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Pathetic faggot Pope Francis imitating
his pathetic faggot leader (((Jesus))).

If you’re a Christian
you’re a pathetic faggot too.

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  1. Watch out for the toe jam. Pope Francis is far from being a Christian. And, why the denigration of Christianity when it is the religion the Judaics hate above all others?

    • You have been commenting here since the last year and you still ignore basic articles in this site? Pope Francis is the culmination of Franciscanism, that is, the core of the gospel message as shown in my article ‘On empowering birds feeding on corpses’.

  2. Poland should take in groids IF they are Xian, but they don’t? So they’re bad Xians? Is Orban an evil Xian too? He even fought Sauron!

    NB. Didn’t the Jesus Character fight the “Synagogue of Satan”? Two millenia ago! What a Nazi!

    ALL Xians are BY DEFINITION “anti-semetic” because X was “anti-semetic” (and murdered for it) all Xians (should) consider ALL J anti-Xian because they are “X-killers”

    • We have responded iteratively to such observations on this site. I won’t do it again now.

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