My fatherly advice to Americans

If you have already received your helicopter check (fiat currency), use most of it to buy real money (silver or gold) before your paper dollars turn into confetti.

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  1. The world is holding it’s breath. It can’t go on like this.
    People eventually have to get back to work. And when they do, well…
    When the State of Emergency is lifted, Murkans particularly, are going to get a good taste of Weimar economics…
    That feeling of dread, when you get a huge monthly paycheck, with lots of zeros, and you don’t know if it’s enough to last you till next week…

    • And yet many visitors of this blog don’t get it. Very few white advocates are preparing for hyperinflation. If you visit forums like Occidental Dissent, those ignorant commenters have the idea that once the lockdown is lifted all economic life will go back to normal. They ignore that the monetary bubble has already been pricked, and that it’s only a matter of time for the real crash to occur.

  2. What about guns and ammunition?

    • If you can afford it. But the point is that with a single silver coin, after hyperinflation you may be able to purchase it.

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