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‘A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins’. —Corneliu Zelea Codreanu


Claudius’ insult in the previous thread got me thinking.

One of the signs of ideology or religion is that—as Ferdinand Bardamu said at the beginning of his essay now in English, German, Spanish and French—it is not susceptible to logical discussion. As soon as one questions the ideologue or religionist’s core belief, one is met with an emotional response (such as insults).

Remember that earlier this year I eliminated the comments section for a month and a half, and I am tempted to do so for good. The thing is that the spam filter is being bombarded by banned sockpuppets, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between a new commenter and a sockpuppet due to proxy IPs.

To make matters worse, those white nationalists who religiously believe that Jewry is the primary cause of white decline are unwilling to be persuaded by reason or even historical facts. Consider Claudius mentioned above. Since July of this year I had been trying to reason with him. It’s worth collecting my responses from that month because I’ll link this post to this short article (linked in the red letters of the sticky post). This is what half a year ago I tried to communicate to the now-banned Claudius:

But this doesn’t respond to what I say: In his first novel he [William Pierce] doesn’t criticise Christianity, only Jewry; and in the second novel he puts a Christian preacher as a legitimate way out of the current dilemma in the US. If the American Gore Vidal published an anti-Christian novel (Julian) in the 1960s, why couldn’t Pierce do the same in the 70s and 80s, when he published his two novels?

Furthermore, the National Alliance doesn’t list Christianity as the primary cause of white decline. It is a typical organisation of American white nationalism with the difference that they aren’t Christian.

The point of view of The West’s Darkest Hour is that Christian ethics is the primary cause of white decline, not Jewry, which is what American racialists believe. (That’s why they never tell me anything when I mention the gigantic mestization in this continent that occurred when their religion was supposedly healthy.)

The difference is as big as believing in the geocentric system vis-a-vis the heliocentric system: neither more nor less a paradigm shift. That’s why this site is ignored by all main pundits of American racialism. Nobody tries to answer what I say through a solid essay-review; replying, for example, to what we say in the books available from the sidebar.

A commenter replied: ‘Re: your Latin American argument. Can I hypothesize that the Yankee mutt nationalists ignore your point precisely because they are “racist”, i.e., Latin Americans are subhumans to them and should not be counted for anything?’ I responded:

The problem is that, what I say, happened even north of the Rio Grande before the US war with Mexico. I am referring to the states California, Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona, the western half of New Mexico, the western quarter of Colorado, and the southwest corner of Wyoming (and later, Texas). All this is North America, and before belonging to Mexico they belonged to New Spain, the viceroyalty of Spain.

The trick white nationalists do to self-delude themselves is to ignore the history of their own land, since in those lands miscegenation wasn’t frowned upon either, courtesy of the Counter-Reformation ideology [i.e., Christian ethics] when it belonged to Spain.

After Claudius intervened, I replied by quoting him (in bold):

However, we cannot underestimate the terrible impact of the accursed ‘chosen people’ on the White race.

Have I underestimated it? You are new to this site. Have you read the masthead of this site, the essay on Judea vs. Rome?

Hitler (and most of the NS leaders) was not a Christian, or a believer if you prefer, but he did not waste time attacking the Church when…

Again, old visitors of this site know that Hitler had to compromise—elemental PR—in his speeches. But in his inner circle he criticised Christianity more than Judaism.

…he knew that there was one enemy infinitely more dangerous.

If this is true, how do you explain that in his table talks there are more anti-Christian statements than anti-Semitic statements?

Put it this way: Christianity and Judaism complement each other. But the driving force in our downfall is Judaism.

Nope. The drive is that the white peoples let that a malicious archetype take over their collective unconscious right after Constantine. Again, you are new to this site. Have you read our translations of Christianity’s Criminal History (see the sidebar)?

The Jews have been the creators and promotors of everything vile and destructive. Driven by their messianic dreams and their hatred for mankind they are the most powerful and lethal enemy of the White race. Don’t put the cart in before the horse.

It looks like you haven’t even read Pierce’s Who We Are or Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans: the only histories of the white race written so far. They demonstrate that ethnosuicidal miscegenation occurred in the historical past sans Jews, for example the Aryans in India and right after the conquests of Alexander the ‘Great’. That a blind will to imperialist power is far greater ill than Jewish subversion is the moral of those two histories.

