Desperate idiots

J. Hart: Slaves were still held in several Northern states as late as 1865, so your point falls apart.

Robert Morgan: See? These idiots are desperate.

What’s the point of this objection? It’s just a lame attempt to cloud the issue. I think we can assume that the Christian fanatics who instigated and conducted the War to abolish slavery knew that, once won, it would then be abolished throughout the US. That should go without saying.

Kevin Barrett: That some might see the Civil War as primarily about the right of secession rather than slavery…

Robert Morgan: The sociology of the effort that exists to rewrite history and make the Civil War not about slavery, but about tariffs, or the right of succession, or virtually anything else, is very interesting, but the idea itself is ludicrous. If it wasn’t the point of the War, how then to explain the abolition of slavery and the gift of citizenship and the vote to negroes immediately afterward? This is something the nearly 100% white and Christian citizenry of the USA decided at that time to impose upon itself nationwide, not just upon the defeated South. It didn’t require “brainwashing” by radio, television, and film, because none of those things existed at the time. It required no Frankfurt School, no Jewish educational establishment, no AIPAC, no ADL or NAACP. It required no antifa. These white Christians did it all by themselves, to themselves.

Of course, those who want to claim the War wasn’t about slavery will also claim that there were plans to deport the negroes rather than make them citizens. But these “plans” were never more than Christian pipe dreams that depended upon all the negroes volunteering to leave. The bitter truth is that nobody had any plan to round them all up and deport them whether they wanted to go or not. That was considered so far out of the question it wasn’t even a topic of discussion at the time.

It’s only natural that modern-day Christians on the right don’t want their religion to take the blame for this, and don’t want to see their ancestors as fools. So rather than admit the truth, that the War really was driven by Christian fanaticism, expressed as a commitment to abolish slavery and assert “the brotherhood of man” through support of a radical racial egalitarianism, they strain desperately to make it about something else.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of historical illiterates who, with equal desperation, want to believe their excuses.

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Apollo and the cross

‘My suggested approach [regarding the anti-white system] is generally fairly mild, nonviolent, and legal’. —a phrase from the feminized piece that has just been published, today, as a featured article on The Occidental Observer.

Generally I would only recommend the Counter-Currents (CC) webzine to a little normie who wants to take his first baby steps when crossing the psychological Rubicon. Like The Occidental Observer and American Renaissance, CC is an online publication for racially conscious American conservatives, not for Nietzschean revolutionaries. They don’t deserve to be called ‘white nationalists’, the term some of them use, since creating a White Nation would obviously require revolutionary violence. God forbid!

I would go as far as claim that almost all the racialist sites that use the term White Nationalism lie, as they are not promoting revolutionary ideals to reclaim their nations. What they are actually doing is complaining, as women have complained throughout history. If the alt-right sites were run by women I would not criticise them at all. But they are administered by males, which makes these men intellectually cowards, at least compared to the author of Toward the White Republic.

Although Michael O’Meara’s last chapter is a ‘Call to Arms’, in the sense that he was not advocating mere armchair speculation or complaining, this is not the time to start a revolution as the zeitgeist is at the exact opposite pole. However, an ideology must be created that takes antichristianism to its ultimate consequences—see for example what I said this morning to a commenter—always keeping in mind that the final goal is the fulfilment of the fourteen words.

This said, and independently of the baby steps, sometimes Counter-Currents contributors say interesting things. Yesterday for example CC published a piece by Spencer Quinn, ‘Black Lives Matter is Black Supremacy’, which is worth reading. But I was more interested in what a couple of commenters said in the comments section. The first wrote:

As others have said, these riots were about black honour and power. A white policeman kills a black criminal. But blacks see only ‘white man kills black man’ and respond through vengeance upon white society.

