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I said recently that Richard Spencer underestimated the economic situation of his country by predicting that inflation was going to occur (I predict hyperinflation). Now that government spending is going to the roof under Biden (e.g., he has just unveiled a $ 1.9 trillion ‘covid relief package’ that includes $ 1,400 checks for each citizen and a $ 15 minimum wage), it is clear that we are approaching the crisis that I have been predicting since WordPress hosts The West’s Darkest Hour.

While on this site I have linked to courses on the coming economic collapse, such as the video series Maloney and Martenson filmed independently, I can now introduce the topic through a single video by Tim Delmastro. Tim, the director and producer, had kindly sent me for free the DVD in 2014, before his documentary was available on YouTube:

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  1. Review: ‘Some people apparently wrote some negative reviews about this documentary. They mention that the documentary is about propaganda from neo-cons and gold dealers. This is a lie. The documentary interviews people who understand the situation and many of the people interviewed predicted economic events, because they understood the reasons. The left wing propagandists writing these negative reviews do not like these facts because they aren’t critical of big government and central planning’.

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