Dear contacts,

Unfortunately due to some untoward attention from The Far Left’s leading wrag Vice, The West’s Darkest Hour podcast show and my own talkshow station Lone Wolf Radio have both been taken offline, presumably because of our association with guest interviewee Norman Spear (a US national and former CIA intelligence officer currently domiciled in [REDACTED]).

Although Vice may appear to imply that Spear may have been involved in possibly illegal activity, the article cited above does not connect him personally with any wrongdoing, but instead merely relies on selected quotations from an alleged associate of Spear’s in a closed chat forum, and in which Spear does not appear to have partaken in. Upon contacting him for comment, Spear, who to my knowledge has never been arrested or spent a day in court, had this to say:

The entire original article is fabricated from lines of text in a general discussion room which Vice selectively picked out entirely out of context. In some cases the text has even been truncated or nefarious words added for effect. I would never be so stupid as to discuss or plan anything illegal online, and nothing of the sort occurred. The Vice story is literally fake news and they know it.

We knew something like this could potentially happen at any time so we were particularly careful to not discuss anything in such a manner that would allow it to be misconstrued. What we didn’t expect was the degree of flat-out fabrication these so-called journalists are capable of. We did not engage in illegal activity nor did we discuss or plan illegal activity. Vice cherry picked lines out of context deliberately aiming to sensationalize because there was no real evidence of anything nefarious which they allege we were doing.

The timing of LWR’s takedown is unfortunate as I was about to upload a 10 hour interview between myself and former US mayor Tom Kawczynski on his most recent book The Coming Civil War, which you can purchase on Amazon: here.

In the book Kawczynski [pic] demonstrates mathematically using well sourced statistics, that a violent upheaval in what is now the United States resulting in World War Two level mass casualties has at least a 90% probability before the end of this century.

Kawczynski was recently sacked from his former role in government as a result of his views on Somali immigrants becoming public knowledge.

Once I have finished editing and mixing this longest episode yet, Tom has kindly agreed to upload it to his own server in Maine for your further attention.

Best wishes,

Chris White

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The day Covington died

by Chris White

The second blot [pagan Mass] I attended was on the following month in July [of 2018]. I had returned from Seattle only the previous week, where Harold Covington must have unexpectedly died only yards away from me. [1]

I therefore honoured Covington’s memory during the remembrance ritual and then in conversations after the ceremony, and did my best to let the other male participants aware of The Base’s existence and how they could get involved with it.

By the time I returned a couple of hours later I found no reply. The following day when I met up with Norman Spear at around 6pm at a greasy diner close to Bremerton docks I had still not received any reply and neither had Norman, despite having obtained a cell phone number purporting to be Covington’s personal line.

I have therefore deduced that Covington must have died between late morning and around 2pm on Tuesday July 17th Pacific Time.

Although I was keen to meet Harold Covington I was actually there to meet Norman Spear and to see The Homeland (just one of the many regions of the Western World which the Balk-Right has designated as a likely venue for hosting a White Ethno-State post collapse).

During the meeting we discussed Norman’s project, ‘The Base’. A location in the United States which offers legal paramilitary CQB (close quarter combat), and tactical firearms training, aimed specifically at young White Nationalist and National Socialist men.

If you the reader are interested to know more about this project then you can find The Base’s Twitter page here.


[1] The reason why I believe this to be so is because after Covington’s death was announced, Andy Donner let me know that the last email communication they had received from him was late morning on the 17th. I had been corresponding with Covington the previous evening as late as midnight and my ferry from Seattle arrived in Bremerton at approximately 1pm. I sent an email to Covington at around 1:50pm and went for a walk to survey Bremerton.

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Chris White’s long text

In my recent entry on ‘The Last Jedi’ I recommended The Turner Diaries as one of the few books that the initiate should read. But William Pierce made a terrible mistake in a passage of his novel. He wrote that if a freedom fighter raped a female guerrilla comrade he would be shot on the spot.

Like me before reading Roger Devlin, Pierce was completely unaware of the feminine nature. I recently blamed my father on this site for having swallowed the rosary of slander with which my mother defamed me throughout my adolescence, but I was unaware that many women behave the same, even in the white nationalist movement.

As will be recalled, there’s a recent entry on this site under the title, ‘A terrible mistake’. That letter from Chris White, whom I met personally in London, is de-contextualized in that post. But now Chris provides the proper context in a long post, ‘A Terrible Mistake: A Conversation With Collette in Exegesis & Why We As White Nationalist Men Should Forsake our Friendship with our White Sisters’ (read it: here).

So even the ‘Jedi’ who takes refuge on the island to do the internal work that will allow him to fight ZOG must know that not everything in the few Jedi books, that are in the great tree of wisdom, is true. As in the movie Luke rebelled against the arrogance of the Jedi, we must rebel not only against the mistake that Pierce committed in his great novel: but against other mistakes that other great priests of the 14 words have committed.

In other words, it is not enough to treasure the best ‘Jedi’ books. We must discuss with them based on recent findings about the nature of women, including the nature of the crown of evolution physically, the English roses.

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A terrible mistake

Dear Stead,

For your information and in respect of Collette & Jon’s ongoing campaign to estrange me from The Blot [Pagan Mass], please find attached my reply answering Jon’s many complaints, together with a mock up of two of the contentious memes that I recall sending to Collette in private conversations through FB message chat, and also a link below to the blog post of my friend Cesar Tort that I most foolishly expected Collette to have sufficient intellectual rigour to both withstand and intelligently comment on.

The first meme was meant to convey my opinion of the Satanic ‘9 Angels’ group Collette seems to support on grounds of its gynocentrism. The second meme was meant to convey my disgust of the modern world in a conversation exactly about the modern world.

