Dear Cesar,

Greetings in the name of Aryan man,

I write to you as a young Aryan man, trying to navigate myself in the dark world that we live in. To begin: I must say, great thanks to you, my friend! You have done more for our race than many in these darkest of times! Truly, your name will be remembered as one of those of glorious thought, of those who stood by us in the darkest hour.

I have read your last three editions of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour and I am almost finished with Daybreak. I, again, thank you for such literature. As I am sure you know, it is rare to discover those who understand National Socialism so deeply, and to compile such profound literature into a single piece.

I have been reading your website for the past thirteen months or so, and yet again, I am utterly stupefied that I can read the work of someone else who holds my ideological purity. If I can implore you on one issue: keep writing! It seems to me that while your website may have a small community, its future influence will not be insignificant. I enjoy reading your pieces about your personal life, about your family, with your ‘Nobody wanted to listen’ series. I understand a good deal of Spanish, but I eagerly await an English translation of your works currently kept in Spanish.

Believe me when I say that while your works have a wealth of logical backing to them, I find great emotional comfort in your writings. (To paraphrase Aristotle—for what are we without emotion; although yes, we cannot allow it to control us, we must remember it and deal with it accordingly.) It is as if a thought comes to myself—and to many others, rest assured: ‘Yes! Here is someone who understands us! Totally and without reservation’. It is glorious, that in these times of absolute darkness, those who fully understand our Führer’s mission are of enough understanding to write on it, and carry it out.

To conclude, thank you. One day we will triumph, and people like you, and websites like yours, will provide us with the National Socialist warrior-poets we require. Sieg Heil!



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  1. You once said you dislike the Confederate statues because the men appear clothed. But the Germans themselves never carved a statue of the Führer naked, it was reserved for the ideal and nameless Aryan. Then isn’t it appropriate for Robert E. Lee to be depicted clothed, too?

    (Such questions of mine remind me of how newly-Christianised Anglo-Saxons used to asked Rome about various cultural things, i.e., how long a woman is impure after menstruation before being able to enter the church, etc.)

    • I’m not sure Führer would fit the naked statue- category, nor would all of the confederates either. Usually naked people are depicted as in their prime or in a situation that depicts them showing their humanly body.

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  3. I’m glad people have been reaching out to you. They have expressed indeed the words that most of your readers would have liked to have said too.

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