After responding to another commenter (‘I am not saying that Christianity is a bigger problem than Jewry, but that Christian ethics is a larger problem than Jewry, since it includes the secular ethics after the French Revolution and the birth of the US that now infect all the West’), Claudius intervened again. My response:

… it seems to me that some people here have become obsessed with Christianity making it our chief enemy forgetting that the Jews are in the driving seat. As I said, that is as absurd as putting the cart before the horse.

You are talking like the proverbial white nationalist. This is the last time I repeat it: This is not a WN site. If you want a WN echo chamber please go to WN forums.

Christianity is an enemy… The Jews are at the forefront in the fight for the destruction of the White race and Western civilization and cannot be considered a secondary enemy.

They are a secondary enemy. The main enemy of whites is whites themselves, as proven in the sources I mentioned to you above (incidentally, The Fair Race doesn’t contain essays authored by me, only the prologue).

Most importantly they [the group of the late Pierce] are 100% anti-Christian.

Have you listened to what I said above? It doesn’t matter whether they are anti-Christian or not. What matters is if they know that Christian ethics is the primary factor of white decline (which includes secular, atheist ideologies throughout the West).

My final words in that thread to Claudius:

This is not a site for bicausal-A-type racialists like you. It is a site for bicausal-B-type racialists.

You say you have been visiting this site for a while. If that’s true you’d know that this site rejects either bicausalism-A or monocausalism.

It looks academic. But in fact the difference is, as I said, as huge as heliocentrism vs. geocentrism: the classic example of paradigm shift.

If you aren’t going to change your paradigm after reading the literature I recommend, my advice is that you move to more conventional WN forums.

Before I eliminate the comments section I must give one last chance to bona fide commenters who aren’t trolls, banned sockpuppets or fanatic monocausalists.

This post is dedicated to those commenters who wish to know our philosophy, the books on the sidebar: most of them available also as PDFs so that he who cannot afford them can print them at home.

To the new visitor: Before commenting on this site, please familiarise yourself with the literature linked on the sidebar. Thank you.

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Varg Vikernes quote

You should by now be aware of the fact that Christianity is an immigrant religion; it’s a Jewish religion, just like Islam. It’s anti-European, and it was forced upon our forebears.

If you haven’t understood this by now, it must be because you choose not to understand it. You don’t want to admit it. Or perhaps you’re just dumb as fuck.

If you ask a Christian to choose between Jesus—the Jew—and his heritage—his blood—, a true Christian will always choose his crucified criminal Jew, at the expense of his own blood.

And that’s all you need the know, really, about Christians and Christianity; their loyalties and whether they are a resource for Europe.

If you ask me though, to choose between Odin and my blood, I can tell you that Odin is my blood.

My blood is Odin.

If you accuse me of being divisive when we need ‘unity’, I can tell you that I only want unity with true Europeans.

I don’t want unity with Marxists, Liberals, Capitalists, Communists, Muslims or Christians. They all fall into the same category.

So when you Christians say ‘we have to unite against the Jews!’, I can tell you: You Christians, you are the Jews.

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On Mauricio’s ladder

‘The most incisive and penetrating comment I’ve seen on this blog for the past year. This deserves as wide a circulation as possible. I was stuck on level 5 for many years, before finally throwing away the Christian baggage. Now I’m at level 9’. —Edwin

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Bardamu in French!

And now, a native French speaker has taken the trouble to translate Bardamu’s essay into French.

It is a very important essay. Unlike Evropa Soberana’s essay, which focuses on the Ancient World (the origin of the tragedy, so to speak), Bardamu provides a global and comprehensive view of how Christian ethics metamorphosed into liberalism, cultural Marxism and white ethno-suicide in recent decades—the final metastasis of the old Judean-Roman war.

Whoever reads Bardamu’s essay, now also available in French (which includes a critique of Kevin MacDonald) will understand why Bardamu, Soberana and this site provide a different paradigm for understanding Aryan decline than the one offered by white nationalists. We are closer to Hitler’s after-dinner talks than what Christian Americans (or Americans who sympathise with Christianity, like MacDonald) are discussing in the forums of the racialist right.

If any of you would like a slightly abridged version of Bardamu’s essay in English in print, don’t forget that it appears in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (see sidebar).

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Bardamu in Spanish

I am now translating, step by step, Ferdinand Bardamu’s anti-Christian essay into Spanish.

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Perfect Christmas present!

The sixth part of the translation of Ferdinand Bardamu’s essay on why Europeans should abandon Christianity can now be read in the German section of this site.

