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‘Even among white nationalists, 95 percent of people are not prepared to understand the issue. Rejecting all forms of Semitic religiosity on racial grounds is the highest level of understanding of reality, whoever is outside of this realm of knowledge is still a normie’.

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  1. This reminds me of a South African Blog I read occasionally. His articles about how things are in SA ( and how it got to be that way) are great. However, the blog’s creator has been trying for years to get the world to see that apartheid was not evil, and that Africans prospered under the system. In other words, they were good Christians helping the downtrodden.

    What he can’t seem to grasp Is that apartheid was evil precisely BECAUSE African population exploded under the system. The White South Africans literally slit their own throats with their Christianity by causing racial competitors to flourish. In a zero sum game such as survival, there is no greater “sin” ( for lack of a better word.) However, if I were to tell that blog creator exactly what I said here, and that their Christianity has doomed their kin, he could never even entertain the idea.

  2. I very highly recommend Might Is Right, by Ragnar Redbeard. Peels like the layers of an onion! (IF you can find it anymore,considering the sudden “upheaval” in the West).

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