Another one commented:

What is cited regarding people getting fired over mildly criticizing BLM doesn’t really have much to do with the organization per se so much as the extravagant social currency connected to BLM; companies are firing people because we live in a capitalist economy; criticizing BLM is equated with criticizing blacks; criticizing blacks is taboo; and a company that associates with people who commit a taboo will lose social credibility and thus money. It is really capitalism that has given the abundance of soft power to BLM— BLM just happens to be the “moral truth” at this moment in time. In the past, I’m sure in certain places you could lose your job and social capital for supporting blacks. Same system, different truth.

This second comment is important, as it was difficult to understand why companies are taking sides with vandals, rioters, and those who pull down once-respected statues in the US. But what both Quinn and his commenters omit is that the moral grammar that Christianity engendered is behind today’s taboo of criticising blacks, or other minorities, throughout the West.

The gospel commands us to love the weak, and even more so those groups who are at the bottom in society. The Enlightenment, the American Revolution and the French Revolution only started the process to secularise these axiological standards, but the background always was Christian standards of morality. As I tried to explain in my post yesterday, pulling down from the pedestal the handsome sculptures of classical culture was nothing more than degrading ancient civilisation in Rome after a cult of Semitic origin took over the empire. And what is at issue today is replacing white supremacism with ‘black supremacism’, to use Quinn’s expression. The first step to achieve this is degrading modern white civilisation through its very symbols.

It is up to the men who are now deceptively calling themselves white nationalists to leave their femininity behind and start thinking like real men. The first step in that direction would be a return to pre-Christian values, for example, beginning to love once again the handsome statues that the Semites destroyed so many centuries ago. The rest follows from there.

Down with the cross, up with Apollo!

Umwertung aller Werte!

Salem witch puritan

In his latest comment on Unz Review Robert Morgan mocked the monocausalists:

My God! Such brilliance! It’s not white people who are the Devil, it’s the Jews! Now all we have to do is tell people this and surely they will agree with us. Why, oh why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? With such profound insights from its intellectual contingent, the salvation of the white race cannot be far off.

He is right. Every individual who worships the enemy god is validating, consciously or unconsciously, the so-called chosen people in the West. And what is worse: he is validating the standards that the Jew sold the Gentiles with the New Testament: You will allow ethnocentrism for us (Old Testament) but you will practice universal love (New Testament). In other words, I command you to commit ethnic suicide by loving the Other and you will obey.

And Christians did obey.

Cotton Mather was a New England Puritan minister, prolific author, and pamphleteer. He left a scientific legacy due to his hybridisation experiments and his promotion of inoculation for disease prevention, though he is most frequently remembered today for his involvement in the Salem witch trials.

In Mather’s The Negro Christianized: An Essay to Excite and Assist that Good Work, the Instruction of Negro-Servants in Christianity (1706) Mather’s states: ‘Man, Thy Negro is thy Neighbour… Yea, if thou dost grant, That God hath made of one Blood, all Nations of men, he is thy Brother too’.

As a regular commenter noted yesterday on this site in a piece about negrolatry’s Christian roots, the editor of the book notes that Mather’s language ‘is both particularly fresh and almost contemporary’.

Look at the time when this Mather witch lived (1663-1728)! Unless you consider Christianity to be the other side of the JQ coin, there were no Jewish influencers in America at that time who could propagandise the Negro brotherhood to White gentiles. Americans did this to themselves without direct influence from Jewry (only indirect influence through Christianism).

I have quoted this sentence by the German Giselher Wirsing so often that it could become a meme for this site: ‘The crisis of Americanism in our epoch falls short of degeneracy of the Puritan mindset. In degenerated Puritanism lies, side by side with Judaism, America’s inborn danger’.

Negrolatry’s religious roots

Left, image of carpetbagger scene in Gone with the Wind, a war that occurred at a time when there was no mass media owned by Jewry, no kike educational establishment, and before mass immigration of Jews even began.