They were not “sent” in isolation and were a part and parcel of a flowing conversation in private messages. They are also what the courts would describe as “transformative”, meaning that they have been transformed beyond the several purposes of the original materials in question and are therefore no longer technically “porn” in the legal sense.

Collette complained about the second meme and I therefore removed it. Collette did not complain about the first meme and simply typed “Eww”. In addition I think I must have “sent” Collette hundreds of images, and I don’t understand why references to these particular pictures are being dredged out of the mud now at this very late stage.

As I have already stated I sent these memes to many people in my circle of friends, obviously Collette was the only female to have received them. I broke my own rules by befriending a female and then allowed her into my comfort zone, where she should not have been in the first place. This was a mistake and I regret making it. I am prepared to take full responsibility for it, up to and including not attending anymore blots if deemed necessary.

Having said that, the fact is that Collette’s ‘hysteria’ as you call it was most certainly not present when these exchanges took place. Indeed she kept insisting on referring to me as “Brother” Chris until very recently, and without the slightest prompting from myself.

This hysteria seems only to have materialised since Jon realised that we were having frequent private conversations, after I actually asked her to contact him to see if he would like to participate in my friend’s completely legal paramilitary training course in America. I can therefore deduce that Collette has probably made herself hysterical in order to quash any notions on Jon’s part that any infidelity (or thoughts of infidelity), have taken place relating to her. This therefore seems to me to be a domestic dispute into which I have unfortunately been unwittingly sucked into as the scapegoat.

As you probably know Stead, goths can get very uptight over the most trivial of suspicions, and from his previously long hair, effeminate dress and general demeanour, I’m sure that you would agree with me Stead that Jon is obviously from the goth subculture.

I’ve obviously made a terrible mistake in befriending a female into my inner circle against my better judgement. You can rest assured that I sincerely regret making this mistake and that it most certainly will not happen again.

Thanks for today’s meetup, I hope to see you at the next TBG [Traditional Britain Group], (on the 24th?)

Best wishes,


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A podcast for Britons

In Lone Wolf Radio’s Episode 1, Chris White interviews Joseph Walsh.

It is five and a half hours: perfect for the British that feel alienated in a society that is actively exterminating them, especially in the big cities where miscegenation is endemic.

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Woeful millenarian

Editor’s note: Chris White, who appeared last month on WDH Radio Show, is now responding to yesterday’s effete video by Millennial Woes:

Hailgate? You mean a few guys giving roman salutes in front of Richard Spencer? Are you kidding? What do you want? A reverse nanny state?…

I just typed in ‘Hailgate’ into Google and all I got as the top search results was a small village in North Yorkshire. That was an interesting experience.

Your whinging is preposterous. Biased government-media sponsored lawsuits and political arrests and intimidation are all apart and parcel of being in a political resistance movement you fool.

You should have seen this coming from a mile off, so why isn’t The Alt-Right prepared for it? If The Alt-Right is on a dip at the moment well then this is to be expected given Trump’s ascendance to the White House; it probably has nothing or very little to do with ‘Nazis’ and your patent submission to The Left’s cultural terrorism. If as you say The Alt-Right is ‘failing’ then this is most likely due to the very internalised nanny state tactics and hermitry that you now propose.

A real political resistance organisation would be establishing independent undercover mutually supporting bureaus in every city to monitor and log enemy activity, and to compile lists of both state and non-state enemy actors; would be pooling resources in order to buy up and make money from property; and would be covertly investing in shares and bonds through anonymous agents.

If The Alt-Right is really serious then why isn’t there a list of all public sector workers, their ID’s and home addresses? Where are the lists of journalists and their places of work? Why aren’t there any data gathering operations against the Liberal press and mainstream political parties?

What else do you seem to be advocating for other than yet more boring quasi-homoerotic meetings and conferences where you can all insulate yourselves from the reality outside in a meaningless bubble of time-warped pomposity? I just clocked the disclaimer on this completely unnecessary video: ‘This video is not intended to condone violence or hate’.

This is pathetic. This is not the type of attitude that I would expect from someone who aspires to become a political leader explicitly advocating for freestanding White interests. It is not ‘Nazism’ that has caused The Alt-Right streamliner to run out of steam against the tide, it is the very intellectual masturbation and kosherism that you are now urging us all to adopt.

WDH Radio Show – Episode 7

1984: Finally arriving to the UK!

— Listen to it here! —
WDH host: Joseph Walsh
Special guest: Chris White

I met Londoners Joseph Walsh and Chris White on my most recent trip to the United Kingdom, which I have visited five times. When I first visited London in 1982, Walsh and White were not yet born. On my first trip to the great European capital I only saw white people.

Since my last trips to the island there have been accelerating changes in the government’s plan to exterminate white natives, who are now a minority in London and other important cities.

In this episode White and Walsh discuss how the UK is implementing a true Newspeak by changing the meaning of the words in order to imprison British nationalists who have not broken any law. I cross my fingers so that my friend Jez Turner, whom I also met on my last trip, will not go to prison later this month for thoughtcrime.

The gradual fall of the country into an Orwellian island is the central theme of the program (as a secondary theme, I do not endorse the theories Chris mentions about the September 11 attacks, see: here).

Incidentally, sorry for the gap between 1:16:49 and 1:17:11. My screen froze while we were recording and when I recovered the file, I didn’t know how to copy and paste it correctly in Audacity. For the same reason, I could not add music to this episode. The second segment, after the gap, just appeared in the below band in the audio program, where in previous episodes I inserted the Sonata K. 380 of Scarlatti.

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WDH Radio Show – Episode 5

Warning: The audio recording of this episode is poor

Crossing the Charlottesville Rubicon

— Listen to it here —
WDH hosts: Joseph Walsh and Jake F.
Special guest: Chris White

Though I, C.T., recorded this episode I chose not to participate.

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