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Christianity… is a fundamentally false worldview that has turned out to be so useful it’s now accepted even by the non-religious. Even atheists and anti-Christians buy into it. Nobody wants to accept responsibility.

—Robert Morgan

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  1. Sometimes I wonder how it happened that in our history we know only two examples which expressed a relatively harmonious state between our corporeal organicity, psychic orientation and social structure: several-hundred-years Sparta and 12-year Third Reich – the insignificant gleams of consciousness in global measurements of time and space. That spells the death of any hope. That seems a fortuity, optionality, an accidental aberration.

    By no means is I incline to think that our ancestry was less smart than we are. Our great-grandfathers and also their ancestors had classical gymnasia background, they read antique thinkers in original languages, Greek and Latin. They knew what do honor, loyalty, pride mean (in the 21-st century neither human tells clearly and decidedly what honor is!).

    But what is the use of it? Many generations were fascinated by Christian delirium, and they brutally destroyed their biological, mental and social foundations. The colorful, splendid and eventful history of the last two thousand years turns into a worthless degenerate buffoonery at the thought what our history could be in a parallel world where Spartan and NS values and virtues became lodestars of the civilization forever.

    All looks like we dread the genuine core of ourselves and are spellbound by self-annihilation. It’s we who expelled grandeur, beauty, truth from this world. We, ourselves. And we reap the fruits of our blasphemous crimes.

    Аpparently, it began long before the christianization of Europe. Just read poetry by Theognis of Megara: the poet accuses golden-haired aristocrats of miscegenation and of unconcern for Blood purity:

    “In like manner marvel thou not that the race of thy townsmen
    is made obscure; ’tis because bad things are mingled with good.”

    In the original Greek text “made obscure” is μαυροῦσθαι (to turn black, darken), from Μαυρό (black). So, non-tolerant version of the translation is: “In like manner marvel thou not that the race of thy townsmen grows black; ’tis because bad blood are mingled with good.”

    And one more verse about carelessness to native Soil:

    “How do you endure in your hearts to sing to the piper’s accompaniment? From the marketplace there is visible the border of the land that feeds your enemies with its fruits while those who wear crimson garlands on their blond hair sit down at feasts. Come, Scythes, crop your hair, bring the revelry to an end, and grieve for the fragrant land that is being lost.”

    That all already was 2600 years ago…

    • It really looks like excessive wealth and comfort spoils the Aryan psyche.

      > ‘ Spartan and NS values and virtues’.

      I would add Roman values before it became a greedy empire.

  2. Marvellously said !

    ” All looks like we dread the genuine core of ourselves “… is the essence of it.
    In my comments on Cesar s posts I said one time that the admirable classical Greek culture started decaying already after 400 BC in Hellenism after the appearance of Socrates and Plato.
    Before even Christianity appeared the degeneration allowed the christian pestilence to creep in the western soul. Why ?
    To me it means that we have not clinically honest looked at our inner processes.
    My working hypothesis is that in profound culture building ( like the Greeks did ) something in the human mind gets out of balance and sacrifices have been made which make especially the white race vulnerable to instinctive weakness and parasites enter.
    We have not found a compensating mechanism for our minds as yet.

  3. Some Southron USA site had a good take on what people take up these ideologies like leftism,communism,judeo-christianity etc

    These people are mostly rejects from a natural heroic society, look at many of the early christians, they often has some physical deformity (let alone mentally). The ancient Irish history says you could not become a pagan king if you had any deformity or flaw, I suspect much the same in Rome, was any Emperor noted as a very ugly clubfoot like Charlemagne?

    Look at most of the anti-fa, they are wimpish gamer soy boys or “gammas”. The african-americans BLM etc They all seek power through an ideology that accepts and elevates them.

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