Bardamu’s entire essay can be the perfect Christmas present for those racialists who are still unaware that the Jewish question and the Christian question are two sides of the same coin.

Here are the links to the entire essay: in English and in German.

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Reflections of an Aryan woman, 64

In several talks the Führer confessed to owing much to his opponents, especially to the Catholic Church, whose solid structure and durability he admired, and, within the Church, to the Jesuit Order, with its spiritual exercises and iron discipline.

He confessed to having borrowed from the Freemasons the practice of secrecy, that very thing which made them strong and dangerous in his eyes. He wanted, he said, to beat the Jews ‘with their own weapons’, and declared, correctly, that ‘he who learns nothing from his enemies is a fool’.[1]

But these contributions, however important they may have been, would never have been enough to give true Hitlerism the traditional character which I have tried, throughout these pages, to bring out.

They wouldn’t have sufficed, because the Church and the Freemasons as a whole (as spiritual groups) had been cut off from the primordial Tradition for centuries; and because the Jews, as a factor in the deliberate, organised levelling of all non-Jewish humanity, could not, as such (that is, apart from the isolated, apolitical individuals, thirsting for pure spirituality, who may exist among them), represent anything but the Anti-Tradition: the inspiring and directing brain of social subversion, itself a tangible expression of subversion in the esoteric sense of the word.

Something else was needed, no longer borrowings from the distorted, if not reversed, image of Tradition as it appears in the organisations, and in the pseudo-religious, pseudo-racial community, which National Socialist Germany had to combat; but a powerful, effective, genuine link with Tradition, a link secured and maintained by the only means by which it has ever been re-established and consolidated: initiation.

If one thinks of the total rejection of modern prejudices, by which Hitlerism opposes all political doctrines of our time as well as of the centuries immediately preceding it; if one remembers the dream of universal hierarchy, based above all on blood, which was and remains his; and, above all, if one considers this resounding negation of the Jacobin idea of the ‘rights of all men’ to at least primary education, one cannot help but compare the spirit of the Führer with that of the ancient legislators, the spokesmen of the Gods.

In connection with Adolf Hitler’s suppression of idiots, mental defectives and other human waste, and with the entire biological selection effort carried out under his orders, especially within the SS elite, I have evoked the laws that the Delphic Apollo once dictated to Lycurgus. (The physical perfection that was demanded of the volunteers of the Black Order immediately brings to mind that which the same God, the Aryan par excellence, demanded of his priests to whom poor eyesight, or a single tooth that required care, barred the possibility of novitiate.)

The secrecy of all science, even of the profane, in the future Hitlerian civilisation and the efforts already made under the Third Reich to limit, as far as possible, the misdeeds of general education—that ‘most corrosive poison’ of liberalism—evoke the curse that, thousands of years ago and in all traditional societies, was aimed at all those who would have divulged, especially to people of impure blood, the knowledge which the priests had given to them.

They recall the very old Laws of Manu and the formal prohibition therein of teaching the science of the sacred books and the incantatory formulae to the Shudras (and, even more, to the Chandalas, Poukhasas, and other people of mixed blood).[2] The Shudras were not allowed to learn the sacred books. The most severe penalties were imposed in ancient India on the Arya who would have allowed himself to utter a secret text in the presence of a man of the servile castes, and on the Shudra, or half-breed, who would have heard it, even without having listened. Similar laws existed among all the peoples still attached, each through its blood and scientific elite, to the original Tradition—all science being, at that time, still ‘sacred’ and secret.

In his galling book, which is full of unintentional tributes to the Führer—the most malicious criticisms are, in fact, unnoticed praises—Hermann Rauschning describes Hitlerism as ‘the irruption of the primitive world into the West’.[3]

______ 卐 ______

Editor’s note: Given that by the time I began to familiarise myself with the racialist right, American National Socialism was already dying (Matt Koehl would die in 2014), what was left in the white nationalist forums is what we may call ‘the Boy Scouts view of the Nazis’. This comical regression in the US was nothing other than the final triumph of Judeo-Christian ethics before the broken statue of the real God of the Aryan man, Apollo. Savitri continues:

______ 卐 ______

In reality, it is not the ‘primitive world’ that is at issue here—not, at least, the ‘primitive world’ in the sense that Rauschning understands it—but the primordial world: the world before any break with the more-than-human Tradition.