There are polls on Twitter asking what is the cause of the negrolatry with options to answer but no option mentions Christianity. But yesterday there was an exchange in Unz Review that throws light on the subject:

Mark Tapley said: You always drag Christianity into everything…

Robert Morgan replied: Understanding that Christianity is the origin of white people’s delusion of racial equality is essential. It doesn’t require me to “drag in” anything. Anyone who has an understanding of the history of the nineteenth century in America will understand the importance of the Christian fanaticism that characterized it. Of course, that obviously doesn’t include either you or your buddy Johnny. These religious revivals, known as the “Great Awakenings”, were closely bound up with abolitionism.

The white people today who are getting on their knees in front of negroes and literally licking their boots are the spiritual heirs of these Christian fanatics, whether they know it or not.

Mark Tapley said: None of the northern troops would have fought to free black people that they cared nothing about one way or the other. Christianity was not a factor or an influence on the War.

Robert Morgan replied: This is just wrong, whether you are speaking from ignorance (most likely) or are just lying. America was an intensely Christian nation at the time, and slavery had been a hotly contested issue from the founding of the country on up to the outbreak of war over it in 1861. There had always been a deep strain of Christianity-inspired anti-racism that characterized its political life, and it continues today. In fact, five of the thirteen original states in early America had already granted citizenship and the vote to negroes.

There’s quite a bit of interesting history involved with this discussed at considerable length in the Dred Scott case from 1856.

Negrolatry’s aetiology

‘With Christ as part of the equation, the Christian ethics of the Gospels became balanced. Humans were seen as imperfect and it was Christ who covered for us with his self-sacrifice.

In Secular Christianity each person has to be like Jesus himself [emphasis added], doing self-sacrifice, since there’s no other way to fulfill Christian ethics’. —Conservative Swede

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Negrolatry = Christian morality

Sixty-two percent of likely US voters now have a favourable opinion of Black Lives Matter? Am I dreaming? Is this a nightmare come true or is the poll just wrong? A week before the Game of Thrones (GoT) finale I added an entry that I now recycle and rephrase interpolating the new term, ‘negrolatry’:

2020 is the year of the total inversion of Aryan values into Christian values. Our historical season or climax of Christian values is similar to GoT’s ‘Sparrows’, the Faith Militant fanatics who believed in equality for all men (‘We’re all equal in the eyes of the Seven’, a rephrasing of the Christian ‘Every man is equal in God’s eyes’). George R.R. Martin obtained his inspiration from real events of Western history. In the Middle Ages, the Dulcinians were like the Sparrows. Inspired by pious Franciscan ideals, like today’s Antifa that occupy six blocks in Seattle, in real history the Dulcinians became thugs.

The ideals of the medieval Dulcinians were: (1) The fall of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, (2) The fall of the feudal system, and (3) The creation of a new egalitarian society based on mutual aid, holding property in common and respecting gender equality. Fra Dolcino (1250-1307) viewed the history of mankind as four epochs, culminating in the period of the Apostolics led by Dolcino. Like the ‘Sparrows’ in GoT, this is a period characterised by the absence of government (or police).

In Martin’s novels, after a couple of centuries of disbanding the Faith Militant, Cersei restores the military arm of the Faith of the Seven, just as today the elites are restoring a secular form of Stormtroopers with the empowered Antifa, with the noble goal of immanentizing the eschaton.

Just as today’s white negrolatres see Jesus in blacks, the white man must be degraded to equalise him with the Negro. In GoT the Sparrows attacked the noblest houses of Westeros: House Tyrell and then… Cersei herself!

Since in real life the Negro cannot be equalised by decree, the only way to equalise him before the white male is simply by degrading the latter’s status throughout the West: precisely what is happening. Westerners ignore that, after seven hundred years, our secular governments are implementing the core of the ideals of Fra Dolcino.

The Roman Catholic Church destroyed Fra Dolcino and the Dulcinians in the 14th century when the Church felt threatened by them, just as Queen Cersei destroyed the Sparrows in Season 6 of GoT50 seconds YouTube clip here.

Alas, there’s no Cersei on the horizon! In today’s West the ‘Sparrows’ who became negrolatres in the Great Neochristian Awakening of 2020 hold power in each Western government, media outlet and university. The only way to destroy them would be through a revaluation of all values. But very few white nationalists are willing to endorse it.

