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  1. Since ‘Judea vs. Rome’ deals with how Xtianity inverted values, it’s not really off-topic my response to the latest comment by Robert Morgan on Unz Review. Morgan said:

    But under the technological condition… tribal loyalties must be abandoned; diversity celebrated, and intermarriage encouraged.

    I responded:

    ______ 卐 ______

    Clearly untrue. Otherwise China, Japan, South Korea and other 1st-World countries who have thoroughly embraced technology would be importing millions of Orcs and encouraging mixed marriages.

    Only countries who have been Christian have become openly ethno-suicidal. In Aristotelian terms, technology is a necessary cause for white decline but not a sufficient cause. The ingredient of the brew that’s killing whites is Christianity—universal love—: a poison that those nations who never were Christian haven’t swallowed.

    I recommend that you watch the well-known YouTube channels of two whites who in the past lived in China for many years. They even married Chinese women, so that you can see how they describe the innate racism of the Chinese towards blacks, and how not even the government admits to films like the one of the Star Wars series when Luke Skywalker dies, because of an affair between a Chinese girl with a black man comes out.

    The channels of these couple of white guys are the most reliable source I know of for describing how Chinese axiology radically differs from white axiology regarding miscegenation. These pair of white guys know so well the culture that although they have spoken fluent Mandarin for years, when they don’t get the meaning of a peculiar slang word they simply ask their Chinese wives.

  2. The level of influence that Christianity and modern technology have on a nation appear to vary depending on circumstances. South Korea is roughly 30% Christian (20% Protestant and 10% Catholic). While a large number of people are irreligious, Christianity is the largest religion in the country. After the United States, they have the second most number of missionaries. And it has a history in the country going back over 200 years. So, does the percentage of a population that is Christian matter as to the level of its impact?

    • Their Xtianity is shallow compared to Western Xtianity. You really have to study the history of the Church to grasp the white mind, e.g., Deschner’s ten books.

      What the Koreans you mention do reminds me of Western New Age. Some New Agers may believe they have converted to Buddhism, but it is laughable. For example, American Zen admits women—unthinkable in traditional Zen monasteries in Japan.

      Similarly, the Christianity of the Koreans you mention is cosmetic. Only whites took Christianity seriously by destroying the pagan world and terrorising all whites, for centuries, with the doctrine of eternal torture.

      No Oriental has ever taken Christianity seriously. Otherwise they would have done the same. Christian axiology never infected their minds.

  3. The conversion of the Asians to Christianity is a very interesting topic. The degree of their seriuosity is a moot point. But for example, just after several years of Jesuit evangelistic work there were thousands of converts of the common people in Japan, and even many local lords adopted Christian faith. As in the case of our heathen ancestors, I don’t fully understand the Japanese admiration for biblical fables, whereas most of them were so to speak “Buddhism-charged”, been nurtured in more logical, virile and xenophobic culture. Persecution of the Christians under the Shogunate was a sign of Japan’s religious defeat. What devilish power does force the people of the world to knee before that morbid fascination of the mental and physical perversive practices from the Sinai desert?

    • I have responded to Morgan again on The Unz Review:

      A couple of months ago you never responded to Adunai’s reply to your anti-tech ideology: that, without Christian ethics, whites would have used their weapons of mass destruction to wipe out the entire non-white population on Earth.

      First of all, China, Japan, and Korea were late-comers to industrialization, so you can’t expect them to immediately be at the same stage as a country such as the USA…

      You are speculating that these Asians will behave like deranged westerners by importing millions of Orcs in the future—pure speculation (again, see the videos of the white guys living in China to grasp the Chinese’s racism).

      You ignore the fact that whites imported negroes and other non-whites not because of Christianity, but as a technological necessity.

      Only in the decadent stages of the white empires. Hitler’s empire would never have allowed such a thing after conquering large part of the world. Entire races would have been destroyed by now, per Darwin’s quotes.

      The larger the empire, the greater the need to promote race mixing.

      Again, not if the evil Anglo-Saxons had allowed the Third Reich to flourish.

      Third, your claim that race mixing is a result of Christianity…

      I’ve never made such a claim. Have you read the recent preface to The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour?

      Moreover, the much-admired Republic of Zeno, the founder of the Stoic sect, may be summed up in this one main principle: that all the inhabitants of this world of ours should not live differentiated…

      Zeno was a Hellenistic philosopher of Phoenician origin, an ancient Semitic-speaking civilisation. I wonder which ethnic group he belonged?

      There are similar quotes from pre-Christian Romans regarding their own approach to empire. They, too, used intermarriage as a means of stabilizing and uniting the citizenry. The upshot is that given human nature, race mixing will be an inevitable result of any global empire.

      Yes: the Roman Empire! But only the Republican Romans kept their blood pure. At any event, in The Fair Race I am not even using Republican Rome as the paradigm to follow, only National Socialism which was much more recent. As William Pierce said, the ancients had no benefit of hindsight and didn’t know that the only choice for a successful long-term empire was ‘extermination or expulsion’.

      Technological sophistication acts to speed the whole process up, but it is caused by the mere fact of expansion. Religious justification for race mixing plays a supporting role, but isn’t causative.

      Out-group love is murdering the white race. It is not murdering the technological Chinese because they don’t love niggers. And the commandment to love the coloured comes directly from the gospel. In other words, had the Vikings conquered the American continent they might be behaving like today’s Chinese, not like idiotic westerners.

      In a nutshell, technological empire under a Third Reich wouldn’t have been ethno-suicidal.

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