The ‘savages’ to whom the Christian alludes, furious at having taken the wrong path, are by no means ‘primitives’ but degenerates: precisely what the West, which has just rejected the last of its Saviours, is heading for. The civilisation that the latter would have founded, if Europe hadn’t shown that it was already ‘too late’, had all the features of those powerful recoveries that occur throughout the cycle, each time shorter, but always inspired by the same nostalgia for the increasingly unthinkable Golden Age, the Age of Truth.

Certainly, irresistible forces, essentially telluric, possessed the fascinated crowds at the call of Adolf Hitler. And the grandiose night parades, by torchlight, to the sound of war songs, drums and brass bands gave off a real collective spell.

Why not? This too was part of the art of awakening immemorial instincts, of returning to Nature with its depth richness and innocence, after centuries of lies and emasculation. Despite this, it was not ‘the drumming of the savage peoples’ which, as Rauschning writes, dominated the shifting structure of the Third Reich and above all the thinking and aspirations of the Führer and the great leaders, known or hidden, of the S.S. Order, the elite within the elite. It was the eternal ‘music of the spheres’ of which Plato spoke, mute to carnal ears but everywhere present: subtle, indestructible, hovering even over Germany in flames, even over the degraded Europe after the disaster of 1945.

And those who were (and are) able to grasp its rhythm heard it—and were to continue to hear it after the defeat—even before the dwarfs disguised as ‘judges’ of the post-war carnival courts; even at the foot of the gallows, and in the concentration camps of the victors; even in the bending of the ‘consumer society’ imposed on the dismembered Reich and the colony Europe of the United States: a society with empty arsenals and full pantries, as demanded by the Jews, who had not forgotten anything but, alas, they learned a lot since the time of the Weimar Republic.

For that which is eternal cannot be destroyed. And the initiate is the one who lives in the eternal, and acts in the name of the very principles that govern the universe. A Hindu who, at the beginning of the Second World War and even before, had hailed in the person of Adolf Hitler an ‘avatar of Vishnu’ and the ‘chief of all Aryas’, told me that he recognised him as such by the fact that he wanted ‘to give back to the caste system its original meaning and then extend it to the whole world’. In him, he said, had reappeared the One who, a few thousand years ago, declared to the hero Arjuna: ‘From Me have emanated the four castes, created by the different distribution of qualities’.[4]

This ties in and confirms all that I have just said: the initiate being consciously identical with the Principle of all being or non-being, (having ‘realised’ the identity of his essence with Him).


[1] Rauschning (op. cit.). page 266.
[2] Laws of Manu, Book IV, 80-81.
[3] Rauschning (op. cit.) page 287.
[4] The Bhagawad-Gîta, IV, Verse 13.

Quotable quote

‘The death of (sub)human Life that strays from
the divine prototype is a blessing’. —Mauricio

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Reflections of an Aryan woman, 63

Editor’s note: What Savitri says below about the extreme imbecility of identical education for all kids is fundamental. It is right in the school where the unpolluted minds of white children and adolescents are being corrupted to the extent of producing, as a factory, millions upon millions of identical cogs that the System will then use in its machinery. Those who want to familiarise themselves with what we have been saying about ‘poisonous pedagogy’ could use Google translator to read my article on Carlo Collodi’s fairy tale, Pinocchio, published in my site about child abuse. Savitri wrote:

______ 卐 ______

The absolute rejection of ‘free and compulsory’ education—the same for all—is another of the main features that bring the society that Adolf Hitler dreamed of establishing, and already that of the Third Reich itself, closer to the traditional societies of the past. Already in Mein Kampf the idea of identical education for young men and women is rejected with the utmost rigour.[1]

It is not possible to give the same education to young people whom Nature has destined to different and complementary functions. Similarly, one cannot teach the same things, and in the same spirit, even to young people of the same sex who, later on, will have to engage in unrelated activities. To do so would be to burden their memory with a heap of information which they, for the most part, have no use for while, at the same time, depriving them of valuable knowledge and neglecting the formation of their character.[2]

This is true when they are children of the same couple. It is even more so when they are not. To realise this, it suffices to think of the incongruities resulting from the mania for the general distribution of a uniform education in a country of multiple races and cultures as is the case, for example, in India; or of those provoked by the teaching of the French literature programme of the baccalaureate to 20th century Khmers, who are, for the most part, ignorant of their own culture.

