Pierce’s speech the year he died

pierce(Note of June 13, 2014: The thoughtpolice at YouTube has axed the account that harbored this clip, which is why I am now removing what was the embedded YouTube link.)

“Jewish control of the media… is no excuse” for white treason in America (minute 7:27).

“There are several ways one can look at our problems…. One could say that everything is the fault of white American man. We used to run this country. If the Jews have taken over our mass media it is because we (emphasis in Pierce’s voice) let them do it… it is because we let the System become what it is today. So we can blame ourselves instead of the politicians or the Jewish media… We let the Jews and the politicians get away with what they are doing… It is good to look at our problems from every viewpoint (from minute 7:45 to 9:30).

What I liked most of the speech was the very end: a mention about the Holocaust committed by the Judaized allied forces.

Fallen comrades

fallen comrade

George, a comrade of Golden Dawn’s New York division has released an audio statement (here) in regards to the murder of Giorgos and Manos: two young men who were standing outside the GD offices in the evening of 1 November 2013 in Athens Greece. According to George, the anti-West system in power today throughout Western Europe is the ultimate culprit of the double murder.

This is the first murder of our comrades that the West’s Darkest Hour reports, and I am sure it won’t be the last.

P.S. of December 3

And after a month the controlled media is still silent about these murders

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John Tyndall (1934-2005)


Before the BNP betrayed itself

“The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all.”

—John Tyndall

TyndallDon’t miss British Paul Hickman’s premier radio-podcast aired today in a show that has been baptized “Voice of Albion.” Hickman is a National Socialist, and it is refreshing to listen that he has chosen classical music at the beginning and the end of his first episode instead of the common rock “music” we have to endure in most white nationalist sites.

It is also refreshing to know that Tyndall’s recorded voice sounds like the voice of a man instead of the feminized voices one hears in the programs of most white nationalists.

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Covington on GD crackdown

GD symbol
See my recent entries on Ancient Greece, “Were the Greeks blond and blue-eyed?” On today’s Radio Free Northwest podcast Harold Covington said: “These Golden-Dawn guys aren’t actually white” and that they “mostly look like Mexicans.” Covington also mentioned the obvious fact that “Greeks are olive-skin people.” Although “they are not actually niggers” they are “not completely white either.”

We need to accept that Agamemnon and the Trojan War was four thousand years ago and that modern Greeks are not completely Aryan anymore. Greece was occupied for many centuries by the Ottoman Empire and lower-class Greeks are basically Turks, or racial Levantines. Greece is a kind of Latin America country like Mexico, Ecuador and Paraguay.

All that said, Covington conceded that there’s a residual whitish minority in Greece in the upper classes (as in some Latin America countries), and that modern Greeks “have the right to defend their land” before an even darker immigration enforced by the New World Order. Covington ended his brief speech on GD stating that, despite the Greek nationalists’ willingness to play by the rules, the NWO outlawed them.

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Mexico: The crypto and the mulatto

Here in Mexico, a couple of days ago, after my family celebrated the Day of Independence, I caught my Catholic father and sister speaking in high terms about Miguel Hidalgo, the Catholic priest that in 1810 started the war of independence; and José María Morelos, the mulatto that continued Hidalgo’s anti-white wars. While father and daughter recognized that Hidalgo and Morelos killed lots of Iberian white civilians and “from 20,000 to 30,000 prisoners of war,” they, nonetheless, regard them as “heroes.” In the Mexican wars of independence from Spain of 1810 to 1821 my father and sister could have been confused with Spaniards and, still, like many other Mexicans who could pass as Mediterraneans, they side the crypto-Jew and the mulatto. Why?


