Brad’s way or Will’s?

On Occidental Dissent Brad Griffin writes:

We’ve also been sued for $10 million in a civil suit for allegedly causing James Fields, Jr. to crash his Dodge Challenger into that crowd of folks in Charlottesville. I had never heard of James Fields until I saw him on the news. I wasn’t even in Albemarle County at the time.

Recently also Kevin Alfred Strom wrote:

And look at what happened to David Duke. To Ernst Zundel. To Will Williams. To me. And to James Alex Fields of Charlottesville fame, who was convicted of first degree murder of a woman he didn’t know, never saw, certainly didn’t intend to kill, and certainly didn’t even know had been killed. America, America, God shed His grace on thee.

Law enforcement and prosecutors are very often politically motivated liars and persecutors these days in the USSA. They pursue—a not justice, but the opposite of justice in many, many cases. There is no justice, only injustice, if you are a member of a politically disfavored group. Especially if you don’t have a spare $250,000 lying around to pay a good lawyer. (The defense side of criminal prosecution should be socialized, just like the prosecution side is.) And racially conscious White people are the ultimate disfavored group, thanks to Jewish money and influence in our society.

The United States that I saw in movies as a child no longer exists. Today’s US is penalising law-abiding nationalists basically for thoughtcrime and, as Strom says in his piece, concurrently it has tried to liberate criminal Jews from jail. But in spite of such blatant violations of the old American law, virtually all racially conscious whites over the internet still think like reactionaries, not like potential revolutionaries.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating doing something illegal now. My point is that these folks don’t understand what is most elemental to me:

That they should start taking revolutionary thinking seriously as purely academic discussions, starting with the videos of John Mark or, for the truly mature post-Christian, Will Pierce’s The Turner Diaries.

But they won’t do it… Even the commenters of the once inspiring Daily Stormer will be thinking like law-abiding good Christians and, when they finally find themselves in prison for thoughtcrime, they’ll be clueless as to why the hell they got their asses there.

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  1. Yesterday, while listening and watching Mark Brahmin, Josh Neal, Jefferson Lee, and Richard Spencer talk as white reactionaries, never as potential revolutionaries in the future—:

    —I couldn’t help but think that these folks will never get it how serious the situation is in the US, unless they experience it directly.

    • Spencer is a mischling Jew. He’s a plantation overseer

      • You call an awful lot of people Jews. Can you provide proof that Richard Spencer is Jewish? I am genuinely curious. I have also seen you refer to Brenton Tarrant as Jewish, with no evidence provided. I, personally, do not believe that either of these men are Jewish-can you please provide evidence for these claims?

      • @esotericisms

        I agree with your statement. I also tend to point out many Jews that people either do not perceive to be Jews or think that I am just calling everyone a Jew.

        But in all fairness, as much as I hate the guy, Richard Spencer is not Jewish. One can criticize his mannerisms and character as being Jewish, but racially he is actually of Norman descent…

        On the other hand however, Brenton Tarrant actually is a Jewish… He comes from a lineage of Crypto-Jews that descended from the British Isles, and in his manifesto he also had positive things to say about Israel. If you read into the whole situation of Brenton Tarrant, you will find out that he was also a hired Mossad Agent.

      • Hired by Mossad?

        We will need really hard evidence for that….

      • @C.T. I find that the people who constantly nag about needing evidence are usually the most lazy and incompetent. It’s an easy cop-out. If you read the Manifesto, it’s quite obvious that Tarrant was a Mossad agent…

      • Quite the contrary. Those who cry ‘jew!’ without good evidence—I have been called ‘jew’ in a Majority Rights article just for not believing the 9/11 conspiracy theory—are usually borderline paranoids.

    • I have read a few blogs, where the writers have basically “gone poolside” because they reached the conclusion that most American Whites don’t have what it takes and won’t rebel no matter what. People will have to learn this and adjust accordingly.

      • America is a Christian nation, it cannot be redeemed. It has to die a miserable death there is no other way out. Also, a vast amount of whites in America are damaged goods or let’s put it this way, the damaged ones of Europe created the USA.

      • @Adit,

        Part of the problem too with Whites collectively, is that most of them are still fence sitters. We live in an era where trust and integrity do not exist in any remote corner of society, and those who do trust or have integrity are always taken advantage of by others. So it’s suspicious to see anyone who resembles being worth their full weight in gold.

        That being said, I see very few cases of Whites who “will adjust” in the future. I think a major tragedy is going to be upon at minimum 90% of the White stocks worldwide, so whatever resistance and determination comes from that 10% remainder will be the only future or chance for a White Ethno-state.

        Even if Whites figure things out, we have to keep in mind that the majority of Whites have been building their lives up on Jewish myths and ideas, on capitalism and a framework of bade morale and materialistic pursuits. When this all crashes, their entire lives will go down with it, and they are not morally fit for survival or building anew.

      • @Adit

        I hope you’re right that a lot of Pro White bloggers and writers have decided to “chill poolside,” because based on what I’ve read, it sure seems like a lot of other Pro White thinkers are still clinging to the false hope of “National Populism.” Cesar is 100% right that while we shouldn’t engage in any acts of violence like El Paso or Oklahoma City, we SHOULD be thinking in revolutionary terms.

        Because the White Race refuses to wake up and defend itself, what’s needed is a Thanos Plan: At least half the White Race needs to perish in order for our Race as a whole to survive and thrive. Individuals are always expendable when it comes to saving the whole group, and I would very much like to see the Pro White Movement abandon all attempts at building a “mass movement” and instead focus on only saving Whites that deserve to be saved.

        The fact that the White Race has been breeding downwards for the last 100-150 years provides further justification for letting The Enemy wipe out half the White population. So many White people these days are either stupid (working class), stubbornly naive (middle class), or haughty (upper class). All three classes either cannot or will not walk away from their anti-racist indoctrination.

        Its time for them to be taken by the forces of Nature. Its time for Social Darwinism to do its work. I disagree with Devan that America was founded by Europe’s defects, but I can see why folks like him believe that considering that the self-defense instinct seemingly has been bred out of White Americans, and indeed, a lot of Whites worldwide

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