Shit for brains

Many years ago a friend told me that he was reading some hilarious pages from Schopenhauer and paraphrased the German philosopher with vulgar words: ‘Doctors teach us how weak man is, the lawyers how shitty mean he is—and the theologians how asshead he is!

According to the theologians, just as from the side of Adam came Eve, so the Church was born from the open side of Jesus on the cross. Here is the moment of lancing in a detail of a Calvary, the work of the Visitation Master on the altarpiece (15th century) of the Segorbe Cathedral Museum, Spain.

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  1. His exact words were: ‘Los médicos nos enseñan lo débil que es el hombre; los abogados, lo mierda que es—¡y los teólogos lo pendejo!’

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