Robert Whitaker

Before blogging in English I used to write about the trauma model of mental disorders, which includes exposing a fraudulent profession taught at the universities: biological psychiatry.

There are two areas in which white nationalists are as integral part of the System as the common normie: economics and the so-called mental health professions. The truth is that the economics taught in the faculties of economics—the Keynesian model—is as pseudo-scientific as the medical model of mental disorders taught in medical schools.

On Fridays I’ve been adding chapters by Mike Maloney on why the Keynesian model will lead the world economy to a financial crisis. But the last decades I studied psychiatry intensely, and the product of my research appears in a site in Spanish. In addition, one of my writings demonstrates that psychiatry is a false science. That paper appears in the only book of my authorship that I have published in English.

Some visitors will find it rather incredible that what the System teaches as legit economics and mental health are two pseudo-scientific areas analogous to, say, parapsychology or the study of UFOs. They would do well to study the links I have been putting on this site. Although in The West’s Darkest Hour I’ve spoken relatively little of psychiatry (see e.g., the second link in my previous paragraph), the curious reader might start by watching this video of Robert Whitaker:

Robert Whitaker should not be confused with Robert W. Whitaker who died last month: the creator of the most famous mantra in white nationalism. The Robert Whitaker I am referring to is a journalist on medical matters. Although he is liberal in social affairs (cf. his ecumenism in the final part of the above interview) he is a very good communicator as to how the official psychiatric narrative is unscientific.

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Bob Whitaker (1941-2017)

Robert Walker Whitaker, perhaps best known for being the creator of “The Mantra,” a strategy to fight white genocide, died earlier this month.

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Harold’s new mantra

“If white people had a country of our own, this wouldn’t be happening.” —H.A. Covington

Bob Whitaker’s original mantra (“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”) points out a problem with the existing system, it does not point to a solution. It’s imperative that at least a portion of those whites who have already internalized the first mantra begin to visualize the only possible solution: the revolutionary scene.

Gregory Hood’s recent article on Harold Covington’s new mantra, originally published in Counter Currents but also reproduced at my addenda, explains magnificently the Old Man’s new mantra. The mantra should be digested, memorized and spread until all the fun really starts…

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Bob Whitaker’s “mantra”


Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, Mexico for the Mexicans, White countries… for everybody.

Whenever you hear the words “social injustice,” “prejudice,” or “inequality,” substitute these with the words “white culture.” People who want to eliminate “social injustice,” “prejudice,” or “inequality” really want to eliminate white culture.

Whenever you hear the words “white privilege,” substitute these with the words “white civilization.” People who want to eliminate “white privilege” really want to eliminate white civilization.

Whenever you hear the words “racist” or “racism,” substitute these with the words “white person.” People who want to end the existence of “racists” and “racism” really want to end the existence of white people.

The anti-racists say they are against white racists, white racism, and white privilege.

What they are really against is white culture, white civilization, and white people.

They say they want a world without “hate,” without “racism.”

What they really want is a world without white people, a world without you.

Anti-Racist is just a codeword for Anti-White.

When non-Whites pursue their group interests it’s called “civil rights.”

When Jews pursue their group interests it’s called “lobbying.”

When Whites pursue their interests it’s called “White Supremacy.”

Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White.

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