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You must believe in the future of Germany,
In your people’s resurrection.
Let this faith you do not rob,
Despite everything, everything done.

—Albert Matthäi

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  1. Hi Cesar.

    First of all, I am immensely grateful for your divine and admirable work in these years of blogging. I remember the first day I entered your blog and was shocked by so much useful and well-organized information. My world is different after reading your website. I grew up and matured as a white man reading its content. A truly intelligent, adult, male and European environment.

    I am sending you a compact WinRar file with all the .pdf files from the backup of the other site. From May / 2011 to April / 2020, 1 to 344. I have saved a version of the blog with the comments, I used the HTTrack software to save it completely. You don’t need to post this comment, extract what you think is necessary.

    I just want to communicate with you and help by sharing a link for other readers to download the full backup. If you want, download the WinRar file with all 344 parts and upload it to a website of your choice.

    Stay strong as always



    • Thank you very much…!

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