Dear César,

On your series ‘Wagner vs. Bach’ I would like to comment:

As a former Catholic I have stopped visiting any church building for all my life. Never again a famous cathedral will impress me, especially not out of an interest in art.

It took me major efforts to recognize that Christian representations in art and ‘sacred music’ are without exception infectious material, propaganda means of subjugation, THE original degenerate art for Aryans. One should shrink from letting any such product enter into perception as one would shrink from the sight of the mutilated corpses of children.

Aryan Weltanschauung demands logical consistency and gravitas wherever we go.

(This in mind – by the way – I don’t like César using Christian phrases, memes, comparisons and paintings in any sense. Whether we like it or not, it perpetuates ideas and the influence of the enemy.)



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  1. Tom Sunic once said that we should be inspired by Homer, meaning the Greeks. How difficult is that even for anti-Christians! Racialists don’t even want to start discussing taboo subjects about Greece, as we recently saw in this forum.

  2. The former Cathedrals shall be soon converted to Mosques!

    • That wouldn’t solve the problem at all. The three abrahamic religions must be completely and absolutely destroyed to save the race.

  3. A mandatory reading list for the White Nation with guidelines and reasons:

    Illiad: Story of Hellenic Heroism with a sense of tragedy. Best for men.
    Oddysey: Story of survival against the odds and domestic fidelity. Good for both men and women.

    Theogonia: Instills a different creation myth in the heads of children that is radically different and more interesting than the Hebraic story. I am proof of this, as I read a sanitized form of it as a child and never really understood why the biblical equivalent was taken so seriously by the ‘adults’.

    Works and Days: A story that serves as an antidote to the biblical abomination that is Jacob and Esau. Economics of hard work contra winning by cheating. Best for children and adolescents.

    Hitler’s Table Talks: No explanation needed.

    Thus spoke Zarathustra: Annotated.

    Der Antichrist: Translated as The Antichristian, as the word “Christ” in German almost always means “Christian” as well as removing the idea of the Antichrist character out of future minds.

    Which way Western Man?: Annotated.

    A list of banned books:

    The Bible: All variations. Tanakh included.

    The Koran: All variations.

    Pali Canon: Universalist clap-trap from the east. Barely even worth criticism.

    Any “history book” that puts Mussolini and Fascism in the same group as Hitler and National Socialism.

    Any “scientific work” that claims to “disprove” the existence of Race or diminish its significance as a biological factor.

    • Why, to know thy enemy as yourself?

      • Banned books should never be read by anyone in the White Nation.

      • I don’t believe the problem will be solved through a prohibitive directive. Too naive supposition. Metaphorically speaking, present-day rivers have to turn back, actual earth and heaven to interchange their places – that’s about the transvaluation. You don’t need a written law if your blood and psyche spurn toxic discources. The magnetic polarity’s inversion in our mentality could return us into a Homeric electric field of Being. It’s not a question of logical decision only. It’s not an evolutional process only. The magnificent and horrible Lightning of Sanity will strike the fair race one day… From a perspective of a healthy, predatory and powerful specie all of our great heritage is just a fixation of our gradual decline, our disease.

      • Kikejews read everything, esp. that which increases knowledge about the enemy – us.

        Book banning is fucking stupid!

  4. I don’t think the books should be banned, but inevitably a New Ethno-State will have to come up with its own system of Mystery Schools, Scholars and those qualified to interpret and uphold the responsibility for maintaining accuracy and understanding of certain books as part of the Schools.

    If an Aryan Man wants to better himself in his country and to become influential in the power structure, he would need to be vouched for and admitted into the Mystery Schools and to be approved his way along the ladder by demonstrated responsibility and wisdom.

    In Essence, we will need to create our own system, similar in structure to how the Freemasons and the Church run things, but obviously with no Freemasonry or Christianity and an entirely New set of Spiritual Values.

    Sadly in the West, we’ve moved so far away from the way of such like the Mystery Schools in Ancient Greece.

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