The 19th century portraits of Hidalgo are fake. All of them used a man of Austrian origin who posed as the father of the independence. Original reports depict Hidalgo with hooked nose. The overwhelming majority of Mexicans ignore that the Catholic priest Hidalgo was probably the son of Jewish conversos. Even the Mexican Jews, no longer cryptos, acknowledge it: “Two genealogical studies of the eighteenth century, the Archivo General de la Nación de Mexico and the Ramo de la Inquisición, suggest that Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the father of Mexican Independence, had a Converso background and that Bartolomé de las Casas, a Bishop who fought to free slaves in Nueva España, also had Jewish ancestors.” In case of my family, they are under the naïve impression that both Hidalgo and Las Casas were of pure Spanish origin.

But what about the mulatto Morelos? The 1944 edition of José Vasconcelos’ A Brief History of Mexico that my father read long ago, says (my translation):

For Morelos, for example, to be comparable to Washington, it must be assumed that Washington had decided to recruit blacks and mulattoes to kill the English. Instead, Washington disdained blacks and mulattoes and recruited the English of America, who did not commit the folly of killing their own brothers, uncles, and relatives, only because they were born in England. Quite the contrary, each participant of the American Revolution felt pride for his British ancestry and hoped for the betterment of the English. This should have been the sense of our own emancipation, to transform New Spain into an improved Spain, better than that of the peninsula but with its blood, our blood. The whole later disaster of Mexico is explained by the blind, criminal decision that emerged from the womb of Hidalgo’s mobs and is expressed in the suicidal cry: “Death to the Spaniards!”

So why many Mexicans who physiognomically could pass as southern Italians, Greeks or Spaniards side the mulatto against their blood? Recently, for example, my father’s orchestra composition, La Espada (The Sword), was a success in Mexico City: an homage to the mulatto Morelos (my father has zero black blood by the way).

The music is good—the first ten minutes can be listened in the above clip—, but the libretto is outrageous. The poet Carlos Pellicer (1897-1977) wrote it and my father adapted it for 150 voices and orchestra:

Tú fuiste una espada de Cristo,
que alguna vez, tal vez, tocó el demonio.
Gloria a ti por la tierra repartida.
Perdón a tu crueldad de mármol negro…
Gloria a ti al igualar indios, negros y blancos…
Gloria a ti que empobreciste a los ricos
Y te hiciste comer de los humildes,
Procurador de Cristo en el Magníficat.

My rough translation:

You [Morelos] were a sword of Christ,
once, perhaps, touched by the devil.
Glory to you for distributing the land.
Sorry for your cruelty of black marble…
Glory to you for equating indians, blacks and whites…
Glory to you that made the rich poor
And made the humble eat,
Attorney of Christ in the Magnificat.

When Pellicer said “touched by the devil” he meant the killings of unarmed Iberian whites that the mulatto ordered in cold blood. That’s why Pellicer said “black marble”: Morelos’ appearance was even darker than the Amerind skin! So much that, to avoid being called names, Morelos covered his curly hair—obvious black heritage—with the legendary bandana that adorns his head in every single picture that represents him.

JOSE MARIA MORELOS Y PAVONThe rest of my rough translation of the famed poet needs no explanation. However, as far as I know Catholic Pellicer (whom I met as a child when my family visited him at Tepoztlán) didn’t have black blood either. You can imagine where all of these ethno-suicidal ideas came from: the religion of the inversion of values of these Body-snatched Mexican Pods, my family included.

Martenson interview

Nationalists don’t want to do their homework and research peak oil objectively, for example, how Chris Martenson answers to the abiotic theories of oil:

Instead of debating here on WDH, nationalists are beginning to discuss the subject of my previous posts at Occidental Dissent, where Sebastian Ronin is dismissed by one of them as “a deracinated conspiracy doomer” and others are posting comments like: “I am increasingly skeptical in light of rising oil production due to fracking,” and also “I told you so. Technology. Never leave it out of your equations on predicting the future. There will be no ‘energy devolution.’”

There will be no energy devolution—a flat statement that ignores that mere tech cannot create energy out of thin air!

There’s nothing to do with those who don’t want to do their homework. It reminds me somewhat my experience with the counter-jihad gentiles that didn’t want to read literature on the Jewish problem, not even literature written by well-respected academic Jews!

