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Although there are only a few commenters on this site, I am surprised that nobody has said anything about feminism in my last two posts (both posts link the TFM article that I published a couple of years ago).

Just as the people of MGTOW are degenerates who don’t want to realise that the revolutionary wing of racism—let’s have The Turner Diaries as a paradigm—would solve the feminist psychosis, racists don’t seem to want to know the world beyond the WN’s provincial literature.

I have observed this attitude in other areas, such as the laziness of white nationalists to educate themselves about the financial collapse that is coming, or that there are pseudo-sciences taught in universities, such as psychiatry. If we take Hitler as a model of what a 21st-century racist should be, the man had knowledge of music, painting and architecture that are uncommon among contemporary racists.

One of the reasons for pessimism among some racists is to ignore not only the Austrian school economy, but a whole body of research on how oil is running out in the planet. If the elites do not find an alternative source of energy, millions will begin to die in underdeveloped countries: something that would influence our worldview, as it will be obvious that Christian ethics inflated the demographic bubble.

If, instead of the degeneration of ‘marrying’ sex dolls the people of MGTOW created a bridge to our side of the Rubicon, it would cheer them up because the holy racial wars would restore patriarchy. Remember the subtitle of my 2011 post, ‘How will the Castilian Wolf deal with Little Red Riding Hoods after the crash’. On the other hand, if today’s incel racists knew that their lack of wife is not their fault, but that the culprit is the third feminist wave (TFM already begins to talk of the fourth wave), that information would help their self-esteem.

But it seems that in my imaginary Rubicon there are islets of stranded people who do not want to cross over to the other side of the immense river, nor have contact with other men who are stranded in other islets.

It is not enough for someone to call my attention to the fact that Daily Stormer does publish anti-feminist articles as even they, or other Christians, do not want to argue with me about the Christian Question. For example, ‘Christianity’s Criminal History #124’ received no comments despite mentioning in bold type the 5 million figure of a Holocaust perpetrated by Justinian during his anti-German wars. Last week I cited this data in the comments section of Unz Review but no Christian wanted to argue with me.

In many ways I am talking to myself. I will stop doing it because I will begin, this week, to translate my books into English. This means that posting here will be reduced to a minimum.

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  1. Women don’t matter. It’s the political organizations that control everything in the end.

    The only place where women may dominate is in the bed.

    Just remove their rights to own property and attain education, and voilà. Little more is required to get the society straight. Too bad to do that, you need to murder Christianity and its offshoot secular humanism.

    Before any semblance of an incel revolution, there is no point in anything but MGTOW anyway.

    • The point of TFM’s PDF is precisely that women don’t matter, but that we men screwed it when empowering them. So the whole point of TFM’s POV is about us. But that is something that white nationalists, so stranded in their islet, are unwilling to discuss (with the exception of Devlin and Anglin).

  2. You’re not talking to yourself. The work you are doing is fantastic. I thought I was “redpilled” before I found this website a few months ago. Now I know that I was still asleep (or better yet, in a coma).

    In fact, this website made me realize that there isn’t just one redpill but many. For example, it was through this website that I discovered the truth about christianity. Before, I was a stupid White Nationalist who thought christianity was a White religion. But reading the texts and watching the videos you recommend was like being hit by a bolt of lightning. After watching the Richard Carrier videos, i felt like a total idiot. The whole thing is just so obvious and staring at us in the face.

    I’ve also really enjoyed these past few articles about women. What an eye opener! For someone used to the White Nationalist sex egalitarianism of Red Ice, this was really refreshing.

    Lately, I’ve been having a lot of success redpilling normies with what I learn here. My strategy is to plant a seed in their minds that will make them doubt the garbage they’ve been fed their whole lives and then they come back to me asking for more. I’ve realized that it’s better to make them come to the conclusions themselves than to just feed them everything.

    You’re right, this website is unique. Please continue.

    • Okay, I’ll continue in a minimal way.

      But it is true that if we want to communicate these subjects that helped you and me to really finish crossing the Rubicon instead of remaining on the islet—I mean discussing with the racialists on Unz Review or The Occidental Observer—we will finish talking to ourselves. Just see the silly things that these racialists reply to Robert Morgan in the former webzine.

      If possible, link to the threads where you are making a difference in the comments sections of other racialist sites. My experience is that they simply don’t say a peep, not even with 5 million figures as to the crimes of 6th-century Christianity, etc., etc.

  3. I’m reminded of the Georgia Stones. An inscription indicates the earth can support 500 million people, ecologically. What loss is there in a few million? Losses should be billions.

    • It is surreal that so many conspiracy nuts believe “the evil elites” are planning on culling the Earth’s human population – disregarding that the past 200 years have indicated they will do anything to save a Negro child! I bet that if a great dying off begins, they will blame said imaginary monstrously anti-Christian elites.

      I wish such elites existed. But the reality is far plainer. This is the history of control – of the Christian power over every White’s mind, so total, conspiracy nuts cannot even see the shackles. “Racism is propagated by the evil power-hungry (power=evil) elites to make good Christians hate their Negro neighbours.”

      Yuval Harari in his normie book can claim the English murdered Hindus when they colonised them – and everybody is so used to this giant lie, nobody bats an eye! (I am an anti-colonialist – because the Hindus are in fact better off.) But they might be onto sth if they consider the 19th century Whites so dumb as to give non-Whites their technology for free, they are so used to modern cuckoldry which beats the benevolent colonialism of the 19th century.

  4. Dear Cesar,
    I see your dilemma.
    Going through a process of inner enquiry and painful experiences and to discover that you have been damaged by an environment infested with the christian pestilence makes you a different man.
    I had similar experiences and slowly came to realize that ” the mind ” has a bag of superior tricks to not let you discover the truth inside of you. They call that ego.

    Unless you experiment and find the nature of your own thought process you can talk and reason whatever you want to communicate till you realize that only the ones who have gone through harsh experience will be able to understand you.
    Fact is that when comments are intellectually convincing the commenter can still be deeply repressed at an emotional and intuitive level and will never reach your level of understanding.
    About 95 % of our race I suppose.

    Maybe it is time to change to action and socializing instead of debating.

    Why dont you come to Europe and find friends here ?

    • It would be nice to move to Europe but I am broke (even broke, on my last trip to Europe I was asking for house prices in Perth, Scotland just for curiosity). If holy racial wars explode somewhere I’d like to fight for the cause, even as a boomer. There’s no better bonding than a comrade in arms, especially after the baptism of fire. But will it happen within my lifespan?

  5. Don’t forget some of us are on your email list. I read almost every article in my email, but rarely visit the site, so you won’t notice it in your metrics.

    I don’t comment much because I don’t have much to add, but I do enjoy reading what you have to say.

    • I suspected that people read my posts in the mail. I’ll be more careful in the future because usually I edit published posts after proof-reading them. The overwhelming majority of posts have been modified after publication. This means that many have read uncorrected posts because of that habit of mine.

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