Adolf Hitler saw in this sinister nonsense one of the most alarming symptoms of the universal gangrene of anti-tradition. He wanted people to be taught only what was good and desirable for them to know, to hold the place in the human hierarchy that they should occupy by their heredity, race and innate personal abilities.

Few thinkers have attacked, as vehemently as he, the ‘civilising’ action of Christian missionaries in Black Africa and elsewhere; their obstinacy in imposing on the people of other climates a ridiculous dress[3] and values which serve only to unhinge them and make them rebels. Few have been as categorical as Hitler in condemning a uniform general education, distributed indiscriminately in primary schools, to the children of the masses, even European—even German!

He considered the superficial study of foreign languages and the sciences to be particularly useless for the great majority of the sons (and even more so for the daughters) of the folk. In Hitler’s opinion, one should be satisfied with teaching just enough of these subjects ‘to put on the right track’ those pupils who would take a genuine interest in them and prolong their schooling.

But there is more, and much more. In a European society dominated by its Germanic elite, such as the Führer would have rebuilt it (if he had been able), education, culture and a fortiori the practical probability of advanced spiritual development, had to regain the secret character—properly initiatory—which they had had in the most remote antiquity, among the Aryan peoples and others: the Germans of the Bronze Age as well as in the Egypt of the Pharaohs, and India. They were to be reserved for the privileged.

Emerging ‘at the origin’, that is to say, in the heroic age of National Socialism, of the decisive test of combat, these privileged people were necessarily drawn from all classes of ‘pre-Hitler’ society. It couldn’t be otherwise in an age when ‘class’ no longer corresponded to the purity of blood and its inherent qualities; it no longer had any justification.

But these soldiers of the first hour were to form, little by little, together with the young people rigorously selected and hardened in the ‘Burgs’ of the SS Order in the asceticism of the body, of the will and knowledge, to form an aristocracy, henceforth hereditary and strongly rooted—owner of vast family estates in the conquered areas—and itself hierarchical. These members of the elite corps par excellence, among whom the most beautiful and valuable sons of peasants, the most brilliant academics of good breeding, and many young representatives of the old and rigid German nobility, were to gradually merge into a true caste: an inexhaustible reservoir of candidates for superhumanity.

And, I repeat, in this new nobility of the Western world, which was to be created, were to be admitted also those Aryans ‘of other nationalities’ who would have ‘shown themselves sympathetic’ to the struggle which the Führer was waging. ‘For the Great Reich’ but also for the return of the whole Earth to a life based on traditional truth; ‘for the Great Reich’ because he alone could be the instrument of this recovery in extremis, if any somewhat lasting recovery was not already impossible. Already the Waffen SS could have been the barrier against the immense enterprise of subversion represented by Marxism, included contingents from some thirty countries, such as an Indian Legion and a Britische Freiwilligen Korps or ‘English Legion of St. George’, so true is it that ‘great empires are born on a national basis, but very soon leave it behind’. And what is true of an empire is even more true of a civilisation.[4]

Total ‘freedom of education’ was thus to be the privilege of the elite of blood and character, the natural elite, and of ‘those whom it would admit into its bosom’. (And it would admit fewer and fewer of them as, thanks to the rigorous racial selection of which it was to be the object, it would rise higher and higher above the less pure, less perfect masses.) Ultimately, completely freed from ‘all humanitarian and scientific prejudices’ and in this respect joining those of the world’s first ages, the future Hitlerian civilisation was to grant to ‘the great mass of the lower class’ and, a fortiori, to the inferior races of conquered foreigners—whom the Führer designated in advance as ‘modern slaves’—the ‘blessing of illiteracy’. And wherever, for the maintenance of harmony between the community, the visible hierarchy, certain knowledge and quality of existence were deemed necessary or advantageous, it had to dispense different degrees of knowledge and asceticism, or to encourage the acquisition thereof ‘a degree of instruction for each class, and within the class for each level’. And this was to be done even among the elite, which, I repeat, was to have ‘stages’ corresponding to innate capacities for development and action.[5]


[1] Mein Kampf (op. cit.), pages 459-460.
[2] Libres propos sur la Guerre et la Paix (op. cit.) pages 309 and 344.
[3] Ibid, page 309.
[4] Ibid p. 344.
[5] Hitler m’a dit (op. cit.), page 62.

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Quotable quote

‘By bringing Death to all those worthless Slavic mongrels, the Einsatzgruppen were creating new, better Life. White Nationalists need to stop imagining their heroes as good little jew-obeying boy scouts’. —Mauricio

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