On flu truthers

In an article on Counter-Currents, yesterday, John Wilkinson said:

Libertarians often stretch incredulity to such limits that they lose all credibility for the valid beliefs they hold. This nonsense is rooted in the same ill-conceived selfish individualism as the mask issue…

Modern conservatism is defined by libertarianism taken to the extreme, where every event is a hoax that threatens individual liberty and every participant a crisis actor engaged in a plot to subvert the Constitution. It wouldn’t shock me at all to hear someone claim that [coronavirus] masks are being laced with viral contamination in order to get us all sick. The current madness is one of the many reasons why Right-wing political ideas are mired in a muck of our own creation.

Update of 21:45 pm: See my first comment below.

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  2. I have removed the following section from the article because Ramzy’s point of view seems more sophisticated than expected:

    The article quotes a memorable tweet by Ramzpaul, one of the flu truthers in the racialist movement: ‘Thinking of sitting down in a restaurant and having food and drinks with friends this week. Maybe I will livestream it. Would you guys hiding under your beds while wearing masks like to watch?’

    Surely I want to watch, Ramzy!

    This guy is of the age when a coronavirus infection could be serious. Unlike the racialists who believe in the ‘truth’ about 911 and JFK, if Ramzy catches it he will be punished by his own insanity.

    I should have mocked Andrew Anglin instead…

  3. Why mock Andrew Anglin? Why not stipulate which of his points you disagree with, and why?

    • Perhaps you missed my yesterday’s post, ‘Unhappy Easter’?

      • Oh I see.

        Again, navel-gazing on the part of Wilkinson. Making pseudo-intellectual postulations as to the political philosophy of those he disagrees with, rather than attempting any logical rebuttal of the skeptics’ points.

      • Yesterday, I updated ¿Me ayudarás? and tonight I’ll start to update El grial, with the corresponding Lulu updated editions. No time to discuss here. Again, try to engage with Hunter Wallace at OD please. He is very willing to discuss with people like you.

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