The sinner and his country

The American Fred Reed is a strange person. Since he lives in Mexico, a decade ago I asked him if I could visit him. He replied that no because he had married a Mexican woman and had mixed descent, and that his loyalties were now with his family.

That a pure white mixes his blood with a non-white is what here I have been calling the sin against the holy spirit of life. But Reed recently published a good article on Unz Review that has been cited in several racialist webzines.

It is worth reading the article by sinner Reed in which he says that his native country, the United States, is gonna explode.

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  1. It seems to become more and more of a comment theme that many people even among Pro White / WN circles have still capitulated towards the Arena of eventually getting down with Non-Whites.

    This problem stems from the on-going issue that the majority of Whites have abandoned cultural notions or practices that Non-European societies have not strayed from. Even where Feminism and Modern World Influences have still taken over, the thing is they have not permeated to such a degree to the toxicity that exists among the Western countries, and no less when it comes to the Modern White Women.

    But Whites are choosing “flight” rather than “fight” and aren’t working to fix the problem to give a long-lasting solution towards the problem with our Women and society at large, including its love affair with Jewry.

    Getting with non-whites is seen as the “path of least resistance”.

    It is a major sin no matter what the circumstance, and the unfortunate destiny of this experiment means that the large majority of White stocks have become watered down and worthless mongrels who are incapable to have prestige in a future Ethno-State, and will also mean that the Future Ethno-States for Whites in the future will be extremely small and influential, for whatever left does exist of the White Race.

  2. Reed is a cowardly asshat. He was a nigger lover from childhood, and he’s married to a Mexican JEW. He’s not one of us, and never was. No wonder he didn’t want to meet with you, Caesar. The Gods of Fate protected you from his loathsome company. Morrigan watches over you.

    As far as the article – I read that. Except for his bs on the scamdemic – who DOESN’T know that America is going to explode? My country is breaking apart. The sooner the better.

  3. Is his case similar to Iranian for Aryans? I remember that he used to write his own blog a few years ago, but then completely disappeared, casting away all his racialist views.

    That article is good indeed though. Including the covid stuff. I will never understand why Robert Morgan is a covid denier.

    The comments are worth a read. Very few are left who are still talking about “uniting with the blacks against Satanist elites”. On the other hand, some are saying that blacks cannot win a civil war at all as they are disorganized city-dwellers. Others point fingers towards Mexican criminal warlords, or the divided military, or even some vague UN intervention.

    • Iranian for Aryans recently contacted me to ask if I removed his photograph from the degenerate music articles (see for example here). I asked him if he had children with his ex-wife, an American blonde. He said no.

      Incidentally, today an idiot tried to post something on this thread (‘Are you not a mixed race Aryan? If so why the beef with Reed?’) ignoring our point of view: penultimate paragraph of first chapter in Faith and Action by Helmut Stellrecht for the Hitler Youth.

      • OK. Sorry. So let me get this straight. A non mixed Aryan is allowed to marry a pure Aryan woman but not make babies with her?

      • Good day, Mr. Tort. Did the Iranian actually repudiate his views? Or, did he just want to make sure nobody would find his identity and views. I know this guy is not White and he has admitted to being a race-mixer on a Renegade Broadcasting podcast episode.

      • I got mad at him when I saw his Facebook photos with his blonde American wife and we broke up, even though he once did me the favor of sending me a book (Amazon didn’t send second-hand books to Mexico) and I also sent him a music CD by mail (compositions of my father).

        I don’t think he disowned his POV. He simply took advantage of the current situation of Western women. I don’t know if what he told me recently is true, that he had no children with his ex-wife: something that would be much more serious than a mere marriage. Having mixed kids is the unpardonable sin that Reed committed in Mexico.

      • This guy is worse than a normal enemy since he pretended to be advocating for the best and purest among White people.

        From my understanding, he did not have any children with a Mexican. In his only American Renaissance conference, he gave a lecture and presented photographs. Those photographs displayed his Mexican woman and that woman’s daughter. He stated that the daughter was not his daughter. That girl/daughter was from a previous marriage of his current “wife”. Basically, the girl became his stepdaughter. It would not surprise me if he lied about the paternity of that girl.

      • Maybe that’s why he refused that I visited him…

  4. Error. A mixed Aryan…

  5. At an American Renaissance conference, Fred Reed told me he was married to a woman who was 99 percent Spanish. From the look of that picture, he is a liar.

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