction in putting down the women of good genetic stock who betrayed us in any way, shape or form. While I agree with your general strategy of ridding us of the old, ugly and dysgenic I do believe that some Aryan girls ought to be made examples of. Their beauty can buy them freedom-but only to a point.

    It would be quite an exercise to mutilate some lesbians and leave their broken, defiled corpses hanging from streetlights as a solemn reminder to all those whores who dare think of rebelling against us. I think that some women, perhaps famous ones, who made a career of prostituting themselves on-screen also ought to be dispatched in public with great fanfare so that those girls who now belong to us are, again, reminded that if they fuck up their head will end up on the chopping block. There won’t be anymore clandestine cheating or selling nudes to preteen boys. If they fuck up, there’ll be blood.

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