I am afraid that those who, like Ronin and I, want to show the pro-white movement that energy devolution will tremendously impact racial politics, will be talking to a different audience.

Sebastian discusses peak oil with skeptics


A fascinating interview of Sebastian Ernst Ronin (front left in photo) with Joe and John on The White Voice. And not only about why peak oil should be the central subject among ethno-nationalists. Sebastian also answered tough questions from the interviewer about why he had been critical of Christian Identitarian Matt Heimbach.

Since most nationalists are willfully illiterate about the total energy devolution that is coming—very few know that America’s bottom will drop out within our lifespans—, I agree with Sebastian that his party “is the future.” I also agree that there is no record in revolutionary history that the faction that will become the dominant ideology can do it through courteous diplomacy with the competing groups and without any in-fighting.

Listen to the interview starting in minute 52 (here)!

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“Grow Stronger!”


Listen to the latest speech
of the Old Man (here).

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Severus Niflson discusses with William Finck the absolute importance of patriarchy after minute 55 of a radio show last year. I may not know shorthand but below are a few excerpts of the exchange:

Niflson: If you are a reasonable white nationalist you have to believe in patriarchy. Patriarchy defined as the male… being the central authority figure and the core of the society. I believe that every white nationalist would have to agree with it. [Animals] have it.

Finck: It’s the male who is the political creature and never the woman.

Guest: Egalitarianism, this idea between man and woman must be squashed…

Niflson: Patriarchy is also part of our history… Patriarchy is efficient. Patriarchy allows and promotes ideals, masculine ideals of… defensive measures, certain levels of belligerency that are required in a masculine, powerful society… If you do not believe in these things you are not [a nationalist].

Finck: Patriarchy has to exist in white nationalism or you are not a white nationalist… because [otherwise] you shun thousands of years of white tradition and you basically agree with the Jew who has destroyed patriarchy in our society.

Niflson (discussing patriarchy in mammals): She [the lioness] can go hinting for food but the lion is the lion. The male is the male. Patriarchy is not only a traditional structure: it is an effective structure for our survival… If you don’t agree with patriarchy, then your political system will be a horrible system.

Finck: Even Nationalist Socialist Germany recognized the importance of patriarchy.

Niflson: The pater familias is the core value of the European social structure. (Niflson then proceed to explain the etymology of pater, patria, patriot, etc.)

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Goodrich interview

Listen to it here, at Counter-Currents Radio.

Matt Parrott’s intervention later in the interview picked my attention. He said that American “propaganda against the Germans metastasized into our collective national religion” of Holocaustianity.

I’d go a little farther: throughout the West, World War 2 propaganda metastasized into the cultural climate that has been killing us.

That’s why the 2010 book Hellstorm, the subject of the Counter-Currents interview of its author, Tom Goodrich, is the #1 book of my list of must reads. I am increasingly convinced that, if we don’t break the official narrative of World War 2, including the collective religion of Holocaustianity in the sense that Jewish suffering was “unique,” overwhelmed with guilt the white race will go extinct.

Parrott also told Tom Goodrich that “rather than trying to deconstruct” the historicity of the harsh treatment of Jews by the Germans during that war, the best way to challenge Holocaustianity “is to show what you are showing here in Hellstorm—that no: we were not the supreme moral actors; we were also mass rapists,” including the Jews who tortured the German POWs.

More than rapists I would say! It’s worse to perpetrate atrocities after 1945, as done by the Allied forces, than those attributed to the Germans during the heat of war.

To wrap your head on this you really got to obtain a copy and read it together with what Tomislav Sunić says about Judaized, self-righteous Americans of Calvinist extraction.

I do believe that Hellstorm, a true Holocaust committed on the German people (no hyperbole—just read the book), is the most powerful weapon to undermine the current Zeitgeist. It is a pity that, because I must prepare for the crash of the dollar, I have been unable to film those high-quality films for YouTube I promised elsewhere exposing the Crime of the Century in audiovisual form.


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