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‘Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value:
Zero’. —Voltaire

‘Gold is money, everything else is credit’. —J.P. Morgan

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  1. Actually, people’s labor and goods produced and certain natural resources including gold is money.

    • White nationalists don’t understand gold. If they did, they’d have taken advantage of this opportunity by saving lots of it, which purchasing power will increase exponentially after the coming crash, and finance the revolution with it.

      • Again, the source of currency is labor and goods, not precious metals. What Teder and Hitler did in the ’30’s’ in Germany is what currency is really all about.

      • I would recommend visiting this page.

  2. Cesar, I found a book review you might find interesting. It’s about Hitler not as a politician, but as a philosopher, the true European Christ.

    “Hitler as Philosophe: Remnants of the Enlightenment in National-Socialism”

    You can find the book review here: link

    You can find the full book here: link

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