On American bonobos

It is tiring to iterate the same in new entries but what I have recently said about The Occidental Observer, Counter-Currents and American Renaissance in the context of the events of January 6 can also be said about other figures in the movement: Richard Spencer and Brad Griffin. Yesterday I listened to the dialogue between the latter two: the same civil and non-revolutionary thought as always.

It would also be tiring to repeat myself that Westerners, for reasons of a milieu of false abundance (see pages 13-15 of this text), are in happy mode and that they have to transit to angry mode (something more masculine than what recently happened in the US), combat mode (defend your homes with guns after the chimps-out start again) and finally killing mode (revolution).

The fact that throughout the dissident forums there is no talk of revolution, not even as a long-term goal, speaks volumes about the ‘bonobo’ state that white men, including racialists, find themselves in.

Fortunately for our point of view, the bonobo paradise for humans is artificial and soon an angel with a sword will expel them from it. In another recent interview, Spencer spoke for a while about the looming inflation in his country. But he fell short: what lies ahead once the new administration begins to distribute those two thousand dollars to each citizen during the pandemic is hyperinflation, not mere inflation.

It would also be tiring to repeat myself on the subject of the coming collapse of the dollar, although once again: the parallel with the Germans of the Third Reich, in contrast to the American racialists of today, couldn’t be more paradigmatic insofar as the Germans had precisely suffered the hyperinflationary stage of the Deutsche Mark before a genuine revolution of thought took place: something that the Americans still have to suffer.

I don’t know if the thoughtpolice is going to take down the YouTube audio linked above in which Spencer chats with Griffin. But one of the YouTube commenters nailed them with these words: ‘Richard “perfectly legal streams” Spencer’. Paraphrasing a featured author of this site, the Spaniard Evropa Soberana, we could add: The American bonobo knows no pain, no honour, no blood, no war, no sacrifice, no camaraderie, no respect or combat; and thus he doesn’t know the ancient and gentle Goddesses known as Gloria or Victoria.

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