You are welcome. Even if it is not much I can give, ideas require money for their dissemination.

You wrote in ‘Delphi vs. Tzu’ that you are trying to shift the paradigm from ‘Know thy enemy’ to ‘Know thyself’. This is the strong point of The West’s Darkest Hour. One needs to know where one wants to go, rather what one doesn’t want to invade one’s life. You formulated it clearly with the Paradigm shift.

This is a crisp idea guiding productive action. I have come to think a lot about the Christian Question. I have thought about it for a long time, but not in a consequential way. I am grateful to you that your writings made it possible for me to do so by clearly stating the problem. The logical consequence and end point of Christianity is self-abnegation and dissolution, but not on an individual level as in Buddhism. It aims at the totality of the Christian’s world and makes his life therefore a mere farce.

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  1. Dear R.W
    Greetings to you, it is a pleasure to know your presence.

    In regards about the Christian question(C.Q), it is about time that every Aryan soul must seriously ponder and contemplate about the CQ. Christianity had always been a ticking time-bomb for all Aryans, it finally exploded with devastating force in 1945, when National Socialist Germany, the last bastion of Aryandom in the 20th century was defeated by Christian ethics. It is a great defeat not just for Germany, but for the entire Aryankind, National Socialist Germany was the last conscious awakening of the greater Aryan collective and the Aryan’s last chance to conquer the stars and be the rightful dominant sentient species in the universe.

    Unfortunately, since the entire world reject National Socialist Germany, it would soon descend into hell and be swamped in a degenerate cesspit of sub-humanity. Christianity is always the religion and the creed of the subhuman, it is the complete mirror opposite of Aryan ethics and blatant denial of in-egalitarian reality between races and individuals, it promotes the proliferation of the worst: the last shall be the first (Matthew 20:16).

    I am distraught when Aryans adhere to Christian ethics and their logical conclusion, it make them ugly, not beautiful according to nature’s great purpose. If Aryans refuse to take self responsibility in rejecting Judeo-Christian ethics and get their act together, it shall be the final straw for them in the 21st century.

    With Regards
    A concerned reader

    • Great comment. I’ll quote your second paragraph in my next post. Thanks.

  2. Won’t Christianity unravel with the death of the last Aryan? Schadenfreude.

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