Brief manifesto


‘The worst form of inequality
is to try to make unequal things equal’.



‘Equality is a slogan based on envy’.

—Alexis de Tocqueville



We hold these truths to be self-evident: that men and cultures are created un-equal.

All men are unequal—nowhere in the natural world (and Man is part of Nature) is anything equal. Equality does not exist in Nature; equality only exists in the abstract world of mathematics and in the minds of delusional whites.


Only an ethno-state will save the fairest race from extinction. Why extinction? Because whites are a threatened species due to the genocidal levels of immigration—a wholesale white European and American population replacement for non-whites.


The etiology of the darkest hour: Our entire civilization is under the grip of an ethno-suicidal ideology: the belief that non-discrimination on race and gender is the highest value of society. This suicidal ideology, that some call ‘political correctness’, has been imposed throughout the West after the Second World War.


Our forecast: The 21st century will be the darkest midnight for the West. After the crash of the dollar and the peak oil crisis, whites either gain a sense of themselves or they are going extinct.


The solution: Only complete sovereignty, complete safety through autonomy, complete self-determination brought about by secession and the expulsion of non-whites from what used to be all-white lands, will save the West…

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  1. I believe Political correctness started slightly before WW2. I enjoy listening to Old Time Radio sometimes and you can see it starting to creep in slowly in the mid/late 30s. I’ve heard old Public Service announcements (PSA) aired during the War which espouse getting along with other races, etc. to keep up war production, etc. The propaganda has been going on for a lot longer than most people imagine.

    I would wager that it started when (((they))) started getting involved with media companies. I suppose that an argument could be made that modern mass media (movies, radio, and later TV) were always tainted with these kinds of messages. Think back to a lot of the old westerns and the “noble red man” BS.

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