Due to the monologues in recent threads of discussion (for example: here), from now on I’ll accept only comments of a maximum of four hundred words, without bare links, in each thread. If a comment is answered, I’ll accept another comment from the same commenter (again, of a maximum of 400 words).

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  1. Your blog seems to have been assaulted by insane people. Some deny the existence of viruses, others think sunscreen causes cancer, and UV light does not. I would give them points for being original, but they aren’t. Normies love their snake oil (whereas they ignore your blog).

    Saoirse said that your blog would be considered insane, I disagree. A normie would call you evil first and foremost. But you do not posit dogmas based on falsifiable facts that could be found untrue. Your worldview would not break if a time traveller proved Jesus existed (or even was a son of a Jewish god). You posit a creed – the 4 Words. You are concerned with axiology.

    The loons, however, do base their shallow worldviews on mundane, real-world conspiracies. An evil elite controls and lies. An assertion of an unfalsifiable fact. Does not break into the deep questions of good and evil, of soul.

    • > ‘A normie would call you evil first and foremost…’

      Curiously, I elaborated my exterminationist philosophy of ‘the 4 words’ out of compassion for the suffering of animals and children. It’s something that these normies cannot even imagine: hatred is the other side of love (cf. my forthcoming midnight post).

      • Yes, I wanted to mention the animals and the children, but was weary of surpassing the word limit.I would say that a truly honest normie could call you good. After all, people have been joking that Greta would rather exterminate humanity to save the natural world, so it’s not unthinkable per se.

        I don’t want to absolve the normies of the blame, but by definition, they have not taken a side, they are for the status quo, they have not been exposed to the truth. NS Germany was full of normies – and their kind would only have become more noble under the Party’s leadership.

      • > ‘Yes, I wanted to mention the animals and the children, but was weary of surpassing the word limit’.

        Don’t worry about that. Your first comment only had 152 words, and your second one only 104 words. Cheers.

    • Is myjorneybynikolaso a bot? Who posts 17 messages in a row to themselves!?!

      • Yeah I’m sorry about that mass posting. I’m not the one denying any viruses exist and so on. Chris Martenson’s Peak prosperity, as seen on here, is the best source on corona right now. I’m not sure if WordPress has a direct messaging, I was only trying to confront that other person (Whilst he probably wasn’t coming back), perhaps not in a good way.

  2. The right message !
    Who is going to read all that verbal elaborations ?
    I assume there must be deep insecurities that make people go on such rants.and ignore the quality of synthesis in what they type down.
    In general this quality of cohesion and synthesis especially in cinema and videos of the last decade is getting less and less. It seems that digitalization has take its toll on the human psyche.
    Stories are rambling and one has to make increasing efforts to get an overview and a clear line.

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