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‘Christianity is anti-Aryan in nature in its beginning and inception. It was born out of the destructive envy of the strength, vitality, beauty and nobility of classical Rome and Greece’.

A concerned reader

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  1. A perfect way to put it. Excellent!

  2. John Dominic Crossan boasts that it was the insane ethics of Christianity that destroyed the Roman Empire.

    As one Christian scholar boasted:

    “You can’t create a world with the sermon on the mount… but you can destroy a world with the sermon on the mount.”

  3. Christianity is anti-religion, as it doesn’t bind a volk together in the sense of the original latin word “religare” (to link/to bind).
    Even the Christian “heaven” is an anti-heaven, preaching a afterlife for non-killers, when every Aryan myth preaches a heaven only for those who kill the most.

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