This comment by Mauricio motivated me to recycle what I said a year ago in today’s post. Regarding ‘Level 6’ in that comment, Mauricio refers to this post.

Good Christians must forgive blacks

Since Jared Taylor’s parents were fanatical missionaries who migrated to Japan to convert the Heathen, Jared will never dare point to Christianity as being responsible for whites having gone bananas. In their article today, American Renaissance reminds us of what happened to Amy Biehl, and most of the following paragraphs come from that article:

A pretty American girl Amy Biehl (1967-1993) went to high school in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where her father ran an art gallery of modern American Indian art. ‘I attended a large public high school’, she later wrote, ‘where as an “Anglo” I represented a small minority. My attempts to do well in school and to win the acceptance of my Hispanic classmates often met with resentment’.

She felt none in return, however, and as a student at Stanford became passionately committed to ending white rule in South Africa. She went to Cape Town on a Fulbright scholarship, and spent much of her time in black slums, studying the sins of apartheid and sex discrimination.

On August 25, 1993, just a few days before she was to return to the United States, she drove three black friends back to their homes. Young blacks stopped the car, pulled her out, and hit her in the face with a brick. She broke away but they caught her and beat her to death as they shouted the anti-white slogan ‘one settler, one bullet’. The 26-year-old died on the sidewalk pleading for mercy.

Seven blacks were charged in the killing, but one disappeared and three others were released because the main witness against them refused to testify for fear he would be killed. Exultant supporters left the courthouse carrying the three men on their shoulders. At a hearing for the remaining defendants, blacks in the audience taunted whites, and giggled when Miss Biehl’s wounds were described.

None of this mattered to Miss Biehl’s parents, who attended court hearings. They publicly forgave the killers and expressed sympathy for their families… When their daughter’s killers got out of jail in just a few years, they offered them jobs at the foundation. According to Wikipedia, her father shook their hands and stated:

‘The most important vehicle of reconciliation is open and honest dialogue… we are here to reconcile a human life [that] was taken without an opportunity for dialogue. When we are finished with this process we must move forward with linked arms’.

A commenter of Jared’s webzine quoted Jewess Ayn Rand: ‘What is the moral code of altruism? The basic principle of altruism is that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the only justification of his existence, and that self-sacrifice is his highest moral duty, virtue and value. Do not confuse altruism with kindness, good will or respect for the rights of others. These are not primaries, but consequences, which, in fact, altruism makes impossible. The irreducible primary of altruism, the basic absolute, is self-sacrifice—which means; self-immolation, self-abnegation, self-denial, self-destruction—which means: the self as a standard of evil, the selfless as a standard of the good’.

Like the father, Amy Biehl’s mom was also a good Christians who forgave blacks: ‘We were raised in a Congregational Church when Peter and I were growing up in Illinois, and he taught Christian ethics to junior high kids. If people are really living their Christian values—or their Muslim values or Jewish values—there is always the element of forgiveness, but often people aren’t able to live up to that value’.

I hate to say it but the Jewess Ayn Rand was sane. Amy Biehl’s mom (photo of 2002 above, with daughter’s killers) was insane, courtesy of Christianity. Incidentally, haven’t new visitors read part I of The Fair Race or at least one of my latest posts? (Inspired in the psychotic Christian doctrine about post-mortem survival, someone just tried to post a comment today, asking me the stupid question ‘Are you still of the belief that there is no “life after death”? Because that is…’)

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Negrolatry quote

‘Whites have whipped themselves up into an orgasmic religious fervor. Instead of a semite to grovel to, it is now a simian. As they gleefully murdered the heretics to their masochistic desert cult ages ago, any modern day Whites will soon face their malignant wrath if they do not repent their White ways’.

Dave Stewart

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Richard, Ed and Keith on negrolatry

One more word about what I said a few hours ago.

