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  1. Very prescient statement! Over 82 years ago Adolf Hitler clearly saw America’s future state.

    Cesar, this is my first-time submitting a comment. I sent you an email recently (the boomer) and you were kind to take time to respond. I am following your reading advice for FRDH. I also appreciate your reference to Ostara Publications in one of your blogs. I visited the site and have several books ordered, ready for delivery (coincidentally two of them are, “Hitler’s Second Book: German Foreign Policy” and “Mein Kampf: The Stalag Edition”).

    • I am glad you are commenting here. Welcome.

  2. This is a good one. Came up in the comments of Occidental Dissent a while back, and a lot of the commenters there were taken aback. They couldn’t believe that Hitler had said something like this back in 1942 that was so spot on for today. Unfortunately, a lot of American “white nationalists” don’t pay much attention to Hitler or ignore him altogether. Even worse, the few that do acknowledge him, such as Greg Johnson, disparage him at every turn. To me, it’s very simple, a victory by the Axis Powers in World War II would have been better for white people worldwide.

    • WN is a farce, as unlike Hitler they believe that the ethnostate will come down like a New Jerusalem, without any fight or actual revolution.

    • @Justin Huber, the Anglo-Saxons are an envious people of the German Accomplishments, especially with the founding of the National Socialist Movement because they beat the English and Americans to such a superior system away from the Capitalist-Democratic mode of life… The reason most WN’s aren’t all that interested in Hitler and despise him or prefer not to invoke his name except when and where convenient [at times] is because they don’t really identify with the Pagan Spirituality of Hitler and the NSM, especially where it violates their Christian beliefs. Americans and English will always have an inferiority complex because they lack a certain sense of real culture, and they try making up for this inferiority with their Christian Religious Cults because they have no “myth” to their existence. The Anglo-American mode of life prides ego and wealth as their way of sizing up others, rather than a mutual love and consideration for their own kin. The latter is impossible considering how mongrelized their people have now become.

      • This is so good that I should add it as a separate entry.

        What’s ‘NSM’ by the way?

      • @C.T. You can give it a title as you wish, I couldn’t think of one myself… Oh, and NSM is just abbreviation for “National Socialist Movement”.

      • “…they have no ‘myth’ to their existence.”
        Mythtardation is grist for the ‘divide & conquer’ mill.
        Truth gives us a chance; but with Nature there are no guarantees.

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