Unhappy Easter

Which racialist site has more racially conscious visitors, The West’s Darkest Hour or The Daily Stormer?

Obviously The Daily Stormer, and by orders of magnitude.

My anti-Christian post yesterday portrays this site perfectly.

‘Happy Easter everyone’, Andrew Anglin’s post today on The Daily Stormer, perfectly portrays his famous site.

So famous that when an internet server provider kicked out Anglin’s website, anti-racist Tucker Carlson defended, on Fox News, Anglin’s right to freedom of expression based on the First Amendment.

Visitor traffic reflects the zeitgeist. If The Daily Stormer is much more popular than The West’s Darkest Hour, it’s because most racists see nothing wrong with Christianity.

Compare Anglin’s phrase in his article today (‘Today is the day that Jesus Christ overcame death, and the most important day in the Christian calendar’) with the phrase I ended my article yesterday (‘…as long as white nationalists don’t want to see Christian ideals at the core of their disgrace, their movement will remain half-talkative’). Also compare how Anglin and most nationalists blame Judaism for the pathetic state of the West today, with how I blame Christianity.

Definitely: this site provides a different paradigm than the paradigm of white nationalists. And because the purple pill is easier to swallow than the red pill, relatively few visit it.

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  1. Anglin, for those who did not know, turned his site into a xtian whorehouse on the advice of Ted Beale [the same one calling himself Vox day] because he thought it would attract more readers. This happened around the time that he and Cox Gay were debating each other on whether National Socialism was really “right-wing” or [according to Beale] “another strain of marxist ideology”. For some reason one of Beale’s [likely ghostwritten] lines somehow made sense to Anglin and he did a 180 in praxis.

    The more time passes the more I am convinced that Anglin is an idiot akin to Nathan Damigo who goes with whatever henid that pierces his thin skull. If only he knew how much he was denigrating the Goddess of Easter with his homoerotic christfaggotry he would probably die on the inside.

    • Currently The Daily Stormer is not even called that, but ‘It’s just the flu, bro’.

      It is curious that Anglin is sceptical of the fact that covid-19 is much more lethal than the common flu, while he is a gullible about the most lethal mental virus the Jews have devised for Aryan consumption: the transvaluation of Roman values to Semitic values, represented in the figure of the Jesus of the Gospels.

      And Hunter Wallace said on Occidental Dissent today:

      This is the weirdest Easter Sunday of my lifetime.

      We are spending it online with Pastor Rick Wiles and the TruNews team. We’re going to do an Easter Egg hunt out in the yard later this afternoon.

      Note: Skip to 37:00 for the Resurrection Day sermon on the Jews and Jesus.

      Don’t miss what the commenters say in that thread.



  3. Dailystormer talks more about Jesus than Hitler, that’s enough. Next week we will see the brief, short and annual mention of the Fuhrer. I bet he’ll talk about Jesus even on his birthday article.

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