Both Richard Spencer and Ed, in their video discussion today within the first 50 minutes of the podcast, say basically the same we’ve been saying about the root cause of the ethno-suicidal psychosis afflicting the white man: Christianity. The Irish Keith, rather, blames Holocaust propaganda.

Again, both etiological factors, Christian ethics and WW2 narrative, are explained in the first part of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.

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Whites have gone bananas

The folie en masse that the West is currently suffering, triggered by the recent events of the black man who died on the asphalt in the United States, has its historical precedents.

The first devilish psychotic breakdown suffered by the white man, as old readers of this site know, was the folie en masse of the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries when the Roman Empire empowered a cult of Levantine origin to destroy all the temples, the libraries and the sculptures that showed the magnificence of the Aryan beauty. What is tragic about this destruction of the classical world by a Semitic ideology is that many whites participated in the destruction of the white world, as can be seen in books whose PDFs are available on the sidebar of this site.

The white race is similar to the Targaryens of A Song of Ice and Fire. Of inconceivable beauty in the prose of George R.R. Martin, these great conquerors suffered psychotic outbursts from time to time. One of those happened in the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, when Daenerys Targaryen burned the capital of the seven kingdoms.

In real history, whites have done similar things. Not only did they burn, or tolerate non-white people burning, almost the entire legacy of classical knowledge, but, centuries later, they suffered another massive breakdown such as being hypnotised by a pope to the extent of organising a children’s crusade, with the quixotic aim of recapturing Jerusalem. We can imagine what happened to those poor white children when they fell into the hands of the Muslims.

These recurring mass psychotic breakdowns of the white race occur, as in the Targaryen family, after a few centuries. We are currently witnessing the last of these folies en masse. There cannot be another breakdown after the present one as the stakes are that whites must become extinct.

The pro-black protests on both sides of the Atlantic wouldn’t worry me if they weren’t packed with whites. What blacks, media Jews, and white women say is of no concern to me (women always follow the alpha male who provides them). What concerns me is what the Aryan men say, as it is up to them to reclaim their civilisation during this anti-white war.

I insist that in order to understand what is happening one must become familiar with the real history of the white race: something impossible to find in the forums of the alt-right or white nationalism, as they ignore that Christianity apparently, and irreversibly, damaged the Aryan psyche. (To new visitors to this site, I suggest you read Part I of The Fair Race that appears in the sidebar.)

That we are experiencing the last mass psychotic breakdown of the white race, which we could call Genuflect to the New Church of Antiracism, is guessed in the following tweets and texts by racially conscious whites that could be multiplied by hundreds, but that below I collect only a few:

• Not even sure what to say anymore. It’s like 90 percent of the population have joined a cult without telling the rest of us and now we’re watching bewildered.

• Racial hierarchy hasn’t gone anywhere. It has been inverted. Blackness is celebrated now. Whiteness is demonized and deconstructed.

• Today, The New York Times ran an op-ed telling people to withhold affection from their relatives unless they protest or give money to anti-racism organizations: “Text to your relatives and loved ones telling them you will not be visiting them or answering phone calls until they take significant action in supporting black lives either through protest or financial contributions”.

• So I may have to revise my model of a Cold Civil War. Right now, we look more like an occupied nation, dominated by this bizarre cult of anti-white totalitarianism, dissenters from which have no organization, no leadership, and almost no public voice.

• In the 1940s, this county began fighting “racism.” By 2020, this obsession has completely and utterly destroyed this country. It has absolutely consumed it.

Again, see an article in Part I of The Fair Race, dealing with how the white psyche was modified during the 1940s propaganda.

The trumpet of the Apocalypse heralding the end of the Christian Era was covid-19, but the first droplets from the goblets of wrath began to spill this month. If my understanding of the world economy is adequate, I predict that the liquid residue from the cups will be poured over the mad West once the US dollar collapses.

Today’s American blacks still have bread and TV circuses. After the collapse, you can imagine a chimpout with hunger and the government, the media and the mad whites who are protesting supporting them. In addition to the text I recommended above to newbies, it’s time to listen to The Turner Diaries

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