2020-2021 mantra

‘2 metres distance determines our existence’.

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  1. If you do catch the virus avoid hospitals. I caught this illness and agreed with my doctor I deal with it at my house to free up hospital space. My body was permanently tense for a number of days, making showering hard because it was hard to move my legs. Tension throughout my stomach too. But after a few days I could bend normally again, just made sure to hydrate a lot. For a few days I forgot what season it was. I was hallucinating too. Sore throat, breathing issues. But all that is over now for the most part. My lungs still hurt a little but that’s about it. I could not imagine being in that situation at a hospital not being able to get drinks when I wanted and not being able to shower when I wanted. Being surrounded by people. I think the high death rate is because people are running to the hospitals to deal with this instead of staying at their own houses. But I got to stay in my house for a couple weeks longer though according to my doc.

    • I am sorry to hear that…

    • That’s what has ran through my mind, that people should know when to deal with something themselves, even if medical professionals are good at saving lifes, sometimes it’s not like that.. I hope you get better.

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